Roomba Vacuum for Hardwood Floors


Behold one of the most popular robotic vacs to date, the iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum. Packed with a full suite of sensors, multiple stage cleaning technologies, and a whole bunch of other features, this Roomba Vacuum for hardwood floors makes itself one of the best vacuums on the market today.

Benefits of using iRobot roomba 650 robot vacuum

Patented performance

Embedded patented technology means you’re getting exclusive features you can only find in this vac. The patented 3-Stage Cleaning System boasts powerful suction, Edge-Sweeping brush that’s specially designed, and a Dual Multi-Surface brush – all working in coalesce to give you impressive cleaning that tackles large debris down to the smallest particles.

Can detect dirt for you

Gone are the days of searching for dirt – this vac does the job for you! Another patented system is its Dirt Detect sensors that can recognize an area with a lot of dirt. These sensors would be able to tackle floors with a higher demand for clean-up. These spots can usually be found in high-traffic zones and the vac knows it!

Not just a hard floor wonder

While the iRobot Roomba 650 can clean hard floors, it’s also equally effective on carpets. It has an Auto-adjust cleaning head that can automatically adapt to surface height variations. The vac is smart enough to keep the multi-surface brush in close contact with varying floor surfaces – be it hard floors or carpets.

Cleans whenever you like it

An impressive feature that you’ll surely love is its scheduling attribute. You just have to press buttons to set the most convenient schedule for you. You can even set the vac to work for seven times a week.

Intelligent navigator

This one is packed with numerous sensors that work seamlessly to make the robot an intelligent navigator. This Roomba can make more than 60 decisions in a single second. It won’t take long for the vacuum to adapt to your home and analyze your floors. The sensors are also smart enough to avoid drop-offs like falling off the stairs.

FAQs about this roomba vacuum for hardwood floors

Can this roomba transition from a wooden surface to a rug?

Most users reported the Roomba can’t function on thick rugs. However, it does good on thin rugs and ‘outdoor’ carpets.

Will the unit stop if it encounters a black carpet?

Basically yes. The sensors will come to consider black carpets as a void, making it assume it will “about to fall down the stairs” so it will stop.

Does it pick up dog hair?

Yes. You will be surprised how this little beast can eliminate pet hair. Read the user reviews below.

What users like iRobot roomba 650 robot vacuum

One user is in awe of the vac’s overall performance and reported how this model is an excellent choice for its price point –

“All I can say is just buy it! First, it’s hilarious how a lot of users call their robots names and even my wife named ours as George! Officially making him part of the family! You’ll appreciate your robot the moment you clean him out. As for me, I am shocked as to how much hair my vac was able to collect. He can also go to places where a normal person with a normal vac can’t reach. It’s just amazing!”

Another user pointed out how the vac can fight fur furiously –

“Roomba has been busy and it runs in the house for about 8 hours per day. Amazingly, we can gather 4 full bins of fur on a daily basis! We had no idea how much fur our pets can shed and thanks to this vac, we are more than happy with our purchase.”

What users didn’t like about this roomba vacuum for hardwood floors

One user expressed her experience –

“We named her Reba Roomba and she’s a wonderful addition to the family. However, I observe there are times she has no energy to get back to the charger.”


Coming from a brand with almost 30 years of robotics experience in the industry, this Roomba Vacuum for hardwood floors is a great choice for people looking for something that can keep floors consistently clean.

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