Selecting The Right Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Cordless vacuum cleaners have increasing popularity in the market, as the most convenient and affordable vacuum cleaners. Both home owners and those renting find it easy to purchase a cordless vacuum cleaner and use it efficiently to clean almost all parts of the house. This is useful for those house holds where there is less closet space, it takes up little storage area compared to its larger upright counterparts. They come with many advantages, which attract those home owners with already existing traditional vacuuming units.

How to choose?

Types of cordless vacuum cleaners

There are two types of cordless vacuum cleaners, one that is exclusively handheld. This type of vacuum cleaners are for those quick pick ups around the house, with toddlers or pets, where spills or messes are natural everyday. This enables the user to grab and go without any adjustments, the nozzle helps to quickly vacuum whatever is spilled and can be stored immediately after use.

The second type of cordless vacuum cleaner, comes in the form of a stick model. This model adds more functionality, as the stick can be lengthened to any height to reach high walls and ceilings, as well as shortened to make it a hand held device. The stick also helps to reach areas under or behind furniture that cannot be easily moved.


Being completely aware of the amount of money one is ready to spend and invest in any electronic device helps to narrow down choices. It is not always possible to go over a certain budget, in order to pick up the best. There are cordless vacuum cleaners to suit all budget types, be it high end or cheaper ones. Though the cheaper models might not deliver functionality or lack features, there is no need to go for the most expensive either. Reaching a middle ground, choosing the right features that fit the budget at the same time, helps to choose the right cordless vacuum cleaner.


Each model of a cordless vacuum cleaner differs in its specifications, even models made by the same company. Manufacturers are always looking to improve their devices and add additional features. Buyers should look for the latest technology in a cordless vacuum cleaner along with long lasting batteries. It should be equipped with a powerful motor, but be light in weight at the same time. This allows for ease in use, but still work as good as a conventional vacuum cleaner.


Features in a vacuum cleaner include the kind of technology it is designed with. What kind of vacuuming it delivers entirely depends on the features available. How strong is the suctioning power, does it have the power to seamlessly vacuum without getting clogged, how much dust can the canister hold, all these are important questions. Once certain research is done, it is easy to compare and contrast between models to see which one offers the best value for money.

Type of usage

The kind of usage a vacuum cleaner is predominantly going to provide is what helps to choose an appropriate one for each home. The kind of flooring, whether carpeted or hard wood or tiled, are pointers to see what works best for individual usage. Not all homes are made the same, nor do users have the same type of cleaning needs. Some users might have pests, while some might suffer from allergies. Whichever is the priority, the cordless vacuum cleaner should be able to deliver that kind of function.


Finally it is always important to go to the store and try out the vacuum cleaner. This helps to know how it holds on different types of surfaces, how much power it is able to deliver, also if its comfortable to use on a daily basis. If this is not possible, reviews and comments on most online selling websites give a clear picture by previous users, which act as a guideline to choose the best cordless vacuum cleaner.


With a significant increase in the life of a battery once charged, along with powerful motors, cordless vacuum cleaners have become highly functional. More and more features are being added with unique technologies that make cordless vacuum cleaners stay on par with other types of vacuums available. These cleaning devices are a must in order to make cleaning and dusting easier on oneself. There is little stress involved with a cordless device as there is an absence of long cords, dust bags and fussy storage. Due to their affordability, they do not break the bank either.

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