ECOVAKS DEEBOT Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors


If you’re looking for a versatile robot vacuum for hardwood floors, the ECOVAKS DEEBOT N79S is probably the solution you’ve been looking for. Equipped with Smart Motion technology, the N79S can effectively clean your floors while implementing multiple cleaning modes. The best part is you can control the robot through an app, making it a better smart tool for every cleaning job. Read this ECOVAKS DEEBOT N79S review for more info.

Benefits of using DEEBOT robot vacuum for hardwood floors

Smart tool for more convenience

You can officially welcome yourself to the new era where vacuums like DEEBOT are designed to be part of a centralized smart home system, giving you control unlike ever before.

You don’t even have to touch the vac itself. The N79S can be controlled via an intuitive app. Moreover, it’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa, so cleaning is just one talk away. Just tell Alexa to turn on DEEBOT and let it do its job.

A 3-stage cleaning system for more efficiency

It’s a one, slim robot but you’ll probably be surprised by what it can do. The DEEBOT N79S comes with a V-shaped main brush, making it capable of sweeping, lifting, and cleaning the surface in a single pass. This one is great on hardwood floors, tiles, and carpets (but not those very thick ones).

Small and compact

What makes this vac more appealing is its compact design. It is small enough to fit under your furniture and other places where you have never cleaned before.

Comes with various cleaning modes

Another impressive attribute of the DEEBOT N79S is the multiple cleaning modes you can choose from. You can select spot cleaning for a rigorous clean-up on a single area. Edge mode activates cleaning on specific edges of your room. Ultimately, Max vacuum is the mode you can use for the most stubborn dirt.

Smart motion

What makes the DEEBOT N79S a competitive, modern vacuum is its Smart Motion technology. Various sensors analyze your room and calculate the most efficient cleaning path. It even has anti-drop and anti-collision sensor protection.

FAQs about DEEBOT robot vacuum for hardwood floors

Can it clean pet fur?

Yes. It can handle pet fur pretty well. Most users would agree that DEEBOT does a great job in eradicating pet hair away on the hardwood, tiles, and even carpeted surfaces.

What’s the difference between DEEBOT N79 and N79S?

Basically, the DEEBOT N79S is the better one. It’s designed with a more powerful suction backed by two settings – single and auto room cleaning. The N79S also works with Alexa – something the N79 can’t do.

Does it work with alexa?

Yes. As stated just above. Once connected, you can now ask Alexa to activate DEEBOT N79S for it to start cleaning. You can also command Alexa to stop the vac and make it return to the charger.

Does it work with google home?

The ECOVAKS DEEBOT N79S only works with Alexa and not with Google Home.

What users like about DEEBOT robot vacuum for hardwood floors

Most users are impressed with the product. One user reported how this vac is mighty and worth every penny spent –

“Absolutely love this thing. It blows my mind the amount of hair and dirt this thing picks up. I’ve had it for about two weeks now and it’s finally not filling up as much on the overnight cleaning, which makes me happy.”

Another happy user listed out numerous things that make this vac truly impressive –

“I would HIGHLY recommend this little guy! It navigates the rooms in our house very well, cleans better than expected, cleans carpets quite well, and can go over a pretty steep threshold between our living room and kitchen. Further, it’s quiet and non-intrusive even when I watch a movie in the same room”

What users didn’t like about DEEBOT robot vacuum for hardwood floors

One user pointed out how the vac won’t work in a single room setting IF you have no doors; only open spaces to the next room –

“The single room setting does not work in an open concept as there are no doors between rooms; we’re not able to close off spaces. “


Overall, the ECOVAKS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum for Hardwood Floors is the modern vacuum solution that can ideally suit your needs.

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