Welikera 12V 100W Cordless Handheld Vacuum Review


One of the all-time best-sellers, the Welikera Cordless Handheld Vacuum is a premium-looking vac that delivers outstanding performance in a compact design. Know how this product makes one of the best car vacuums with this Welikera Cordless Handheld Vacuum Review.

Benefits of using the welikera cordless vacuum

Powerful suction

The primary attribute that made this vac extremely popular is great suction power. It allows you to efficiently clean your car interior including hard to reach nooks-and-crannies. Not only that, this Welikera can also do well in home-cleaning tasks including stairs, carpets, curtains, and cushions.

This one is powered by a 12V 100W motor and can work on dry and wet surfaces. It weighs only around 2.8 pounds in compact dimensions of 13” x 2” x 3”. Further, this one is equipped with stainless steel HEPA filter.

Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair

The Welikera Cordless Vacuum is quite impressive in terms of pet hair removal. If you bring your dog or feline with you during travel, it’s good to have something like this Welikera to remove their fur after traveling.

Best car buddy

The Welikera Cordless Vacuum can easily become the best car vacuum – and it’s easy to see why. For instance, this vac is equipped with an LED light that helps you see your car floor more clearly.

The vacuum also has a bunch of attachments that come with it to further ease your cleaning operations – adapter, brush, crevice nozzle, and soft pipe.

Further, you’ll also love the fact that this vac comes with its own carrying bag that complements its shape and size. You can safely organize and store your unit right in your trunk.

FAQs about the welikera cordless vacuum

Does this model come with attachments for laptop and keyboard use?

This Welikera comes with all essential attachments for different cleaning purposes – soft pipe, brush tool, and crevice nozzle. For cleaning laptop or desktop keyboards, it’s ideal to use either the crevice tool or the brush tool – both of which works pretty well.

What type is its battery?

This Welikera cordless vacuum is equipped with Lithium-ion battery.

Where can I buy a replaced HEPA filter for this model?

The Welikera Cordless Vacuum is designed with a stainless steel HEPA filter that is 20 times stronger and more durable than ordinary filters. With that mind, there is NO need to purchase a replacement filter for this. The filter can serve you for life.

However, if you accidentally lost your HEPA filter, you can contact the manufacturer for a quick replacement.

Is the vacuum loud?

Most users would agree that the vacuum is fairly loud despite its small size; which is pretty understandable considering this one’s a powerful vac.

Can I use the vac on hardwood and area rugs?

The vac might be small but it can work well for home cleaning tasks.

Does the model have a wall bracket for vertical charging and storage?

Unfortunately, the Welikera Cordless Vacuum does not come with a wall bracket. However, it comes with a nifty, stylish carrying case for easy storage.

What users like about the welikera cordless vacuum

Lots of people admire this Welikera due to the performance it can bring. One user noted –

“If you have a pet, it works great picking up the hair. This cordless vacuum has a good suction and decent life on a single charge. The best feature is that it is cordless, so I can go to my car and clean everything without any cables on my way. It is always ready to go.”

Numerous users also applaud its advanced features and endurance –

“This is a very handy, light-weight cordless vacuum. Decent suction and it's not very noisy when in operation. The flashlight is really helpful for checking any spots missed. With one full charge, you can vacuum a 4-door sedan 4-5 times. The washable filter saves your money otherwise needed for replacing filters frequently. Highly recommended!”

What users didn’t like about the welikera cordless vacuum

One user seems unsatisfied with its carrying bag and suggested a modification in its design –

“The carrying case clearly got little or no thought when designed. For example, how about a 1/2" grommet hole in the bag. This way, you could put everything away, zip up the bag, AND run the charger cord from the VAC to the outside to charge it.”


The Welikera Cordless Vacuum is truly a bang for the back. It doesn’t come with a high-end price-tag but it sure has what it takes to compete with those expensive variants. Overall, the Welikera Cordless Vacuum is an ideal car buddy that simply works effectively.

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