Bissell Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Bissell Vacuum for Hardwood Floors, Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum Machine Review


If you’re looking a hard floor beast, this Bissell Vacuum for Hardwood Floors might be the ideal choice. With strong suction, a long hose, and a whole bunch of attachments, this Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum Machine can easily finish your cleaning tasks. Read this review to know more about the product.

Benefits of Using the Bissell Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Canister convenience

The things you’ll most like love about canister vacuums are their lightweight and maneuverability attributes. Canister vacuums like this Bissell are ideal for cleaning underneath your pieces of furniture like tables, chairs, couches, and more. Further, most vacuums of this type come with attachments that will help you tackle any surface.

Compact design

Being compact means you can lift and carry the unit with utmost ease. Moreover, you can store the unit pretty easily.

Master of hard floors

The thing that makes this Bissell a beast in the hard floor arena is its non-marking wheels made of felt and rubber. These materials won't mark, scuff, or scratch your floor.

The brush is designed to be softer than a conventional brush, making it gentle on hard floors. While the soft bristles are friendly on hard floors, it’s tough on dirt. The unit possesses a powerful suction, making it easy to tackle hard floors.


Bissell embedded some helpful features including the suction control settings power and an automatic height adjustment.

The suction control settings allow you to adjust the suction power to your desired output. For instance, you might want some deeper suction with low-pile carpets while you might prefer a lighter one on upholstery or drapes.

With the automatic height adjustment, you can regulate how close the unit is to the floor which you can base on the type of floor you are cleaning.

FAQs about Bissell Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Is it air-driven? Does it have a powerhead?

No, it does not have a power head. And yes, it is air-driven.

Can I use the unit on carpets?

Yes. However, it works best only on low-pile carpets and rugs. The model comes with two heads. The first one is a rotating head designed for hardwood floors. The second head can be used when switching between hard floors into low pile carpet.

What is the length of the vacuum “wand” from where you grip it with your hand to the floor attachment?

It’s about 4 feet. The beauty of the metal extension wand is the fact it’s telescopic.

Where can I buy extra parts?

You can buy extra parts directly from Bissell. Click here.

How long is the cord?

The cord reaches about 12 feet.

What Users Like About Bissell Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

One user expressed how this vacuum is great for the money. He reported –

“The vacuum is truly worth it in terms of investment. It’s very well thought out and works great. One thing to note is that this vacuum is intended for hard surfaces. There’s even a sticker that explains about it which you can see when you open the box. I may not count on this vacuum in terms of carpet cleaning but this is so great on hardwood floors.”

A recent buyer is quite impressed with how the vac works. He said –

“One important pro is the fact that it works quietly. It’s not like other vacuums that seem to scream when you turn it on. I could even play and hear my music well while vacuuming. The adjustable suction is also fabulous! I now have a unit both for floors and carpets. Tools are also easy to attach and remove!”

What Users Didn’t Like About Bissell Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

One user expressed how the vacuum seems to be not as useful as he expected –

“I find the electrical cord far too short. You will spend a lot of time changing sockets unless your room is tiny in the first place.”


The Bissell vacuum for hardwood floor is something that can easily win your cleaning tests. This model is specially designed with hard floors in mind. Overall, this Expert Deluxe Canister can offer the right solution to your residential needs.

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