Dyson V6 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum Review


Finding the best cordless vacuum for your car can be an overwhelming task. With a large array of
choices today, it’s hard to select which is which.

Upright vacuums can surely solve most problems but the fact they normally weigh around 12 lbs makes them basically impractical. Having a small, handheld vacuum could also not be robust enough to satisfy your needs. Is it possible to get something in between?

This Dyson car vacuum might be the answer.This Dyson car vacuum is an ideal solution if you’re stuck between an upright vac and a handheld vacuum. It is compact enough to be portable but also powerful enough to rival most upright variants. Take a read at this Dyson V6 Car Handheld Vacuum Review and see how it stands out in the competition.

Features of the dyson v6 car handheld vacuum

2 Tier radial cyclone and dyson digital motor v6

This one is truly a beast in a small package. The vac is equipped with the Dyson Digital Motor V6 perfected with 2-tier radial cyclones. The vac is able to suck not just your common dirt but also the most microscopic allergens and dust.

The beauty of the Digital Motor V6 is not in its power but in weight. Impressively, the motor is light and compact, yet it can easily be the most powerful handheld vac on the market.

The 2-tier radial cyclone takes charge of 15 cyclones created inside the vac and arranges it across the two tiers that work in coalesce to significantly intensify the air flow. As a result, more dust is captured and even the finest dust will not escape from the vac’s might.


The superb V6 motor can produce a staggering 24 air watts of power! Even a 15 air watt device is already considered powerful. How much more this 24-air watt beast?

But don’t get impressed yet. The unit can produce 24 air watts only on normal mode. It has a boost or max mode that can accelerate its power in quadruple: 100 air watts! And don’t forget this one is handheld and not corded.

An imposing 100 air watts is more than enough to clean your vehicle. The 24 air watt power alone is sufficient to handle your cleaning needs.

Lithium-ion battery

If you are given a chance to choose a vacuum based on a single attribute, then base your choice on the battery. When it comes to that, the Lithium-Ion type is more dominant than any other battery material to date.

Lithium-Ion batteries are known to hold potential power even when not in use for a long time. The Dyson V6 Car is engineered with fade-free technology. It means you’re getting the same amount of suction from 100 percent battery-level until the last drop.

Other users experience a decrease in power as the vac’s battery also depletes. With the Dyson V6 Car, you will have consistent power all throughout.

The Dyson V6 Car can last for up to 20 minutes of powerful and fade-free suction.

Boost mode

Now here’s the real deal. Just when you think the Dyson V6 Car has got it all, then you’re wrong. It actually has something more. The vac features a boost mode that allows you to increase suction for harder tasks. From 24 air watts, you can accelerate the unit into an impressive 100 air watts for the most stubborn dirt.


Another good attribute. This vac is bagless and features a hygienic bin emptying mechanism – a totally hands-free approach in disposing of the dirt from the unit. And all it takes is a simple touch of a button.

Cordless and ergonomic

The beauty of the Dyson V6 Car is its ergonomic and cordless design. Being cordless means you don’t have to deal with wires, giving you total freedom in movement and usage. You can clean even the most awkward spaces in your car from floors to the tightest spots.

Since Dyson is a powerful handheld vacuum, you can also use it around your home as a substitute for upright variants.


Another reason to buy the Dyson V6 Car is the fact it comes with LOTS of attachments. It has an extension hose, crevice tool, combination tool, mini motorized tool, stubborn dirt brush, and a mini dusting brush.

Each attachment serves its own specific purpose. There’s so much this vacuum can do. And all it takes is the right attachment. 

Carpet cleaning

The vacuum does not have a motorized motor specifically designed to handle carpet surfaces, which makes it not entirely suitable for that type of job. However, the muscular suction power is enough to do occasional carpet jobs. The Dyson V6 Absolute or the V8 does a better output.

Bare floor cleaning

You can use the combination tool to make the vacuum effective for non-carpeted floors, especially the stairs. It has a lot of attachments but none of those is a wand, making you unable to transform this one as a standalone floor cleaner.

Again, a Dyson V6 Absolute or the V8 gives you a more satisfying output concerning this job. Remember that the Dyson V6 Car is designed for automobiles, hence the name.

Upholstery performance

Now this is where the Dyson V6 Car shines from the rest. It is most effective in upholstery cleaning – basically the strongest suit of the vac.

It comes with multiple accessories and attachments that you can use interchangeably to clean your car interior in the most effective way possible.

The Dyson V6 Car can bring your suede, leather, and fabric back to their pristine condition!


  • The most versatile vacuum cleaner
  • Comes with LOTS of attachments
  • Corded performance for a cordless model
  • Quite powerful, even for a cordless vac
  • Easy to carry – only 3.4 pounds
  • Longer run time – 20 minutes
  • Satisfactory warranty period: 2 years


  • Dustbin is somewhat small in capacity
  • No HEPA filter (because vac is designed for cars)
  • Non-removable batteries 


There are three golden rules of vacuum cleaners. 1) If a vacuum cleaner is small and cheap, then it is not powerful. 2) If a vacuum is cheap and powerful, then it is not small. 3) And if a vacuum is small and powerful, then it is not cheap.

The Dyson V6 Car perfectly reflects the third law. The concept of having a compact and lightweight vac, yet highly strong and robust is pure fiction until the Dyson V6 Car is introduced in the market.

If you think you have extra money to spare for a great vacuum cleaner, this model will make your investment truly valuable. The Dyson V6 Car is simply the best cordless vacuum cleaner for any car.

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