Features Of A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Light Weigh and affordable, cordless vacuum cleaners are some of the most useful devices a house hold needs to invest in. Even with the presence of a regular upright or canister vacuum cleaners, the service of a cordless vacuum cleaner is indispensable. The ease with which a cordless vacuum cleaner helps home owners to quickly pick up any messes or spells makes it a must have cleaning supply.

It is portable, allowing it to be carried around to places where a larger vacuum cleaner will not fit, not be comfortable to clean with. This is especially true, for small closets, attics, vehicles or tight spaces. Cordless vacuum cleaners are no less powerful compared to their corded counterparts, due to the latest technology batteries, they are being powered sufficiently to give high quality vacuuming.

Key features


Cordless vacuum cleaners are popular because of its cord free, tangle free experience. No cords means, there is no need for availability of a power outlet, nor the need to plug it in at all times. This increases not only its portability but also helps to make cleaning quicker. Being light weight, they can be carried anywhere for all types of cleaning. Powerful cordless vacuum cleaners deliver very good performance that is both reliable and hassle less.


All cordless vacuum cleaners runs on batteries which are rechargeable. This recharging usually happens through a charging station or by simply plugging it in into a power outlet. The vacuum cleaner models with a docking station are extremely convenient, as they aid both in charging as well as storing the device. Latest technological advancements have enabled batteries to hold power for longer periods of time without running out or losing their capacity to deliver strength to the device.

Ease of use

The ease with which a cordless vacuum cleaner can be used makes it the most liked cleaning supply in any house hold. The cordless models are generally light in weight, have an ergonomically designed handle and can be taken to any part of the house or garage. These features make it a go to device for anyone who wants to quickly dust or pick up spills from around the house on a daily basis. This allows home owners to not always rely on their traditional vacuum cleaner for quick pick ups.

Multi surface cleaning

Cordless vacuum cleaners come with many attachments that help them to suit all types of surface cleaning. The various brushes and nozzles allow for it to reach tight spaces, clean carpets and upholstery, even stair raisers and cars seats. The functionality is not lost with a cordless vacuum cleaner, it is able to deliver many services in such a small package.


Cordless vacuum cleaners are by far the most affordable type of vacuum cleaners available for purchase. There are a number of models, with varying features suitable for individual preference and use. Consumers are able to choose between models through their technology and innovation in design, features and attachments tools add to their appeal too. Because of their affordability, one can invest in both a heavy duty vacuum as well as a cordless one to make cleaning convenient.

Battery charging time

Most rechargeable battery operated cordless vacuum cleaners come with a docking or charging station. These are either equipped to sit on a surface or be hung on the wall. This station also serves as the storage area for the cordless vacuum cleaner. Users are able to stove it away and charge the device at the same time. How long the battery takes to charge is also an important point to consider. A battery that charges for hours but works only for minutes is not a good product. Easy charging batteries that last an entire cleaning session are the best bet.

Bag less dust canister

Cordless vacuum cleaners need to do away with fussy bags. With clear dust canisters, it is easy to see when it reaches the brim, which then can be cleaned out and used again. Bags and filters are unnecessary for such small devices, as they add bulk. At the same time, cordless vacuum cleaners need to come equipped with a good capacity dust canister, that can hold enough dust and debris without the need to be cleaned out too frequently.

Suitable for pet owners

Cordless vacuum cleaners are especially useful for pet owners. Having pets results in quite a bit of mess on a daily basis, along with their shedding and litter. Cordless vacuum cleaners that are handy and easy to reach help to periodically clean up pet made mess and keep the house looking clean at all times.

Pros and cons


  • Cordless and portable, light in weight to carry into any space.
  • Affordable compared to all other models of vacuum cleaners.
  • Functional and powerful, there is very little compromise on its suctioning capacity
  • Able to clean all types of surfaces with the help of varying brush rolls and nozzles.


  • It is not a replacement to a traditional vacuum cleaner, it does not cover large areas.
  • Battery will discharge at some point, not suitable for deep cleaning.


When cordless vacuum cleaners first hit the market, their batteries lasted about 20 minutes, this dint allow the vacuum to be used for very long without needing a recharge. However, new designs enable the batteries to run for over 2 hours without any dip in performance. Docking stations, for charging as well as storage make it very convenient to stove it away. It is stored and charged at the same time, always ready to use for the next session. They are practical and functional, something everyone should own to make cleaning a cake walk.

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