Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner, DC 12-Volt 106W Review


The Hikeren Car Vacuum is one of the best car vacuum cleaners. This is the thin line between a corded power and wireless convenience. The vac is plugged into your cigarette lighter so you can expect this one to be more powerful than cordless variants without sacrificing user comfort. It’s compact, handheld, and powerful – three of the things that make a car vacuum great.

Benefits of using the hikeren car vacuum

Stainless steel HEPA filter

One thing that can impress you is the HEPA filter crafted with stainless steel. This makes the filter capable of being washed for 20 times more than a normal one while preserving its ability effectively trap aeroallergens and dust mites.

Power and performance

The vac utilizes the 12-volt cigarette lighter outlet in your car. This gives you the convenience of never having to move your car closer to the nearest power source because you can use the vac right inside your vehicle. The power cord reaches up to 16.4 feet, giving you enough length to cover your entire interior.

When it comes to power, this one boasts a staggering 4300 Pascal of suction running at 116 watts of power – enough to conquer most dirt and stubborn debris lurking in your upholstery and floors.


Can you name another vacuum with an LED light? This one has it. The bright LED light will assist you in spotting dirt in narrow corners and other spaces underneath.

A bundle of treats

Another appealing aspect of this product is the fact it comes with its own nifty bag and a bunch of accessories to further ease your cleaning job. 

Hikeren car vacuum FAQs

Can I use this hikeren car vacuum for removing dog fur?

A big yes. The vacuum possesses 4300 – 4500 PA of suction power under 116W – enough to effectively suck up hair and dog fur. You can also attach three accessories to fulfill different purposes.

How long can you use the unit?

This one is NOT wireless. It is plugged so basically you can turn it on for as long as you want but your adversary is the risk of overheating. Some users reported they are able to use the vacuum for 30 long minutes without failure. However, despite the unit’s capacity to work for that long, the manufacturer advises using the vac for only 10 minutes tops. Let the vacuum rest for a while after that period before you use it again. And do NOT touch the metal portion of the plug as it tends to become really hot.

How many times can the filter be washed?

This one is equipped with a stainless steel HEPA filter which has a longer service life than a normal HEPA filter. The stainless steel variant can be washed 20 times than a normal one. This also means you don’t have to buy an extra filter because this single one will suffice.

Can I use this Hikeren car vacuum inside the house?

Unlikely. The vacuum plugs only through a lighter outlet which you can usually find only in cars. So you can’t use this one inside your house unless you have a lighter outlet or an adapter that connects it to a conventional household outlet.

What users like about the hikeren car vacuum?

Hundreds of users praise the product for being small in size but impressive in power. One user reported –

“I wasn't expecting much from a tiny piece of machinery but I must admit I was really surprised. My car is a total wreck so I took this vac out and tested it. It sucked up all bits with no problem.”

Another user expressed how dissatisfied he is with the vacuums suggested by his friends and family until he encountered this Hikeren –

“I've never used a hand vac before but from what family and friends have told me, they pretty much all sucked. A finicky operation, short duration, and other issues that add up to more hesitation. But I'm quite surprised how well this vac works. The key advantages seem to be suction power, ease of emptying, and the pivoting snout.”

What users didn’t like about the hikeren car vacuum

Most negative reviews you can read root from the fact that people simply expected too much from the vac. Remember it’s a compact vacuum that runs in a 12-volt source. It’s good but don’t treat it as something that can do the heavy-duty work for you like this one –

“It's only a light duty vacuum. It did the first pass but we had to break out the shop vac to really get the vehicle cleaned. The manufacturer provided several tips for using the vacuum, including using smaller tips for the vacuum, it does help it work better, but really adds to the time to clean the whole van.” 


With its outstanding features and unmatched specs, this Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner just proves itself to be one of the best car vacuums on the market today. It’s compact but powerful, has a decent suction, and comes with its own carrying bag! What more could you ask for?

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