Black & Decker CHV1410L Hand Vacuum Review


Not all of us need a beastly cleaner. There are people who can live with the bare essentials. This Black and Decker car vacuum can easily become your best car vacuum cleaner.

The brand has been a consumer favorite and it’s not surprising to see why. This model in particular has good features that made it a best seller in stores. Read this Black & Decker CHV1410L Hand Vacuum Review as it introduces you to the wonders of this model and will show you why it deserves a spot in your trunk.

Features of the black & decker CHV1410L hand vacuum

Cyclonic action

You might have heard the term “cyclonic” in most Dyson vacuums, but Black & Decker also have their version of the technology. Cyclonic action means the vacuum is designed to have a distinct air flow inside that prevents dirt debris from clogging the filter.

The vac is able to keep the filter clean, consequently promoting consistent and powerful suction throughout the operation.

Lithium-ion battery

This vac has a lithium-ion battery in its core. The Beauty of Lithium Ions is their ability to hold potential power even if you haven’t used the unit for such a long time. For instance, if you fully charge your unit today and leave your vacuum unattended for several months, it will still have that 100 percent power the moment you turn it on.

Smart charge technology

The vac is also equipped with the brand’s Smart Charge Technology – a cutting-edge innovation that gives the unit an ability to consume 50 percent less energy than conventional vacuums.

The unit is manufactured with its own charging base that keeps it charged when not in use. It’s also intended to keep the accessories organized.

The vac takes 4 hours to charge and can be used for around 20-25 minutes depending on use – which is pretty long for a rechargeable variant.


Impressively, the vac is powered by 15.2 air watts. The watt is the unit used that defines how powerful the vacuum is in doing its job. Anything above 15 air watts is already considered good.

This vac, in particular, is powered by a potent amount of watts that is quite remarkable considering it is cordless and handheld! It is then further complemented by the 16V Lithium-Ion Battery that makes the package almost seamless.


Bagless means easy to clean. The vac is designed with a translucent dirtbag to make it convenient for you to check the dirt content. And when the occasion arises, you only have to clean the thing up with running water, let it dry, and install into the unit, making it ready to be used again. This is indeed far more convenient than having to buy bags over and over again.

Multi-surface cleaning attachments

This Black & Decker is graced with newer designs that make it better than any other previous model. One proof is the rotating nozzle that delivers 50 percent more reach than any of its predecessors.

It is also equipped with a built-in crevice tool that can tackle tight spots and narrow spaces. Plus the mouth is made wide to allow the unit collect larger debris.

The nozzle also has an embedded brush that is always ready for action – just flip the brush up before you start cleaning your furniture.

Carpet performance

This one is a handheld vacuum, making it ideal for spot cleaning carpeted surfaces. An important thing to take note – the vacuum doesn’t have a motorized brush so it’s best suited only for low pile carpets. Despite the lack of a motorized brush, the vacuum can work well on conventional carpets and is effective in reaching corners and tight spots.

Bare floor performance

Again, the vac is handheld so it is best for spot cleaning. The nozzle inlet is wide enough to fit bite-sized debris (which is already pretty big) like pet droppings, breadcrumbs, and cereal. Despite, the wide nozzle inlet, the vacuum still can’t replace a full-size counterpart.

Suction is also strong enough to get rid of medium-size dirt but is unable to pick up heavy and large stuff, which is not surprising considering the vac is small.

Pet hair

The vac has no pet hair tool so you can’t expect this one to perform at par with competitors with an integrated pet hair tool. However, the suction is pretty strong that it can suck most pet hair lurking in your surfaces (i.e. upholstery). So this one is still pretty capable.

It’s actually an advantage to have no pet hair tool; you don’t have to do periodical cleanup on the motorized brush. No maintenance. No hassle.

Charging and running time

The unit takes 4 hours to fully charge and can work between 20-25 minutes. Don’t be surprised though, that number is actually long for a battery-powered vacuum.

Attachments and accessories

The package comes with a washable filter (VF110), a washable pre-filter, onboard brush, onboard crevice tool, and its own charging base.


  • Long lasting batteries
  • Lightweight and handheld
  • Highly affordable
  • Embedded tools for convenience
  • Satisfactory warranty: 2 years


  • A bit loud when operating
  • Battery is not detachable


The Black & Decker CHV1410L Hand Vacuum is a testament that you don’t always need an upright, full-size vacuum to do the job for you. Sometimes, a device as nifty as this is enough to clean surfaces especially when the demand is not that big.

This vac is ideal for car clean-up. When fully charged, it has enough juice inside to tackle your entire automobile on a daily basis. It’s best for spot cleaning and can serve you quite well at a highly affordable price.

Overall, the Black & Decker CHV1410L Hand Vacuum is perfect for people looking for a portable car vacuum that has just enough power and endurance.

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