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Top 10 Best Car Vacuum

We get extremely attached to our cars to an extent that even a small negligible scratch worries us. Due to this, we extend ourselves to keep it neat and clean. But, unlike our houses, cars are slightly difficult to clean manually due to its size and structure resulting in many unreachable areas to be cleaned. That is why people started shifting to Best Car Vacuum cleaners as they not only reach the difficult areas, but also clean the complete car in just no time keeping your car neat and clean always.

Vacuum cleaners have also gone through multiple rounds of revolutionary and technological changes over the years and have been developed into a number of customized solutions depending upon the changing and diversifying needs of the people who own cars.

Guide On Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner for your car, there are a lot of options available to choose from. The eminent need of having a neat and clean car is to have an ideal cleaner as per your car needs. Strong suction, decent storage space and right accessories is what makes an ideal car cleaner.


There are both handled and fixed cleaner available in the market, but handheld are the ones that are generally preferred for easy movement without breaking the power supply especially in cases of bigger vehicles like SUV’s, trucks or buses.

Storage Tank

For smaller cars, a storage tank of 4 to 6 gallons could be beneficial, but for bigger vehicles you need a tank with capacity of 10 gallons or more.


Suction power depends upon your motor strength and the kind of stains and dirt you intend to remove. For removing dry dust particle 3 to 4 horse power is quite sufficient, but in order to remove certain stains that are dried, you might need 5 horsepower or more depending upon the frequency and intensity of the stain.


This is the most important consideration while selecting a vacuum cleaner for your car. These accessories determine how efficiently your device is capable of cleaning different spaces of your car. For example, the hose length will determine the coverage area or maximum reach without breaking the power supply. Or the nozzle and its attachments that will determine how far can it reach the corners or difficult and unreachable spaces and clean them.


Also there are a few vacuum cleaners that are not just for cars but could be to some extent used for house cleaning too. So if you are looking for one device that serves both, then you do have options available today in the market.

Benefits Of Best Car Vacuum

Time saving – vacuum cleaners have simplified car cleaning to a huge extent that saves a lot of time relative to cleaning it manually. The powerful suction pulls the nasty and long term stains also in few seconds, which saves hours of time actually rubbing it through. This saves time and efforts too.

Portable – such vacuum cleaners are portable and compact enough to hold and shift to larger distances without unplugging the power supply.

Filtration flexibility – based on types of particles to be filtered, there are a number of options available.

Suction – suction power pulls the dirt that makes it an ideal device to clean dry and wet dirt particles.

Options – there are different models available depending upon the size of car you choose to clean making it specific to your needs.

Choosing The Best Car Vacuum 2018

1. Black & Decker Cyclonic-Action 12-Volt Pivoting-Nose Automotive Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This is a 12 volt vacuum cleaner for cars with pivoting nozzle that helps reach all the difficult corners of the car by getting twisted and turned in all directions, though the nozzle is slightly smaller for reaching the far off corners. Being handheld with a 16 foot cord you could easily shift it everywhere inside the car.

Constant suction power and its cyclonic action do not allow the dirt to settle onto the filter thereby preventing the filter bag from getting dirty. It is capable of cleaning minute particles like a dog hair or micro dust particles from carpets.

It is a light weight and compact car cleaning solution with attachments that aid in satisfactory cleaning and is extremely easy to handle and manage with almost zero cleaning efforts. Such comforts make it one of the highly sold products in the vacuum cleaner markets.

2. ArmorAll Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum AA255

This is a powerful car vacuum cleaner with 2 horsepower motor capable of cleaning both wet and dry dirt from the car. It has a decent storage tank capacity of 2.5 gallons and 6 foot long hose that keeps shifting the cleaner inside the car easy. Such huge power with large capacity of the storage tank makes it ideal for bigger cars or even some house hold purposes.

There is no need of keeping a watch on the storage tank or the filter as it automatically shuts off the moment it gets full. Its blower function is sufficient to remove nasty dust particles and finishes off the work in seconds without any physical efforts.

With its affordable price, light and compact structure, it is one of the preferred models amongst its customers.

3. Eureka Corded EasyClean Hand-Held Vacuum

A dual motor vacuum for revolving the brush and for suction has a strong suction of 5.5 amps. resulting in 100% dirt removal in seconds. Compared to others, it has a longer reach and hence greater flexibility due to a 20 foot hose with it. Though it comes with a long hose, there is wrap storage for it on the cleaner itself that does not pose a hurdle in storing the cleaner.

It comes with many crevices and also a customized attachment of Riser Visor for carpeted stairs. Due to its diverse attachments, the kind of cleaning could be segregated based on the places to be cleaned with exceptional customized attachments for it.

It might weigh slightly more being 4.78 pounds, but is powerful and efficient to clean even the minute dirt particles quickly. The filters are durable and easily fixed and detached for cleaning purposes.

4. Dirt Devil Quick Flip Scorpion Corded Handheld Vacuum

Unlike a few handheld vacuum cleaners, this does not leave any particles while cleaning like a pebble or sand particle. They are equipped with many suitable attachments to suit different cleaning needs like the Quick Flip crevice for cleaning the tight spaces swiftly. Its high efficiency and eye to even minute particles makes it a superior model when we talk about the handheld vacuum cleaners for car.

There is no requirement of buying filters as this cleaner comes with a dust cup that piles up the collected dirt and is easily detachable to be cleaned saving additional cost of filters to the buyers.

Long cord of 16 inches aids in easy movement with constant power supply and could be used for household cleaning purposes also.

5. Black & Decker Lithium 16 volt Dust Buster Cordless sHand Vac CHV1410L

Increasing your coverage with constant power supply, this cleaner comes as a cordless model of handheld vacuum cleaners making it extremely simple to carry anywhere. Its Smart charge technology extends longer runtime even though it runs on batteries, leaving no difference between a corded and cordless one.

Its slim nozzle is the best of all which enters any type of space very smoothly. The structure of this cleaner is compact to an extent that all the accessories are also stored on board, leaving no probability of losing them hence simplifying the storage space requirement too. Its cordless feature is specifically preferred for long and huge vehicles like buses, trucks or even large cars like sports utility vehicles and so on.

It is an ideal solution for long time cleaning of bigger cars without any break in the power supply due to fade free power.

6. Black & Decker 20-volt Lithium MAX Pivot Vacuum, BDH2000PL

This is a compact vacuum cleaner with powerful built up and motor along with advanced technology of lithium that boosts up the suction power and also extends the fade free power capability enhancing the runtime.

It comes with a 3 stage filtration system and its high speed pivoting nozzle is efficient enough to search for dirt particles and pull them out in seconds through all the unreachable areas and also pulls out those nasty stuck stains. The constant cyclonic action does not allow the debris and dirt particles collected to settle down on the filter thereby saving the filter from getting dirty.

Once your cleaning is done, you can just shed the collected debris off the filter which avoids the cumbersome process of cleaning filters after every cleaning. Filters are generally not the traditional bags, but a kind of bowl with a side gate to shed the dirt off.

7. Bissell Corded Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum Eraser

This cleaner is one of those compact and cute little things which even if kept uncovered could add to the aesthetics of your room. Its size is just 10 by 5 by 8 inches that comprise of the dirt container too.

The device is so easy to hold, carry and operate that you would not mind cleaning often with this. A fingertip on / off switch and easy and firm hold offers an ease while using it even for longer duration. The cord wrap is also mounted on board which prevents extra storage space required for the cord.

One attractive benefit of this cleaner is its dual interchangeable nozzle, the hard one for straight cleaning and the soft and flexible rubber one for contours and difficult corners to mold easily and slip through every one of them to complete the cleaning.

8. Black & Decker Cordless Flex Vac Ultra-Compact FHV1200 Vacuum Cleaner

This cleaner is really as the name suggests, ultra-compact and since it is cordless, it enhances the comfort of the users by boundless limits. It comes with a 4 foot flexible hose that offers decent coverage with long and sharper crevice tools to reach longer distances without you having to move providing benefits of a full sized vacuum cleaner.

Coming to dirt collection and filter, it is built with three stage filtration system and comes with a filter bag which is dish washer compatible. It is approved of energy star standard and offers a long warranty of 2 years unlike many others.

Storage of this device is just not a problem, because it already is small in size and structure, and along with it there is a separate storage caddy in which the device fits in and also does the charger preventing chances of misplacing it.

9. Bissell Corded Cleanview Deluxe Handheld Vacuum

This is a right size of handheld vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor of 4 amperes that strengthens the suction power. The 18 foot power cord provides long range coverage to move smoothly while cleaning your car, and the power switch on the handle offers convenience of switching it on or off with a hit of a fingertip.

Due to multilevel; filtration system in this cleaner it removes dirt and bacteria’s till the end and is collected in a dirt cup which is very easy to maintain as it does not require cleaning or disposal like those dust bags. Just invert the cups and get rid of the collected dirt.

Rubber contour nozzles helps you reach out to difficult corners with ease and are adaptable to the hose preventing any compatibility issues. It has a wide mouth that covers larger areas in relatively lesser time frame. All the crevice tools are included that suits all types of cleaning needs.

10. Shark Cordless Vacuum 12 Volt

As the name suggests, it looks like a shark with sharp and sleek design making it another comfortable and compact hand held vacuum cleaner. It comes with dust cup for easy dust collection and disposal.

This is enabled with twister cyclonic technology that prevents the dust from settling on to the filter rendering the filter to be usable for longer time without being washed. This is also cordless and hence portable to any place with firm hold.

It is equipped with 12 volt Ni-MH battery which offers longer runtime, so you can continue cleaning without having to stop for recharging it. Due to its size and structure, it could be used to clean not just the cars, but houses, boats or any other thing you desire as it is cordless and hence portable.


Vacuum cleaners are an extremely beneficial device that have reduced manual efforts and increased comfort in cleaning ones car to an extent that it now has become an enjoyable task. Also, along with the comfort, the efficiency and final results obtained after using a vacuum cleaner is much more superior as compared to manual cleaning techniques.

Gradually, the technology has evolved in order to deal with increasing complex cleaning requirements of more complicated car designs.

Looking at today’s hectic and busy life styles, Best Car Vacuum are one such device that reduces the burden of keeping your cars neat and clean anytime you want. With so many options available in the market, you just need to jot down your requirements and match it with the features available that fits right into your budget.

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