Which Vacuum Cleaner Brand Is the Best?

Which Vacuum Cleaner Brand Is the Best?


The war against dust is on!

And today’s market is swarming with vacuum models, making it a little hard for consumers to choose their vac. So in this article, we will try to determine which vacuum cleaner brand is the best by getting to know the top vac manufacturers today.


Bissell has been developing cleaning tools as early as 1876, making it hard not to trust this brand. Their goal is to help people improve the ways they take care of their homes. Well, the brand has been doing a pretty good job since then.

As a family-owned business, Bissell claims to know all a house needs to become a “home” to a family. They want to give consumers the peace of mind by offering innovative products such as their line of vacuum cleaners.

We have already featured a lot of Bissell vacuum models across different product reviews because they simply don’t disappoint. Upright models are moderately priced, ranging from around $60 to $250.

Bissell also develops a whole range of vacuums of different types – canister, stick, deep carpet cleaner, and steam mops. Further, Bissell has recently entered the autonomous/robotic vacuum market, making their line-up more compelling.


Other brands have had a hard time beating this one. Dyson seems to dominate almost the entire vac industry with their competitive line-up. One thing users don’t like, however, is their relatively expensive price. Dyson seems to be always on the higher end spectrum of product pricing.

Dyson’s price ranges around $300 to $700 or even more. The brand is the reason why the average upright vacuum price in the country has increased. Innovative features, colorful styling, robust construction, and national advertising helped Dyson became a major player in the US.

Engineering is something Dyson is proud of. The company even claims that “efficiency is their DNA.” The brand wanted to become a significant part of the community by producing high-quality products that consumers will never regret investing in.

Their machines undergo rigorous testing to ensure each component meets quality standards. With their technology and massive engineering scale, it’s not hard to understand how Dyson made it on the top echelons of vacuum brands.

Dirt Devil

This brand’s biggest selling point is their affordability factor. Dirt-Devil is one of the least expensive floor-care product manufacturers today. They may not be as gigantic as other major players but their products are also highly popular and are available at virtually all merchants from physical stores like Walmart and Target to online markets particularly Amazon.

Born in a Cleveland garage, Dirt Devil has come a long way and is dedicated to becoming the industry leader in floor care category. It was in 1984 when Dirt Devil Hand Vac was introduced and became a huge hit in the country.

Their upright models typically range from $40 to $200. Moreover, the brand is also known to produce stick and canister models. If you’re looking for the lightest models, you might want to look first on the Dirt Devil line up.

One of Dirt Devil’s slogan is “live now, clean later” as a reflection of how their products can do the job pretty quick. They claim to develop great vacuums that can clean better and faster by embedding powerful and versatile features to their models.


One of the biggest consumer brands in America is Hoover that introduced its first vacuum way back in 1908. Together with Oreck and Dirt Devil, Hoover is part of the TTI Floor Care – the largest floor care business in North America, owning three of the biggest names in the industry. They are a fusion of products from floor care appliances, outdoor power equipment, and even power tools; making them a powerhouse of technology and engineering.

Hoover develops high-quality vacuums versatile enough to cater two sides of the market – from the cheapest variants to the midlevel. Their upright vacuums can be as affordable as $50; while also offering models that cost $300 or more. Hoover also makes hand and stick vacuums, deep carpet cleaners, bare-floor cleaners, and canister models from about $80 to $300.


This brand has probably got the most profound name in the industry. Eureka is the literal translation of “I found it!” in Greek. This has been a popular historical line as a famous exclamation expressed by the great mathematician Archimedes. That said, eureka means a moment of finding a solution to a problem. Could a Eureka vacuum be the answer to your house cleaning needs?

Eureka’s upright vacuums range from $50 to $200. The brand also makes canisters and hand vacuums. Additionally, Eureka is a widely-known brand and you can find their products in a variety of mass merchants including Walmart, Target, as well as online markets particularly Amazon.


It was in 1998 when SharkNinja started and is now competing with the oldest brands in the US, giving you an idea of how Shark is a powerful name in the industry. They usually focus on small household appliances and cleaning solutions that aim to give solutions for the fast-paced busy people.

SharkNinja prides itself on competitive pricing, ease of use, and innovation. You can buy a Shark directly from its website or Amazon, as well as specialty stores and major big-box retailers. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t know Shark as this brand can be seen in numerous ads on major cable TV networks.

They focus on upright vacuum cleaners that cost around $150 to $300 or more. Further, Shark also boasts their lineup of stick vacuum and robotic models.


Debuted in 1923, the Kenmore Revolving Brush Cleaner is the brand’s first vacuum. Kenmore seems to place itself in the midlevel class with their floor care appliances ranging from $150 to $500.

Upright vacuums from Kenmore ranges about $200 to $400. The brand is once exclusive to Sears and is now available in other stores and Amazon.

If you want to follow the crowd, you can opt for a Kenmore in terms of canister vacuum as they tend to be the best-selling brand in that category. Their canister vacuums range from about $300 to $500.


The famous Asian tech-giant seem to enter the vacuum industry too. While Samsung competes head to head with major smartphone brands and seem to dominate the Android category, they are not that popular in terms of floor cleaning products.

Samsung only produces robotic vacuum cleaners – at least for the meantime – and are priced from $500 to $1000.


It’s hard not to trust a German brand. This German appliance manufacturer has been in the industry since the late 1920s. Family-owned and run, Miele vacuums can now be purchased on Amazon and other independent vacuum retailers.

Miele focuses on developing vacuums on the higher-end tier pricing. Upright and canister models typically range from around $300 to $1000.


Roomba seems to be the leading manufacturer of robotic vacuums with a wide range of models in their line-up. They aim to share their robotic technology to make homes smarter and advanced.

The iRobot vacuum is the manifestation of their technological pursuit of valuable robot products you can use in your home. If you’re looking for a robot vacuum, you might want to check this brand first.


Now you’ve learned something you can’t find on your everyday browsing. There is probably no universal answer as to which vacuum cleaner brand is the best – for everybody – because each manufacturer boasts their own lineup and distinct models that cater different needs. There could be, however, the best vacuum for you that can adhere your specific needs and preferences.

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