How to Get Hard Water Stains Off Dishes

How to Get Hard Water Stains Off Dishes

Having a hard water supply can be a real pain.

Knowing how to get hard water stains off dishes is a valuable knowledge you can incorporate.

The minerals that come with the water can really wear your appliances and kitchenware off after some time. They leave stains in your dishwasher and plates; they can even cause discoloration and corrosion. Not only do these make your kitchen look bad, these can also cause health problems to your family in the worst case scenario.

In this article we will teach you how to get hard water stains off dishes. After mastering the process, you will most likely have a stain-free kitchen life!

How to start

The first thing you must do is to simply prepare what you need. The main thing we need to make this work is vinegar. Vinegar has been a popular cleaning agent for a long time. It is a natural antibacterial substance so it cleans things thoroughly, and it is also easily accessible.

You should take note that this can take a long time depending on the severity of the dish stains and their number. It can even take days! You do not need to supervise it, however, and you do not need to finish it in one go either, so there is no need to worry. You may still need to open up your time a bit though. Another thing is that you will need lots of vinegar so make sure you have plenty.

What you need

  • White vinegar; distilled
  • Cold water
  • A large basin
  • A dishwasher; If you hand wash, then use dish soap

How to do it

First, you should half-fill the basin with vinegar. Yes, you will need a lot of vinegar, enough to fill your basin. This is necessary because you would want to soak your dishes in it. It is also much better to get the biggest possible basin you can find.

Next, add water in the basin until full. By the end of this, the basin should be filled with 1 part vinegar and also 1 part water. The water should be cold. Cold water is more effective in removing stains than hot water.

Then, you simply soak the dishes into the basin. The twist is that you need to do it one by one. The reason for that is that there should be no contact between the dishes to cover every part of them with vinegar. The soaking may take an hour and up to four hours per dish. This is the reason why it takes time. Depending on how strong the stains are, the longer you would need to soak the dishes.

Lastly, after soaking, simply wash the dishes with a dishwasher and dry them afterward. You can hand wash them as well. Vinegar has a smell after all, and some soft stains might still be clinging to your dishes so you can wash them away with soap and water. That is how to remove stains off dishes. Pretty simple.


Hard water stains can be really annoying to deal with. However, due to some circumstances, we may have no choice but to deal with them as they come. But if you are aware of how to get hard water stains off dishes, you will not have to worry about them ever again!

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