The Best Vacuum Cleaner Beginner’s Buying Guide

The Best Vacuum Cleaner Beginner’s Buying Guide


What is the best vacuum cleaner for me?

So you’ve just moved into your new home or your vac is no longer useful.

Now you’re looking for your next vac but you don’t know where to begin. The number of vacuum brands and models competing in the market makes the buying process daunting.

Worry no more! This vacuum cleaner buying guide will help you make an educated decision. The info herein is fundamental but they are enough to get you started.

Does the best vacuum cleaner exist?

Here’s the truth: There is NO vacuum cleaner that can universally suit everybody. It’s just impossible. The best vacuum cleaner for a car owner may not be the best vac for a busy wife wanting to clean her living room. That said, your goal should be finding the best vacuum for YOU. And you can do this by filtering factors to come up with the right model for you.

How messy is your home?

The amount of dirt you need to clean up and the size of the space you need to tackle directly affects how much you need your vac to be.

First thing’s first, look for a vacuum powerful enough to support your cleaning needs. The power consumed by the machine is proportional to how strong it can suck-in dirt and debris.

Go for a more powerful vacuum if your place tends to attract lots of dust. On the flipside, if you only need to clean a small area, then you can opt for something with a lesser power so you can save on electricity bills and you won’t be wasting unused energy.

Do you clean every day?

Vacuuming schedule can also be a deciding factor.

·If you have to vacuum on a daily basis, a lightweight stick vacuum would suffice in keeping your floors pristine. If you clean every day, then there wouldn’t be that much of a mess to deal with, making stick vacuums ideal.

·If you vacuum less often, you can opt for the more powerful upright or canister vacuum. Motors with more strength can clean more mess that has accumulated for a long time, making upright or canister vacuums ideal for weekly or monthly use.

·If you want to vacuum every day but don’t have the time, then you can choose a robotic vacuum which can take care of your home while you are away.

Do you value quietness?

Quiet operation is something that not all vacuum can offer. You may want to opt for a model that is within 60-65 decibel range. A quiet vacuum has a lot of applications. For instance, you might have to clean your baby’s room and you don’t want to wake up your little angel. Further, a quiet vac can also do well in cleaning rooms that require silence such as libraries, school hallways, and more.

Are you allergic?

A lot of people will only look at one specific feature – anti-allergy. True to its essence, why would you stick with something that spreads dust around instead of keeping it at bay?

Go for a vac that comes with a certified HEPA Filtration system. A HEPA filter can trap almost a hundred percent of harmful allergens and dust that may otherwise enter your body system. Some brands even boast their vacuums to be able to contain even microscopic allergens – which is a big plus.

Do you have a shedding pet?

With a pet comes with a great responsibility. If you’re taking care of a cute furball or any animal that sheds hair, you should go for a vacuum designed to battle pet hair.

·First look for a pet hair attachment; this accessory is designed particularly for picking up pet hair on your upholstery and virtually any surface. It’s a big plus if a unit comes with special brushes and crevices.

·Second, look for a vac that has at least 12 Amps of power. This power is enough to pick up those stubborn pet hair lingering around.

·Third, you can check the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair today. We have made a comprehensive list for you to consider.

Are you not allowed to carry heavy things?

Being able to carry your vac unit around the house with ease means greater convenience even in the long run. Vacuums that don’t weigh too much means you can carry it from room to room and from one floor to another (for multi-level houses) without straining too many muscles and spending too much effort.

With super heavy units, you could have spent that same amount of energy carrying your vac in the stairs to actually cleaning the house.

Ultimately, a vacuum that’s not too heavy means a person with an ailment or possibly someone with disabilities can still carry and use it. There are people who have experienced some injuries and are advised by their doctors not to carry too much weight.

Do you like a particular color?

This may not be the most important factor, but this one really counts for some. If color matters to you, then you can opt for the trendiest colors today which may include goldenrod, Sienna, Taupe, deep black, and more. No matter what your favorite color is, there is a vacuum for you.

Famous brands that allow you to express your personality and taste by offering an array of different colors on most (or some) of their models include Dyson and Miele.


By evaluating your answers on the above questions, you will now have a concrete idea as to what vacuum may suit you best. So the next time you go shopping for a vac, go back to these questions and see what models can deliver what you need.

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