Eureka Car Vacuum Cleaner Review


One of the most popular and best-selling vacuums on Amazon, the Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum is a combination of corded power and handheld convenience. Read this Eureka Car Vacuum Cleaner Review and see how this model stands out from the rest.

The Eureka EasyClean 71B handheld is an effective tool for car clean-up. It is designed mainly for upholstery so you can expect this one to clean your seats like a rock star. Moreover, this one is also a beast against dirt on stairs – kinda like its strongest aspect.

You can easily choose a Dyson but if you’re not willing to spend as much as three-hundred bucks, this Eureka EasyClean is an ideal choice. Good performance at a low price of around $40, this one is hard to match.

Features of the eureka easyclean 71b

Powerful suction

One of its best attributes is suction. Some experts have tested this Eureka and garnered an average result of 70 on a water lift gauge which is pretty impressive.


This one is a corded vacuum but don’t get disappointed yet. The unit is handheld so you won’t have a hard time holding and carrying it wherever needed.

Riser visor

Another striking attribute of the Eureka car vacuum cleaner is the Riser Visor technology, exclusive to this brand. It makes the once quick work (thanks to suction) even faster! The technology allows you switch cleaning from horizontal to a vertical surface with minimal effort on your part – the vac does all the job.

The Riser Visor technology is the reason why the Eureka 71B is the best in cleaning stairs. The same technology makes it more convenient to clean your car interior from the most obvious debris to that dirt lurking in corners and narrow spaces.

Multi-floor cleaner

This vac is capable of cleaning a range of floor surfaces – apart from upholstery and stairs. The Eureka car vacuum cleaner is also capable of handling laminate, hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors.

You can also use the vac for above-floor cleaning – thanks to its handheld feature. The device is compact and lightweight enough. Now you can eliminate spills from tables and other countertops.

The unit has an embedded roller brush that makes its performance more efficient. The best part is you have the choice to either use it or not, depending on your current situation.

Carpet performance

The vac is an excellent carpet cleaner and can easily compete with most upright and canister vacuums in this aspect. Its greatest feature against carpet is the Riser Visor technology.

You can simply flip the visor horizontally or vertically. This makes the unit versatile enough not just to clean plain surfaces but also the toughest spots as well – mainly the carpeted stair risers.

Bare floor performance

The motorized brush plus the strong suction makes this one a great warrior against carpet endeavors. The water gauge measure alone is a concrete proof of how powerful its suction is.

While the vacuum is guaranteed a champion when it comes to suction, it can only handle debris as far as the mouth size can accommodate. So logically, don’t expect the vac to pick up larger-than-normal pieces, not because of lack of suction, but because of the size of its opening.

Pet hair performance

Anything that doesn’t belong on the surface is eradicated – and that includes pet hair. Thousands of consumers applaud the product for being such an effective tool against pet hair.

If you own a Boston terrier or an Akita or any heavy-shedding breed, the Eureka 71B is the mighty solution. The cleverly designed motorized brush complemented by outstanding suction are the keys to pick up tons of pet hair with as less effort as possible.


  • 25 feet cord
  • Lightweight and bagless
  • Powerful suction; good for stairs
  • Also good for picking up pet hair
  • Has 2 motors; can be used individually or simultaneously
  • Riser Visor: effective clean-up horizontally and vertically
  • Doesn’t overheat


  • Bin fills up pretty fast


Overall, the Eureka car vacuum cleaner is a good choice for people searching for a highly affordable vacuum, capable of surprising you with a powerful suction. This one is performance-driven – guaranteed legit. For its performance, it is really hard to beat this one at its price range.

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