Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum Review


Here’s something that can take dirt elements into their own version of the underworld! The Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum comes in dashing red and is one of the best car vacuums on the market today. Read and learn more about the product.

Benefits of using the dirt devil scorpion


Ask any existing owner and one statement they have in common is how powerful the vac is. Dirt Devil Scorpion is equipped with a 7 amp motor, enough to get rid of most dirt lurking around.

It may look like a small unit, but this vac possesses robust suction power that is simply unfriendly to dirt debris and particles. It’s not named “Dirt Devil” for no reason.

Lightweight and portable

The unit only weighs around 3.75 pounds which makes carrying it a breeze. Also, the fact that it’s entirely portable makes its corded concept virtually obsolete.

Even though it’s not wireless, the power cord reaches up to 16 feet which are pretty long for a little, handheld beast. You can easily clean your stairs, couch, and everywhere necessary without unplugging the unit.

Effective and useful

Gone are the days you have a hard time cleaning tight spaces like your car seats, home cushions, and living room couch. The vac has an integrated quick flip crevice tool designed to tackle narrow and hard to reach areas.

Easy disposal

One of the most important factors in determining the best car vacuum or any purpose for that matter is the means of disposing of waste. This Dirt Devil is crafted with a bagless design that makes it purely convenient to clean the thing up. You just have to open the canister and pour the contents into the garbage bin.

FAQs about the dirt devil scorpion

Is this a great vacuum for car use?

Definitely! The Dirt Devil packs a powerful punch in eradicating dirt elements on car upholstery. A little drawback might be the fact that you have to park your car near a power source because you’ll be plugging the device. However, this situation is easily compensated by Dirt Devil’s performance – which you will never regret.

Is this a good vacuum for sucking up dry cat litter?

Another yes. A lot of users purchased the Dirt Devil for the sole purpose of picking up dry kitty litter. Apparently, this powerful litter machine is able to satisfy the users with its job.

I know it’s corded, but can I plug it into my car?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t plug this one directly into your car. The plug must go to a wall outlet. Currently, there are no variants that offer a DC connection to a car cigarette outlet.

How often must you replace the filter?

There’s no universal answer to this question as it depends on the intensity of your own usage. However, an average person can buy a two-pack and replace the filter twice a year.

Is it loud?

Yes, it’s loud but not loud enough to bust your ears for that matter. Its noise level is just on par with any normal vacuum you have used. Matter of fact, the loudness of this vac is just a testament to the fact that no battery powered handheld vacuum of the same size can come even close to it.

Is it good for pet hair?

Yes. It’s pretty good in sucking up pet hair. However, your adversary might the small canister that can easily fill – which is not surprising considering the size of the unit.

What users like about the dirt devil scorpion

This is one of the best-sellers in Amazon and it’s easy to see why. Thousands of users praise the product for being a small beast. One user noted –

“Very strong! Long Cord makes it easy to move around. Vibrant Red color. I use it in nearly every room of the house including the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. This little thing reaches parts of the house that I did not even know were dirty.”

Another user reported how impressed he is with the vac –

“This vacuum has the strongest continuous suction of any other handheld I have tried. Keep in mind I use the word "continuous". This is because there is no loss of suction while plugged in. The Dirt Devil does not lose any suction over time and is very strong!!”

What users didn’t like about the dirt devil scorpion

A lot of negative feedback roots from the fact people have expected too much of unit. One user noted a loudness issue –

“One big problem: noise. Then the tiny filter inside the dirt cup gets caked with dirt.”


Overall, the Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum is a surprising little machine. It’s named that way because the unit is merciless in terms of eradicating dirt away from surfaces. This is ideal for any consumer looking for a small but highly powerful vac.

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