9 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner on Market (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Using cordless vacuums is a rising trend in today’s society. Technology has found a way to provide consumers the convenience that previous generation vacuums can never deliver.

With a cordless design, clumsy people can prevent trip overs and nothing gets knotted up. And the best part is they only weigh 10 pounds or less – perfect for easy and efficient cleaning.

Among the dozens, if not hundreds, of choices out there, this article will guide you to the best cordless vacuum cleaner! There are a lot of cordless vacuum cleaner reviews but this one is worth reading.

9 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

After intensive research among numerous websites and online shopping markets, we have come up with 9 best cordless vacuum cleaners in the industry. Take a look at this comparison charts and see what makes them stand out among the rest.

1. Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Bagless Upright


Hoover has finally created something that will replace the traditional corded upright with their new cordless upright. It seems that Hoover finally breaks the code. You will appreciate its 1.2 liter dirt cup that can carry a volume three times than the capacity of the DC44.

An astonishing 50 minute run time is made possible by the two 20-volt lithium battery – the longest running time in our list. With this endurance, you can clean as much as 1,500 square feet!

In addition, the Hoover 3.0 is the model on our list with the most number of attachments. Some of these attachments will make it easy for you to clean the upholstery and stairs.

The large dirt cup is a good start – it saves you the hassle of frequent emptying of cups. And the long lasting run time is a great follow up – it gives you more time operating and less time charging. Matter of fact, this model has the quickest charging time yet it has the longest running time! That fact alone makes this a real winner.

But it doesn’t end there. Moving around chairs and other furniture is very easy, thanks to the embedded skateboard inspired technology that enables you to clean with utmost convenience. Moreover, this model only weighs 10 pounds – very light considering that it’s an upright. This feature makes it great for people who don’t want a 20-pound, exhausting product.

For less than $270, you already get a brilliant, first-rate product that performs great on low to mid pile carpet and hard surfaces.

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A not-so-good point for this model goes to the length of its hose. The reach is very limited because its length is only around 2 to 3 feet maximum. Although it can be stretched, it is still not long enough. It functions well on upholstery, short tables, stairs, but you can’t reach that long.

Another not-so-good point for this cleaner is the possible fact that it can’t be at par with superior upright models when it comes to deep cleaning carpet – meaning some upright “corded” versions are still top of the line in terms of deep cleaning.

Despite that fact, the Hoover 3.0 is still a more recommended product. Keep in mind that it is cordless so using it has no hassle compared to corded ones. Besides, who needs deep cleaning in a daily basis? This Hoover’s power is enough to clean your carpet every day or as often as you wish.

This cons are really not a big deal and can be easily overlooked because the power and battery life says it all!

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2. Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL 20-Volt

At first sight, this Black & Decker looks odd and doesn’t appear like the typical cordless vacuum you see every day. However, there is an explanation behind the “peculiar” appearance of such model. This design simply defines portability and handiness. Despite looking odd, the design is actually attractive and modern, making it unique among its competitors.

The unique and clever design of the hose showcases versatility – whether it’s the creases around your sofa or the interior of your car, just pop out the 4-foot hose and let this Black & Decker do its wonder. Cleaning wide open areas like your tables and floors? Just pop the hose back in again and you’re good to go.

Furthermore, removing pet hairs off upholstery can be easily done with the pet hair tool.

Just last year, the Black and Decker has released an updated version – the BDH2020FLFH that comes with same but enhanced features. The power is slightly upgraded and is now more powerful (25 air watts VS 22 air watts). More features include the 4-foot hose, combination pet hair tool & brush/nozzle, and crevice.

The updated version also features a wand attachment (floor tool) that enables you to use the cleaner as a stick vacuum.


The only weakness of this model the 20-volt lithium battery that takes up to 5 hours of charging and runs roughly from 15 to 20 minutes only. Another big issue of such model is the built-in battery. Aside from the short running time, the fact that the battery is “built-in” imposes the potential weak link of being broken prematurely. As with most battery-powered machines, the device won’t work entirely once the battery is broken even if all other parts still works properly.

But worry not, Black & Decker is a reliable brand with a reputable history. Should you experience prematurely damaged battery, the 3-year warrant will cover you with the right services. This guarantees consumer satisfaction if ever flaws come to rise.

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3. Dyson V6 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V6 Absolute has passed our standards because of its features and sophistication that doesn’t exist in other models and brands. It basically comes with a direct cleaner head equipped with stiff bristles perfect for cleaning your carpet. Compared to the previous model (DC59), this new direct cleaner head provides 70-75 percent more force!

The added soft roller cleaner head is what makes the Dyson V6 Absolute a notch higher than its nearest competitors. Simply put, hard floors won’t seem hard at all! The soft nylon that makes up the soft roller cleaner provides enough force to clean surfaces without sacrificing the smoothness and shine of the floor. In other words, the Dyson V6 works superbly without leaving scratches!

Good news for allergy sufferers out there: this cleaner is equipped with HEPA filtration system that is quite friendly for dust-allergic folks. The only downside is the bagless feature of the cleaner – emptying the cleaner will still make you susceptible to dust exposure. A helpful tip is to ask favor on one of your family members to dispose the dust.

The Dyson V6 showcases a power of 24 air watts in normal mode and 100 air watts in maximum – the same air watt number with the MotorHead.The running time would be 20 minutes in normal mode but dramatically decreases to 6 minutes once switched to max mode.

Running time may be low but this is where efficiency comes into the picture. This model can pick up all dirt in just one pass, thus you don’t need to go back to the surface that you have already cleaned. This feature refutes the limitation of running time and gives you the comfort of being able to clean surfaces in a faster, more efficient way.

Cordless vacuum technology has made a quantum leap with the introduction of the MotorHead, as mentioned above. The biggest unanswered issue of all time is the unavailability ofsatisfactory performance in terms of carpet cleaning and this technology has put an end to it.

The magic works by adding a motor in the floor tool, consequently upgrading the motorized brush.With this technology, you are able to increase the roll power of brush by an astonishing 75% and you are able to eliminate the need for a belt to spin the brush. All in all, this implies an immersive carpet cleaning performance that no other model or brand can surpass!


The only con is its high-end price. However, one can say that this one is really worth the investment considering what it can do for you.

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4. GTech AirRam Vacuum Cleaner

Your search for the best floor cleaner ends here. The GTech AirRam may be a newbie in the market but it is very promising. It still has a few reviews on Amazon but don’t be surprised when ratings rise up in the long run. This model becomes more popular by the moment. Matter of fact, it is one of the bestselling cordless vacuum inthe United Kingdom (UK) alone and has received significant positive reviews even from popular publications.

The biggest edge of the GTech AirRam is its minimal power loss design – the motor is placed as close to the base as possible. With this arrangement, the moving air doesn’t have to travel a long tube or hose, thus dramatically decreasing power loss.

Optimum power deliverance is also brought by this remarkable design – the motorized brush has a direct access by the drive belt since the motor has been placed as close to the brush as possible. Simply put, the brush spins in the fastest possible way consequently sucking more dust and dirt in the process.

GTech has claimed that their AirRam can be at par (even exceed) the power of an upright vacuum but with less consumed electricity. Although it is undeniably a proud claim, it is somewhat supported by the rave reviews it receives from consumers.


The only downside of such model is obviously its towering price. As you can see in the table, the model is only available for floor use and not on other surfaces. With such limited range, the price is playing at around $300! The bright side, however, is it is still more affordable and cheaper than the Dyson DC44 which makes this product a more practical one.

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5. Hoover Air Cordless Lift Bagless Upright Vacuum

The most versatile model on our list is the Dyson V6 Absolute but another model wants to challenge the reigning competitor – the Hoover Air Cordless Lift Bagless Upright. What makes this model more appealing to the eyes of the consumers, probably including you, is its price that is lower than its nearest rival.

It is rare to find an opponent challenging the mighty Dyson especially when it comes to versatility and compactness. However, this Hoover Air has an edge against that specialty. Introducing the “Lift” feature, simple yet remarkable – detach the canister away from the main housing with just one push of a button. Such feature can never be seen in other models and brands.

With this feature, you are able to transform the device from a stick vacuum right into canister vacuum. So aside from your floor, you can now cover other areas such as the stairs and upholstery.

The most astonishing spec of this model is its lengthy running time that is up to 50 minutes of continuous use!


For a cordless vacuum, having a $400 tag is really jaw dropping. However, a lot of consumers guarantee that this investment is worth it with all the features and versatility that you can have. Not to mention the reliable name of the brand.

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6. Black And Decker CHV1410L Vacuum

The CHV1410L is ideal for quick pick up. With its lightweight feature, you can easily transport around the house and clean areas with utmost ease. This model is also equipped with a robust suction & fade free feature.

This model also boasts the popular Smart Charge Technology exclusive for Black and Decker products – hand vacuum is protected by high efficiency lithium ion chargers. Once the battery is charged, this feature initiates an automatic shutdown mechanism, thus enabling you to store your hand vacuum on the charger without negatively affecting the running time.


With all this features and a reasonable cost, it is so hard to find any con in this product.

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7. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010

The Hoover Link BH50010 is an outstanding cordless stick vacuum cleaner armed with an embedded Wind Tunnel Technology – the first ever Hoover stick with that original technology.

The Cyclonic Filtration Technology, One Touch Brush Roll Activation, and Lithium-Ion Battery for unceasing performance all make up the overall marvelous functionality of this Hoover. With just a flip of a switch, the motorized power brush along with its 11 inch wide nozzle will do its wonder for cleaning.

With a reasonable price and all the features presented, you can hardly see any downside of this product.

Swivel Steering technology makes it easy for you to maneuver the device anywhere in your home be it under or around your furniture! It is a no surprise why this is called a “navigator”. This Shark cordless vacuum is the perpendicular point where cordless convenience and performance meet together and combine into a powerful tool which you can utilize in a daily basis.

With extended run time and sturdy suction power, this model can offer the most superior cleaning in your carpet and floors. Additionally, it is equipped with a two speed power setting that ensures optimum motorized brush efficiency that can easily suck in deep dirt and fine pet hairs on your carpeted floors.


Some consumers claim of misleading packaging. For instance, the package states 14 volts but the product showcases only 10 volts. However, this is only one against all the positive feedback this model has received.

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8. Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum, 96H

Quick cleanup has never been this easy. With this lightweight stick vacuum, you get yourself the portability of a cordless feature and the power of a corded one. Eureka is proud of this 2-in-1 vacuum because of all the features that it can offer.

Convert to handheld mode by easily removing the handle – you now have a versatile product that can work not only on floors but on other surfaces above it.

When not in use, easy storage and charging is made possible by the wall-mountable charging stand. Such idleness is defined by a modern style!

With a 10-inch cleaning path, you can pick up any mess both fine and large debris in a faster, more well-organized way. For area rugs and carpet floors, just turn the brushroll on and you can initiate multi-surface cleaning.

Now you can save money by not having the need to buy bags every once in a while. Thanks to its bagless feature, you can now reduce waste and cost. You only need to wash the dust cup filter and you’re good for another go.


The only downside, as most consumers would agree, is its short running time. However, all the features introduce are undeniably not bad for the price.

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9. Eureka Quick Up 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum, 96JZ

Introducing another 2-in-1 wonder from Eureka – the 96JZ is a handheld vacuum and a stick vacuum in just one device! Reaching hard to reach areas seems to be not “hard” at all. Thanks to its versatile features that is really beneficial in the part of the consumer.

This is probably the most lightweight model on our list. With a mere four pounds of packed wonder, who could not carry this product anywhere? Maneuvering from one area to another has never been this “light”.

Wall mountable charger, as already mentioned above, makes charging stylish and very contemporary. You can now charge the battery on the wall. Additionally, this model can stay upright without leaning to any wall – the free standing design can guarantee that!

Brushroll off mode is perfect for safely cleaning bare floors. When working on area rugs and pile carpets, turning the Brushroll into “on” is recommended.

The major con of the previous model is not having a satisfactory running time. This model, however, could pose the same possibility but is refuted by the bonus battery pack.


Firstly, the “on” button is far out of reach. It is located down on the base instead of putting it in the middle or up on the handle itselfwhere you can easily access it. Also according to some consumers, the filter case is hard to remove.

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Product Classifications: Points In Comparing The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Charging Time

This refers to the length of time the battery takes to fully charge. To have a baseline figure, you can either look at the customer reviews or see the manufacturer’s claim. Charging time is essential in picking up the right product because every individual has their own preference in such field.

For instance, being a busy person means you need a product that requires less charging time. For a person who have a lot of time, both waiting and working, you can choose a product with more charging time. The advantage is you will have more time to use the device in cleaning compared to others.


A follow up to what is stated above, the battery life reflects the overall capacity and efficiency of the product. A long battery life means quality and a short battery life means a risky investment. The battery states how much voltage it can contain and whether the model uses the modern lithium ion technology or still clings to the old nicad versions.

Note that power is not reflected by the battery voltage – it only tells the amount it needs for the motor to function. For the suction power, you must refer to the air watts. Just like any other cordless and rechargeable appliance in the market, one of the top factors to consider is battery life.

Power (Air Watts)

This refers to the measurement of suction power NOT from the motor but directly on the vacuum inlet itself. If you have a “gearhead” knowledge you can see it this way – air watts is to wheel hp, and watts is to bhp. In other words, wheel horsepower is the power directly from the wheels while the bhp is the measure of power from the crank.

Run Time

This refers to the length of time the model will work in full charge. If you want a baseline figure, you can read at the table above, refer to the customer reviews, or refer to the manufacturer’s claims. Basically, the longer it lasts, the better the product.


This refers to the additional accessories or add-ons included in the package. You can tell if a brand or model is a good investment if it comes with a lot of attachments included. This means that you are putting your money on something more than just the main vacuum. Attachments may include a crevice/brush tool, extra batteries, and more. You can compare which cordless vacuum cleaner has the most attachments on the table above.

Motorized Brush

This is a “must have” for every vacuum cleaner out there. A motorized brush enables the vacuum to collect more dust and assists in picking more stubborn dirt such as pet hair off the carpet or hard floor. This is an important factor considering the great help it can offer.


Practicality has always been a great tool. Look for a product that suits your budget well and at the same time has good reviews and high ratings. But it is not a surprise that high-costing vacuums can offer you more features and a performance far greater than others. Prices on Amazon are not permanent – often time prices go down and discounts rise up. For the latest costs of the best cordless vacuum cleaners, refer to the table above.



The weight of the model determines how heavy/light the product can be held. The lighter the model, the more “portable” and easy it is for you to carry around your home. Fundamentally, cordless varieties today are already light enough. It’s up to you if you will seek for the lightest one around.

Cleaning Path

This refers to the cleaning head’s width where all the dust and dirt are sucked into the vacuum. So basically, the wider the cleaning path the better. Additionally, a wider coverage also means less cleaning time.


The best proof the credibility and performance of a model is the rating it gets from The Cons:umers themselves on Amazon. Seeing feedbacks and reviews is a surefire way to see if a particular model is what you are looking for. Aside from that, this cordless vacuum cleaner reviews will give you an accurate and reliable information of three of the best cordless vacuum cleaners.

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

There are some things to consider in choosing the right product. The first is power – determine how strong a product can perform. You might also check for the product height – being tall makes your back hurt whenever you stoop down while using a product with insufficient height.

If you are fond of cleaning upstairs, you might also want to choose a lightweight product. Cordless vacuums are known to be lightweight at the first place so you will have no problem choosing in this category. Size is another thing that matters – make sure that the vacuum is compact enough to accommodate small corners wherein most dust gather.

It’s also practical to buy a product with a lot of attachments – this makes your surfaces more pristine after cleaning them.

Versatility is also a must. You must choose a product that can “multi-clean” multiple types of surfaces from floors to upholstery. Above all, the most important factor to consider is the price. Refer to your budget and see which model can accommodate you the best.

Product Classifications: What To Look For?

Read the table above and consider the following – power, charging time, battery life, attachments, and weight. These features usually makes up the priority factors to consider in choosing the right product for you.

Lucky for you, we have collected all the information from different sites and other sources and gathered them here in one comprehensive article so you don’t have to do vigorous research in the internet or read hundreds of reviews that will really take time. This cordless vacuum cleaner review is your one-stop site in determining the right product for you. Do not be easily deceived by all the things that you can see on YouTube or TV. You can depend on this article for the right information that will assist you along the way.

Now all you need to do is to compare the features and specifications as listed above, and see which one you like to purchase. Use the information to narrow down which model to buy. After all, each product featured in this article is the best on its own.

Parts Buying

There are cases when one part becomes dysfunctional, thus crippling the whole system of the cleaner. Replacing this particular parts is the key in making the cleaner working in tip top shape again. There is no particular guide in buying parts because each manufacturer is different. The best way is to visit their own individual pages on Amazon and see their offers when it comes to buying separate parts.

Conclusion (best cordless vacuum cleaners)

Now, you already have a solid idea on the best cordless vacuum cleaners in the market, you can now choose which one suits your style best. There is no “all-in-one flavor” in vacuum cleaners. This means that the best choice for other consumers could not be the best for you.

On the flipside, the best choice for you could not be the best for another. That is why this cordless vacuum cleaner review is created – for you to have the most superior selection of cleaners and figure out which one can perfectly accommodate your personal preferences and needs.

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