How to Use Finish® Powerball

How to Use Finish® Powerball

Washing dishes after a long work day is not something you want to do. Thankfully, we have our dishwashers to the rescue. We only need to put our dirty glassware, dishes, and cutlery in these trusty appliances and voila! They are suddenly clean. The dishwasher alone cannot clean these properly, however, without the help of dishwasher detergents. No, these detergents are not the same with dish soaps that you use when hand-washing. These detergents are specifically used for dishwasher in order to clean your kitchenware. Finish® Powerball is a product in line with these detergents. To know more about it and how to use Finish® Powerball, read the article below.

What is Finish® Powerball?

Finish® Powerball is a detergent pod product. Detergent pods are still dishwasher detergents but in a form of small and compressed solids. They still do the same thing as a dishwasher product but are more compact and are easier to manage. This product is easily one of the best detergent pod products out in the market. Thus, it is highly recommended to use it as the cleaning agent when using your dishwasher.

Finish® Powerball uses a specific formula that deals with residue, dirt, and stains in your kitchenware. If you are worried about safety issues, you are worrying for nothing. Finish® Powerball is a proven and tested product, and there are no potentially harmful ingredients in the mix. It is perfectly safe and effective as well.

How to use Finish® Powerball?

First of all, you need to deal with its packaging. One pack of Finish® Powerball contains multiple of these pods. Each individual tab or pod is with a protective wrapper to ensure that the pods do not dissolve or evaporate before you can even use them. Simply open the pack and tear open the wrappers. In each dishwashing session, you only need one of these pods. Yes, only one. In general, one detergent pod is potent enough to clean the entirety of the dishwasher and the contents inside it. So, open only one and take note that you should not open the other wrappers if you are not planning to use them anytime soon, for they can easily dissolve.

Once you open the wrapper, put one of the Finish® Powerball immediately into the detergent dispenser. The detergent dispenser is a small container or packet on the dishwasher where you can put the detergent. It is usually on the ‘door’ of the dishwasher. After you put in the detergent pod, make sure you close the packet so the pod does not fall off. Close the dishwasher ‘door’, turn it on, and you can leave your dishwasher to do the rest of the job.

The process is easy because you do not need to measure the amount of detergent you need to put in. This is one of the advantages of detergent pods. It has less hassle. Also, there should be no residue left in the dispenser so you do not need to clean it either. And, that’s it! Now you know how to use Finish® Powerball.


There are many products in the market but the Finish® Powerball is a great option among them. You just need to know how to use them, which should be easy, and you are already set.

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