Shark Pet Perfect II Review


If you’re looking for a vac particularly designed for removing pet hair, this Shark car vacuum might provide the solution. The Shark Pet Perfect II is engineered to help you get rid of pet hair on upholstery and carpet. The best part is it comes at an affordable price, making itself quite an attractive investment. Can this vac live up to its promise? Read this Shark Pet Perfect II Review to find out more.

Features of the shark pet perfect II

Twister cyclonic technology

It seems Cyclonic Technology has become quite a standard for vacuums nowadays – and this model made it with the trend. Each brand has their own version of the technology, and this model has a similar mechanism with the famous Dyson. That said, the vac is able to deliver consistently strong suction all throughout its battery life.


One thing you’ll truly appreciate about this Shark vacuum is its weight. It only weighs around 4.4 lbs, allowing you to conveniently carry it whenever needed – and without any cord! Further, the vac is designed with a rubberized hand grip, making it highly comfortable to hold the unit apart from being so lightweight.

Made for pets

This Shark vacuum is ideal for daily car clean up where you get to keep your upholstery untouched by your pet’s fur. The package comes with a motorized pet brush with a specific purpose – gather embedded pet hair on bare floors, upholstery, and carpet.


Unfortunately, this one is a little drawback. This Shark car vacuum is powered by an 18-volt Nickel Cadmium battery and not a Lithium-Ion material. Nickel Cadmium is kinda old tech and outdated (from around the 1980s). However, this Shark vacuum uses a much better version of Ni-CD batteries (from the 1990s) so that gives you good compensation. The battery takes around 16 hours to fully charge so it’s best to keep it plugged overnight.

Pet hair removal performance

Since this vacuum is designed for removing pet hair, you can expect this one to perform just as promised. As legit as its name, the Shark Pet Perfect II is effective in picking up pet hair off your car upholstery and carpet.

You can even use it occasionally around your home when you want to remove some fur-infested furniture or floor. However, keep in mind this one is a relatively small vacuum so you can’t expect this one to perform as powerful as an upright vacuum. Just use this one according to its limits and you’ll be satisfied.

Carpet performance

This is one is fairly effective on carpets but can only suck up fine debris, which is not surprising at all. Keep in mind the device is compact and kinda small so it can only accommodate certain larger pieces of debris. The opening is just large enough to suck up most dirt which you can hardly sweep and handle by hand. If you really intend to clean up bigger chunks of dirt, use the brush tool.

Bare floor performance

This vac may be small but it is also effective in cleaning up bare floors. Matter of fact, critics gave this Shark car vacuum good ratings when it comes to bare floor cleaning. The reason again why it can excel in that type of job is the motorized brush and when complemented with good suction – together they make a good combo that makes bare floor cleaning a breeze.

You can’t expect the device to be good enough in handling large debris on bare floors. However, it’s advisable not to use any attachments at all in some cases. There are times the suction alone will suffice in sucking up that chunk. The absence of an attachment makes unit’s mouth bigger making it easier for the vac to handle it.

In other cases, use the brush tool to eliminate dust from your tables and related surfaces; while use the crevice tool in cleaning baseboards and related stuff.

Run time

Remember the vac having Nickel Cadmium batteries? This material is not as vigorous as Lithium-Ions so the vac can only work up to 15 minutes, tops. When you integrate the motorized brush, the number even becomes lesser – up to 10 minutes only.


  • Enough power for car use
  • Especially-designed pet brush
  • Great for removing pet hair
  • Batteries are removable
  • Comes with 3 attachments


  • Short warranty: 1 year only
  • Takes too long to fully charge
  • Short run-time: won’t last 15 minutes


Basically, the Shark Pet Perfect II is an ideal vacuum for people who usually bring their pet with them during their travel. The vacuum is effective in terms of pet hair clean-up in your car’s upholstery. This Shark car vacuum is relatively cheap so it’s friendly to a budget-conscious folk. Further, you can use the vac in occasional home cleanup when you have nothing else to use.

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