How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner

How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner is just another machine in our home, but just like any other machine it also requires proper maintenance to avoid any kind of problem. If you do not clean your vacuum cleaner regularly or after few uses, then your machine is at the risk of getting damaged.

Problems And Their Solutions

If you think that your vacuum cleaner is not working as efficiently as it used to do earlier than you need to look at it. It’s important to understand what's wrong with your vacuum cleaner to fix it. Here we are listing down solution of some problems that you might be experiencing with your vacuum cleaner.

In case where vacuum cleaner won’t pick up the dirt and has no suction:

  • Air Filter - No picking up of dust is a sign of no suction which means that your air filter is clogged. To fix it, remove the filter and clean it or replace it.
  • Exhaust Filter - If the exhaust filter is throwing out dirt with the air or not exhaling any air and you find the dust particles on the floor as it is even after moving vacuum cleaner on it then there might be a problem in exhaust filter. This happens because the exhaust filter is clogged with dust and other particles. Remove the exhaust filter and clean it properly. If it is torn or damaged, replace it.
  • Vacuum Hose - If your vacuum cleaner is clean and is working properly, but the vacuum hose is not taking the dust inside then it might be clogged. Switch off and unplug the vacuum cleaner and stretch it out and look into the hose with a torch. If you cannot see the light passing till the other end, use something such as broomstick and use it to clean the hose.
  • Vacuum Bag - Vacuum bag needs to be replaced or emptied regularly. If you haven’t done that in a while, then check it. This can be the reason of low performance of your vacuum cleaner. The line on the vacuum bag indicates the maximum level of dust it can hold. On touching the bag, if you can feel the dust near the line, then replace or empty it. Keep a check on the bag regularly to know after how many uses the bag needs to be replaced.

In case where vacuum cleaner motor does not run:

  • Drive Motor - On switching on the vacuum cleaner, if you don’t feel the motor running or you find it is not working properly then it needs to be checked. Check if the motor is getting the electricity power. Make sure that nothing is obstructing it. If everything is right and still it won’t run, then it need to be replaced.
  • On-Off Switch - If the vacuum cleaner doesn’t work even after turning the switch on then the switch might be defective. To check whether there is problem with the switch, use an Ohm meter or continuity checker.

In case where vacuum cleaner brush does not spin:

  • Belt - The brush in vacuum cleaner spins with the help of belt. If the belt is broken or stretched out than it needs to be replaced for proper functioning of the brush.
  • Brush Roll - It is possible that the brush roll is clogged with debris, thread and hair because of which the brush is not able to spin. Check the brush roll and clean it properly. Clean the bearings from both the ends. If cleaning the brush roll doesn’t solve the problem, then it needs to be replaced.


Understand your machine and its each and every part to resolve the problem on your own. It is better to solve the problem in the beginning rather than realizing it after that single problem damages your complete machine.

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