Dyson Vacuum for Hardwood Floors, Multi Floor 2 Upright Review


When it comes to vacuum brands, Dyson is that one name that tends to rise higher than other competitors. It has got the reputation and popularity, making it more appealing to consumers. The Dyson Vacuum for Hardwood Floors, for instance, could be your upright solution to your cleaning needs.

Benefits of using dyson vacuum for hardwood floors

Self-adjusting cleaner head

You can expect the head to keep itself sealed on the floor surface, keeping suction strong along the way. This one’s excellent on hardwoods, as well as on tile, vinyl, wood, and carpets.

Ball Design for outstanding maneuverability and agility

Forget wheels; try the ball design. Having a ball design means unrivaled turning ability. The vac is designed with a poly-carbonate sphere (ball) that serve a couple of various important functions – it’s probably the most vital component of the vac itself.

The ball contains all the internal components including electronics and the motor itself. It’s clever how the manufacturer placed more of the weight lower to the ground – consequently keeping the center of gravity lower.

This design totally replaces the standard wheels you can usually see in most vacuums in the market. Now you can change directions with a simple flick of a wrist. You can rotate the unit quite easily in any direction you want with almost zero effort.

With the Dyson Ball Multi floor 2 Upright, the steering has never been quicker and lighter.

Lightweight and compact

These are the factors that really matter. Vacuums are supposed to make our lives easier by cleaning the floors for us and they must not add to the burden by having too much weight.

The Dyson Ball Multi floor 2 Upright is more lightweight and compact at around 15 pounds; having less weight than the original Dyson Multi floor.

Lifetime washable filters

Adding more convenience, the filters of this Dyson doesn’t need to be replaced at all. You just have to simply rinse and dry the filter for it to be used again. The best part is there’s no limit as to how often you use the filter.

Guaranteed allergy and asthma friendly

Another impressive attribute of the Dyson Ball Multi floor 2 Upright is being AAFA certified. This vac is a beast in terms of eradicating microscopic organisms away from your home. It’s designed with a fully sealed HEPA filtration system that is able to trap even the most minuscule allergens. You can expect a genuinely healthier and cleaner air around your home.

Hygienic bin empty system

You just have to push a button to empty out the dirt into a trash bin. Now you don’t have to touch the dirt anymore. This adds more convenience to people who are suffering from allergies and wants to clean their floors.

FAQs about dyson vacuum for hardwood floors

Can you position the vacuum flat close to the floor to reach far places like under a bed?

Basically no. You can’t put the vacuum flat on the floor. For reaching low places like underneath the furniture, you would need to purchase the Dyson Flat Out attachment (costing around $50).

What attachments are included in the package?

It comes with a combination tool and a stair tool.

What users like about dyson vacuum for hardwood floors

Users are impressed how the vacuuming performance is quite strong. Others even gave it a month-long test before writing a review like this one –

“I compared it to a $1500 vacuum, and it performs every bit as well. The vac is pretty nimble and quite easy to steer. Versatility is ensured by the ball design. I find it so easy to maneuver and it almost feels like it’s self-propelled.”

Another user who has been used with cleaning with other brands share his experience as a first time Dyson user –

“I consider myself an absolute clean freak. I could not be happier with this vacuum! After one initial vacuum of the family room rug, I couldn’t believe how much it picked up!”

What users didn’t like about dyson vacuum for hardwood floors

One user pointed out how the vacuum is unable to stand up –

“I like it but don't LOVE it. It doesn't stand up and falls over which is not consumer friendly.”


Overall, the Dyson Ball Multi floor 2 Upright vacuum is your best Dyson Vacuum for hardwood floors. It’s equipped with advanced features and a clever design that you can never find on other competitors.

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