Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

26 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair on Market

Pet hairs are a great hassle in your home especially if you have allergic members. That is why it is important to find the best vacuum for pet hairs for you to seamlessly clean floors and other surfaces. And Dyson has got it all for you!

Buying Guide Of Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Homes with pets need specialized vacuum cleaners. Users and manufacturers have been recommending pet owners to invest in upright vacuum cleaners with special accessories and features to clean carpets and the ability to suction large amounts of hair. Upright vacuum cleaners are able to comb through carpets in a systematic manner and reach every inch, enabling a completely hair free zone.

Motor Capacity And Maneuverability

Vacuum cleaners specifically designed to vacuum pet hair require better capacity to purge and hold large quantities of hair and messes. Pets tend to shed regularly, they also add to a lot of messes in the house. With increased motor power and easy maneuvering technology, the vacuum cleaners are able to pick up all the debris with minimal effort. This also helps to keep the vacuum cleaners running efficiently for many years before they need a replacement.

Size And Weight

Those with pets tend to clean the house on a regular basis. Manually cleaning messes left behind by pets can be tiring and cumbersome. With a god vacuum cleaner, this job becomes easier and faster. A portable vacuum cleaner is smaller in size and weighs lesser. The owner should be able to carry it to different parts of the house without much effort. Such vacuum cleaners prove useful, while heavier ones prove to be troublesome for quick cleanups.

Accessories And Attachments

The above mentioned vacuum cleaners, all come with specialized accessories, designed exclusively to lift and vacuum pet hair and fuzz. These vacuum cleaners are multi purpose cleaners, with increased capacity to help clean pet hair too. The easy maneuverability heads and the upright position helps the owner finish the clean up while standing, without the need to bend or duck behind any furniture.

The accessories include different sized brushes designed to pick up pet hair and help the vacuum pick up every particle off the carpet. Brushes are not always suitable for hard wood floors, therefore, the attachments can be changed to suit different types of flooring without causing any damage. The hose attachments on vacuums can be used to clean curtains and higher surfaces where pet hair accumulates over time.

More Than Just Pet Hair

Vacuums designed for cleaning pet hair can do other tasks too. With a swift change in accessories, they are able to vacuum spills such as pet food, litter, etc. In order for the vacuum to perform well with such circumstances, the vacuum needs to have a powerful motor and suctioning capacity. The vacuum nozzle heads are designed to attract and hold different sized dust and particles, while the vacuum is working on its suctioning function.

Benefits Of Vacuum For Pet Hair

Clean Carpets And Bare Floors

When looking for the best vacuum for pet hair, buyers need to look for such products that are able to have a versatile design. It is not always possible or convenient to have more than one vacuum cleaner. pet owners however will find it easier to have a portable vacuum cleaner specifically to keep their homes fuzz free. With constant shedding, pet owners find pet hair in all parts of the house, especially carpets and couches. The best vacuum cleaner thus, needs to function both on the carpeted areas and wood or tiled areas. This allows for it be more functional.

Easy Clean

Most homes have heavy duty vacuum cleaners, these are beneficial to clean the entire house, as they have strong motors and larger dust bags. However, they tend to be heavy and cannot be lugged around whenever there is a small mess. Smaller, portable vacuum cleaners enable the owner to clean up around the house, fuss free. Especially, if this secondary vacuum cleaner is always attached with a nozzle that vacuums pet hair and suctions larger particles, its a bonus to suction hair, food particles and liter on a daily basis.

Top 26 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair (Dog And Cat)

Our reviews of the top vacuum for pet hair with our buyers guide will help you choose the right vacuum for you.

1. Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a great cleaning machine that will leave you in awe with your jaw dropped as it seamlessly clean surfaces with optimum performance paired with amazing features exclusively made only for this model. If you are looking for the most comprehensible Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner review, then you have come to the right place.

The Dyson DC41 is truly a remarkable product that comes with superior cleaning power perfect for pet hair and all-around dirt removal. Continue reading and see what makes this model an impeccable choice for a wise consumer. This Dyson review is comprehensively constructed, packed with a lot of information, basically everything you will need to know about it.


Ball Technology

This technology can be sum up in three simple words – steer with ease. The patented Ball technology is an exclusive feature only for Dyson upright vacuum cleaners. The DC41 uses the same incredible technology to help you beat the conventional fixed wheel’s steering limitations.

In lieu of using a stable wheel, the DC41 uses a ball that can turn on a dime. With this mechanism, you can steer with utmost convenience by simply turning your wrist to initiate a change in direction.

Never underestimate the ball as it makes a huge, significant difference that no other brand could be at par with. The ball itself is composed of a material same with that of a car’s dashboard – a glass-reinforced polypropylene.

Dyson engineers have made sure the durability of the ball as it carries the motor, the heaviest component of the unit. Furthermore, greater stability and a lower center of gravity is ensured as the motor is strategically positioned towards the base.

Radial Root Cyclone Technology

Just as when you think that the ball technology says it all, another technology embedded on this model could actually make other brands shut up. Introducing the Radial Root Cyclone Technology – another promising Dyson pride.

Before finally going to the point, know first that a typical vacuum cleaner depends on filters and bags to capture dust and dirt. It may be efficient but only for short term.

As you use ordinary vacuums in the long run, the little holes in the filter and bag are eventually clogged up with dust particles. This leads to the restriction of air flow inside the machine. As a result, the suction power of the vacuum degrades and the strength decreases.

The DC41 is totally different. Creators have found a way to innovate and come up with the best solution to prevent clog and suction loss – the Radial Root Cyclone technology. This feature gives the luxury of not having to rely on bags to capture dirt and dust.

This cyclone technology gives the unit the ability to spin air at extremely high speeds, consequently producing a series of “cyclones” inside the vacuum, which in turn, generate incredible centrifugal forces that are a thousand times more powerful than the gravity’s pull!

No pet hair, dirt, and dust could escape from this suction power. They travel with the air flow inside the machine and goes directly to the bin. No clogs. No suction loss. Just power.

Latest Cyclone Technology

Dyson engineers have discovered the cyclone vacuum technology more than 20 years ago and ever since then, they continue to revolutionize and improve the said technology. The DC41 Animal Complete is equipped with the latest generationRadial Root Cyclone technology, completely refined and improved for optimum performance. This includes:

  • Developed flow efficiency for preserved air pressure.
  • Reconfigured air channels for reduced turbulence inside the machine.

These two features work together to suck in more dirt, including microscopic dirt elements and the tiniest particles that the naked eye could never see. This means that more dust, dirt, pet hair, and allergens are removed from the surface.

What’s In The Package?
  • The Unit itself
  • Operating Manual
  • Wand
  • Tangle-Free Turbine Tool
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Stiff Bristle Brush
  • Zorb Powder
  • Combination Accessory Tool
  • Multi-Angle Brush
  • Product Registration Card
  • Stair Tool

Pros And More Features

Tangle-Free Turbine Tool. The only turbine tool that doesn’t angle, the tangle-free turbine tool is another innovative solution for one of the biggest issues of vacuum cleaning – stuck hair.

Pet hair or any hair for that matter can get stuck both on the upholstery and on the brush bar itself (where they can usually wrap around).

With integrated brushes and counter-rotating heads, the tangle free turbine tool allows hair to go straight into the bin.

Self-adjusting cleaner head. Active base plates generate maximum cleaner head contact for every type of floor including carpet, wood, tile, and vinyl. This also promotes suction power maintenance and reduced air leaks.

Other Pros Include:

  • Extra tools for more cleaning possibilities.
  • Instant Release High-Reach wand that stretches up to 5 times its length to reach more places and surfaces.
  • Clear bin gives you a visual of the current dirt volume inside it.
  • 5-year warranty keeps you covered if the machine takes a few bruises or bumps within the period.


High Price

The biggest thing that discourages a lot of consumers from purchasing this product, which probably could also make you frown is its high end price. However, given all the features and possibilities that this product can deliver, the price is still worth the investment.


The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner is truly a great product that gives you the cleaning prowess that you deserve and is packed with competence and dexterity that no other machine could offer.

2. Dyson Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Also Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright)

Weighing only 11.6 lbs, the Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum is the lightest vacuum of Dyson with the performance that is at par with that of a full-size upright vacuum. The technology inside this vacuum is not something to be underestimated – resolutely crafted and reengineered in such a way that every dimension and angle is concentrated inside its compact body without compromising performance and efficiency.

Furthermore, no energy is lost because no belt flexing and slipping can happen thanks to the in-line drive where the motor is situated right at the brush bar itself. The Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum is a high-end vacuum that allows you to do your chores with power and style in one.

Pros and Highlights

The Most Advanced Cleaner Head

Dyson engineers innovated four key technologies fused together to create the most advanced cleaner head the industry has ever seen – and it is proudly showcased in the Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum. Note that gaps between the floor and the cleaner head puts suction power into waste, and this vacuum has the right solution for that –for maximum contact on every floor type, the cleaner head adjusts all by itself (automatically). Yes, without any manual effort on your part.

Introducing the self-adjusting base plate: the DC50’s cleaner head features an automatic base plate that lowers and raises itself on different floor types, maintaining suction at the cleaner head without wasting any power.

Newest Innovations

The DC50 is the first one of its kind to be embedded with optimal contact brush bar without any rug strips on the cleaner head. This gets rid of grooming stripes usually left on carpets (when you use other conventional vacuums) and at the same time greatly contribute to the brush bar’s full surface coverage.

Another first one on its kind, the DC50 is the first Dyson (in the upright category) to ever have carbon fiber brush bar technology. This fortifies the magnificent functionality that the automatic cleaner head initially showcases.Ultra-fine anti-static carbon fiber filaments and stiff nylon bristles made up the brush bar – the former removes fine dust on hard floors and the latter removes ground-in dirt.

Extra Tools

The DC50 comes with useful extra tools that you can utilize to further strengthen the already robust way of cleaning your household, though there are still some attachments missing as part of the con. The stair tool helps eradicate dust and dirt away from the vertical edges and the corners of your stairs. You don’t have to carry the unit with you when you climb the stairs; just leave it on the floor and be in awe as the hose can stretch at a height you never thought possible.

The combination tool has softer bristles for an improved gentle dusting and spot cleaning, and it also reaches lengthier places.

Tangle Free-Turbine Tool

Dyson is proud of their turbine tool that doesn’t tangle at all – such a lofty claim but is actually backed up by many reviews. There is no brush bar preventing hair from wrapping around, thus releasing it directly to the bin. Flexible heads can survive over uneven surfaces as they are supplied with constant power by the air turbine. Moreover, hair and dirt are conveniently removed by the counter-rotating heads with brushes.

Quick Release Wand

The DC50 Animal also features a quick release wand with incredible reach for you to gain access on awkward nooks & crannies and the stairs as well. No need to assemble separate parts – the wand retracts and releases in a singular action. Furthermore, the handle is also as convenient as the unit itself; it collapses into the hose after using the unit.


Here are some downsides of this model that most users would agree to; however, take note that user experience may vary depending on some factors which means that you may or may not encounter one or more of these listed cons.

High Price

If there’s one thing to describe the amount of this Dyson, it’s definitely “astronomical.” A first time average consumer might as well be shocked by the gigantic price tag attached to this model.

No Retractable Cord

The unavailability of the retractable cord deprives the Dyson DC50 the title for perfection.

Insubstantial Plastic Tab

The plastic tab on the dustbin is fragile and delicate which serves as another disappointment for this vac, a user claimed.

Small Dustbin

The dustbin’s capacity is not large enough and you may end up disposing dirt more frequently compared to using other machines; however on another perspective, the dustbin is just like any other bin’s capacity. It’s just the vacuum could suck in dirt intensively to the extent that it quickly fills up the bin.

Lack Of Attachments

Another disheartening attribute of this vac is the lack of included attachments in the package. Most users would expect that everything that you’ll need are already included in the package considering the cost of this unit. But it turned out we are all wrong. You will have to spend more on purchasing attachments and other add-ons that should have been included at the first place.

Short Hose

The Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum only has a short hose that comes as a disadvantage when cleaning the ceiling. NOTE: It is long enough for stairs and ground cleaning but hardly reaches heights as high as the ceiling. Besides, this vac is not designed for ceiling clean-up at the first place.

After all, this model specializes more on removing animal dirt, hence the name, so it would be inappropriate to expect a much longer hose that reaches up to the ceiling conveniently because, basically, there would be no pet dander or hair on your ceilings.


Dyson cyclones captures microscopic particles including numerous types of bacteria, as well as mold and pollens, making it ideal for people aiming to make their household as conducive for living as possible. This vac may have a high initial price but costs won’t add up as you don’t need to buy for replacement bags due to the transparent trash bin reusable for life.

With all the features and the incredible performance it can deliver, the Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright vacuum is a highly recommended stylish vacuum for overall, versatile dirt removal that comes with a price that is truly worth every buck spent.

3. Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete is suitable for people looking for superior pet hair eradication and all-around dirt removal. It features an active base plate embedded on the machine’s cleaner head that provides optimum surface contact on any floor type. Optimal bristle penetration on carpets take place as the brush bar lowers and the base plate rises – eliminating ground-in dirt.

Given a high-end price tag, the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete cleans your household the way you expect it to be. Various selection of brush attachments and the sophisticated Tangle-Free Turbine tool give a more immersive layer for versatile and more functional house cleaning.


Ball Technology

Steer with ease­ is probably the slogan of the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete as it uses the impressive patented Dyson Ball technology to beat the conventional limitations of steering a typical vacuum running on fixed wheels. In lieu of using stationary wheels, the DC41 uses an innovative ball that you can turn in a full range of angled degrees, thus you can easily maneuver the unit and change direction right on the spot with a simple, effortless turn of the wrist.

Same material used in building dashboards, the ball itself is composed of polypropylene – reinforced with glass to promote resistance to distortion added with high impact strength. Matter of fact, the ball itself holds the motor – the heaviest component strategically situated facing the base for greater stability resulting from a decrease in the center of gravity.

All New Radial Root Cyclone Technology

The Dyson DC41 is equipped with the all new Radial Root Cyclone technology with improved flow efficiency and reconfigured air channels preserving air pressure and at the same time reducing turbulence, allowing internal cyclones to capture more minuscule elements.

The feature that makes the Dyson DC41 oh so expensive, the new radial root cyclone technology that spins air at amazingly high speeds, creating forces in a centrifugal approach that’s a thousand time more powerful than gravity itself. Pet hair, dirt, and dust are delivered right into the bin after they flung out of the airflow; and the unit does this without any suction loss nor bags for that matter.

The Dyson DC41 doesn’t depend on bags to capture dirt and dust which eliminates the possibility of clogging up of dust particles in the bags resulting to restricted air flow, thus leading to suction loss and inefficiency.

Summing it all up, this unit has incredible power that effectively removes more dust, dirt, pet hair, and allergen from the airflow.

Pros And Features

Mini Turbine Head Eliminates Pet Hair From Stroppy Areas

Pet hair usually stick on upholstery and gather in awkward areas. Attaching the machine’s wand and the Mini turbine head together invade confined spaces that were once hard to reach but now accessible thanks to the mini turbine head.

Self-Adjusting Cleaner Head

This feature makes the Dyson DC41 really attractive to consumers. Who wouldn’t want maximum floor contact to remove as much dirt as possible? With this feature, it would be rare to find a competitor that could be at par with the active base plate that creates optimum cleaner head contact to all floor types including carpet, wood, tile, and vinyl. It retains suction power and reduces air leaks all throughout.

Extra Tools

The package includes a useful Stair and Combination tool. You can easily remove dust and dirt on stair’s vertical edges and corners while the debris nozzle of the combination tool is responsible for dusting at it converts to a brush tool.

More Pros Include
  • Instant release wand
  • Certified asthma and allergy friendly, as confirmed by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America
  • Captures even the finest allergens, bacteria, mold, and pollen down to 0.5 microns
  • Long 5-year warranty with parts and labor guaranteed by the company


Here are some downsides of this model that most users would agree to; however, take note that user experience may vary depending on some factors which means that you may or may not encounter one or more of these listed cons.

  • In some cases, probably including you, handling the vac with the ball may not be easy right at the first time using it. It may take a little time before finally getting used to it.
  • Just like the ball, it takes a little time getting used to pushing the unit into upright.
  • It may feel somewhat awkward using the wand considering a solid 3 feet in length. Additionally, using the tools with the hose requires removal of the wand.
  • Disposing dirt away from the canister will not remove all the dirt away; not all dirt comes out and some debris gathers at the bottom. Moreover, pet hair in the canister will also not simply slip away when turning the canister upside down; it may require manual fishing by hand, though it’s not that hard but a little gross for some.
  • The cord is not self-winding making it a little disappointing considering the price.
  • Canister capacity is not as large as other vacuums in lower price range.
  • Most attachments are sold separately, producing rage in some consumers because it means more money spent.


You’re lucky enough to avail a special discount on Amazon or other affiliated sites, but the real price tag of the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete produces a large crater in your pockets. A gigantic $600+ initial cost is probably the most expensive price Dyson has ever offered.

Major frustrations are the noticeable flaws that don’t really deserve to be part of the six hundred dollar investment. Some consumers are still hesitant even if the price is cut into half, considering some unacceptable flaws.


It is no doubt that the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete can clean your household way better than any other vacuum in the market today. A large faction of the price tag really goes to the performance of the vacuum and the remaining fraction goes to style, design, and the brand itself. Still, the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete a highly recommended vacuum for people having huge budgets. Otherwise, you’ll have to look for alternatives.

4. Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL Vacuum

The Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Flex Vacuum is a promising vacuum that features versatility in functionality paired with strong suction that is twice as longer than that of the of other Black &Deckers such as the Ni-Cd unit. Furthermore, this model boasts a flexible hose that reaches up to four feet allowing you to reach tight spots and more nooks & crannies. Know more about this product in this Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Flex Vacuum review.



The primary feature that Black & Decker is proud off is the innovation of their vacuums that has come to a point where cords are no longer needed. The BDH2000FL is one of their strongest products that come with the cordless convenience.

The benefits of being cordless include:

  • No more cord to tie down.
  • Say good bye to the days of finding an outlet.
  • You can transport the vacuum wherever you want, even on areas where no outlets are available.
  • Portability comes with being cordless.
  • You can clean more areas.
  • Cordless vacuums come with attachments that allow you clean different surface types.
  • Easy storage and light weight.
  • No limitation to the number of floors where you can operate.
  • Just charge and you’re good to go.
High Performance Motor

Black & Decker tries not to be behind the technological advancements of this fast-paced world. They also forged their own high performance motor that features cyclonic action delivering strong power to get rid of all dirt debris and elements with long lasting suction.

The high performance motor gives you the prowess to dominate different floor types like carpet, hard wood, and upholstery, giving you absolute control on your own home.

Modern Dirt Canister

In previous generation vacuums (primarily corded ones), bags are being utilized as storage for collected dirt. Bags are not permanent and are disposed together with the dirt inside. In this system, consumers have to constantly buy bags because without it, the functionality of the vacuum would not be complete and, basically, the user can’t use the unit.

The Black & Decker BDH2000FL is created with a modern dirt canister. Say good bye to bag days and say hello to dirt canisters. In this system, you have a permanent canister for your dirt. You can save in the long run because it gives you the luxury of not having to buy bags in a constant basis anymore.

What makes this canister more appealing aside from being bagless is its translucent feature which makes it easy for you to see the volume of dirt inside, thus you’ll know when to empty. Speaking of which, emptying the cup is also relatively easy. Furthermore, just rinse the cup after emptying and you’re good to go.

Perfect For Pet Hair

The ability to remove pet hair is the last highlight of the Black & Decker BDH2000FL. Pets, particularly dogs and cats seem to be very fond of staying in our couches and other furniture covered with upholstery. Sure they look adorable when they sleep peacefully in our couches but the mess that they leave is what we really hate.

Fortunately, this model comes with pet hair tools that assist in effectively eradicating pet hair away from any surface.


  • Can hold a charge for long – the vacuum can stay charged for up to 18 months. This means the model is always ready when you need it. And even if you haven’t used it for a year and half, the device will still work.
  • Fade Free Power – this means the vacuum can retain its power from the moment it’s used until such time that the battery is actually drained. You can ensure that you have the same level of powerful suction from the first room up to the last.
  • Powerful – with cyclonic power and triple action filtration, efficiency and power go hand in hand in every operation.
  • Compact – Versatile enough to reach more mess along the way. The 4 feet hose adds to the convenience allowing you to reach more places.
  • Indicator – Attractive blue battery charge display gives you real time view of the battery so you’ll know when to charge.

More Pros Include

  • SmartCharge approved by Energy star.
  • Long-lasting Lithium Battery.
  • Included tools for pet hair cleaning.
  • Dishwasher safe and reusable safe filter.
  • Three year Guarantee.


  • Limited life – The batteries of this Black & Decker have no replacement available.
  • Relatively Expensive – The price is a little bit high when compared to other models of similar features in the market but still affordable as mid-range.


With its three layer filtration system, well-designed electronics, cyclonic action, and other features, the Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Flex Vacuum is truly a great shot in today’s industry of cordless vacuum cleaners.

5. GTech AirRam High-power Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Introducing the GTechAirRam High-Power Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – an innovative product that promises to redefine your way of home cleaning by promoting a more convenient and faster operation. The brand is frankly one of those names that you don’t usually see or hear. There are more popular brands such as Dyson and Hoover but it doesn’t mean the less popular ones are not worth taking a shot. Take a read at this GTech AirRam High-Power Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review to find out more of this product.

Highlights And Pros

Unique Motor Design

The greatest highlight of the GTech AirRam is its unique motor design. Unlike other brands, the motor is located right at the base, near the dirt entry (inlet). This placement puts it as near as possible to the motorized brush. Thus, the drive belt is able to power it directly which further leads to optimum power delivery.

Conventional vacuums have a tube and long hose where the air travel through. In theGTech AirRam, air doesn’t have to travel a tube or any long hose which further supports no power loss.

This distinctive design allows the vacuum to retain its power all throughout without any suction loss at all. Additionally, the brush can pick up more dirt in the cleaning process because it can spin faster, thanks to the unique design again.

Less Electricity

The manufacturer claims that the power of GTech AirRam can either match or even surpass the performance of any upright vacuum, and with a little twist – it utilizes less electricity. This means that GTech holds a promise of big savings in terms electrical cost especially in the long run. This is a proud claim but some users actually support such.


Some reviews consider this vacuum as “beginner-friendly” or simply user friendly because of how easy it is to use. Slide the handle into slot, place the battery inside, and charge. Once fully charged, you’re good to go.

Long Run Time

You will really be amazed by how this vacuum can stay up long like a person who has taken a lot of coffee in the morning. The 22 volt Lithium-Ion battery technology gives this vacuum the competence to clean floors for an astonishing 40 minutes in a single charge! That is really long enough to cover wide surface areas.

Powerful Rotating Brush

Have pets in your home? Many consumers, probably including you, share the same struggle with pets – hair everywhere. Pets, no matter how lovely they seem, certainly come with a great disadvantage and that includes dirt issues.

Pet dander, pet hair, and pet dirt elements can infest your carpets, stairs, and furniture covered with upholstery. Fortunately, the GTech AirRam come with a great rotating brush bars that takes care of pet mess.


GTech is part of the new generation vacuums that come with bagless feature that really comes in handy when it comes to long term use. Dirt storage guarantees no high-end replacement requirements. Furthermore, filters are washable for a lifetime.

Light Weight

Who would want a bulky and heavier-than-Goliath vacuum cleaners? Portability and being light weight really counts. The GTech AirRam is packed with a superior motor but left the weight somewhere else. The model’s weight doesn’t exceed 8 pounds making it lightweight indeed.

Bale Innovation

Now this is something that you can’t really see in other brands. Innovative air compression technology has been developed and is showcased in the GTech AirRam. Manufacturer claims that the vacuum utilizes the air inside, compressing dirt into a bale-like substance.

Theoretically, this makes disposing much more convenient and less-messy.



Is it really too much for the manufacturer to ask for a three hundred dollar price tag? Some consumers would agree that the price of this model is way beyond their typical appliance budget. Not to mention that the brand is not that popular in some countries. However, the price is still significantly lower compared to the Dyson series.

Battery’s Cost

After purchasing the GTech AirRam which is somewhat an “ouch” in the wallets of the consumers, another issue may rise again the future. The Battery is also very, very expensive (at around $80). So careful to break it after the warranty period.

Just A Floor Vacuum?

GTech AirRam may as well be just a simple floor vacuum after all. No attachments are available as oppose to other brands. Furthermore, the base is wide that tighter spots can no longer be reached, consequently suggesting that you may need a handheld vacuum or a convertible one for a more versatile approach.

Not Available

As of writing, the GTech AirRam is not available on Amazon. The site also tells that they have got no idea on when the said vacuum could be on stock again. However, this vacuum is still available in the UK. If you are outside the United Kingdom, then you have got to wait patiently first until the stock will be back on the list. Another options suggests to look for other online shopping sites.


The GTech AirRam High-power Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is undeniably a great stick vacuum capable of taking your carpets and bare floors back to their original clean state. A small apartment, home, and other residential units can be served well with this model.

6. Black & Decker Cyclonic-Action Nose Automotive Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaners such as the black &decker ones are very convenient to use to clean cars. They are portable and can be easily plugged into the car power socket. Keeping the car clean, thus, becomes an easy job, as the vacuum cleaner is able to pick up all kinds of dust particles, large sand particles, or any other rubble.


Pivoting Nozzle

The most useful and unique feature of the black & decker automotive vacuum cleaner, is its pivoting nozzle. The nozzle is able to bend in any angle, while keeping the rest of the vacuum cleaner straight for the consumer to hold. Especially when cleaning a car it is useful to have the nozzle reach areas that are inconvenient to reach otherwise, also these hidden areas have the most hidden dust.

A 3 Stage Filtration

The 3 stage filtration technology with which the vacuum cleaner is made of, allows for better management of the dust and debris collected. The 3 advanced stages, means that there is less dust flying around while cleaning as well as when the canister is being emptied.

Long 16′ Power Cord

The power source of a car is situated at the front dash board. Without a long power cord, no vacuum cleaner will be able to reach the back of the car. With the 16′ power cord attached to this handheld vacuum cleaner, one is able to finish the entire cleaning session of the car without needing any extra extensions cords or plug changes.

Value Added Accessories

The accessories included add much more ease to the product in a thorough cleaning and storage. The first is the upholstery brush, which when attached to the nozzle adds length and is able to clean the car seats. Second comes the crevice tool, needed to clean to hard to reach areas. Third, the flexible hose adds much needed adaptability to the nozzle. Fourth is the storage bag, which fits the product as well as the attachments comfortably.

Easy To Store

The entire vacuum cleaner folds in itself, the extendable nozzle can be bent into the vacuum cleaner, making it more compact. The brush tool is stored neatly in a compartment inside the vacuum cleaner. Other additional accessories fit into the available storage bag. On the whole it can be stored easily even in the car.

Bagless Dirt Can

There is no dust bag inside the filter or holding area. It comes with a built in dust can, with a lid. When it fills up, the lip can be opened directly into the garbage and cleaned out. The dirt canister is also dish wash safe, it can be removed and washed separately when needed.


  • It is very affordable, under 50$.
  • There is a single button, which is used for both on and off with ease.
  • It has a 2 year warranty.
  • Comes with a powerful 12 volts, enough to power the suction for a vacuum cleaner.
  • Small and compact in size, weighing about a pound.


A summary of some of the criticism this black & decker vacuum cleaner shows that some customers found that the suction is adequate when cleaning dust, but when it comes to picking up larger particles, it takes longer for the cleaner to suction it. Which means that the vacuum cleaner needs to held in the same spot for longer than usual, to give it enough time to do a thorough job.


With a 4 star rating on amazon, this automotive handheld vacuum cleaner with a pivoting nozzle, is a very useful tool to keep in the car for those looking for a portable vacuum cleaner. With the number of positive features it comes with, it is highly recommended to all vehicle users.

7. Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuum cleaners such as the dirt devil scorpion are an easy way to do daily cleaning, without lugging around a traditional vacuum cleaner into every room. The red color and unique design, with a comfortable handle give it both an aesthetic appeal as well as convenience. Avid users have given this vacuum cleaner a 4.5 rating on amazon, a very good rate for a necessary item that is a must have in any living space. It is not only useful to clean up quickly when a mess is made, but also for deep cleaning the entire space.


Efficient Attachments

The Dirt Devil Handheld Vacuum comes with some very useful attachments. They are all included in the kit and do not need to be purchased separately. Along with the long hose and a good dusting brush, there is a very efficient and necessary crevice tool, it flips easily and snaps onto the front slot without a fuss. This tool can be used to extract dust from any type of corner or slot. It ensures a complete cleaning session, without leaving any spots uncleaned.

Long Power Cord

There is a 16 foot power cord, that can be attached to any power outlet easily. This makes cleaning around the house and car easy. The power cord can be plugged into each individual room when in use, it will supply a continuous flow of power to the motor, avoiding interruptions in cleaning.

7 Amp Sturdy Motor

A powerful motor in a device so small, makes it portable as well as extremely efficient. it can pick up any type of material off the ground easily, even larger particles which other motors are unable to suction. It will provide a complete clean up, which eliminates extra sweeping.


  • The dirt devil vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor, the power is supplied by the power cord, through a power outlet, this enables continuous vacuum which sucks up dust and dirt without any interruption.
  • There is a very convenient crevice tool that is included in the whole kit. This tool is able to reach places a normal nozzle doesn’t, making it convenient to clean between small spaces, corners and inside sofa’s.
  • As there are no dust bags, there is no fuss about repurchasing them, replacing or changing them often. The cup is convenient and can be cleaned out and emptied after it fills up.


Some users have complained that with longer periods of use there might be a burning smell, probably from heating up while there is over use of the motor. This varies from user to user and does not pose as a serious issue as there is always intervals between uses, and the machine cools down quickly.

The vacuum cleaner does not come with a retractable power cord, this might be an issue when the cord needs to be folded and stored away. There are many do it yourself remedies that can tackle this problem, two such ones are using a velcro fastening or a simple bread clip that we can find lying around in the house.


This Dirt Devil Vacuum cleaner is so inexpensive, it is under 40 dollars. It is a dust buster beast for a very affordable price. There is no compromise on the quality of the product or the way it functions. It has all the features one is looking for in the best hand held vacuum cleaner.

The above highlights and merits clearly outline why a customer should invest in this product. This will also make a great gift to students living in dorm rooms, newly weds or as a house warming present.

8. Black & Decker Cordless Flex Vac Ultra-Compact FHV1200 Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner is a breezy job. One such tool is enough to clean up any messes around the house picking up dust from every corner. The black+decker vacuum cleaners are known for their superior performance in leaving a space feeling clean and fresh. They are specifically designed to vacuum any type of surface or corner without any serious maneuvering.


Compact In Size

It is one of the most compact vacuum cleaners in the market. It is tiny enough to store even in the car. For such a small device, it is able to perform tasks efficiently, with the help of all its little accompaniments that are designed for their designated tasks.

Flexible 4 Foot Hose

For a vacuum cleaner that is as compact as the flex by black+decker, it is provided with one of the longest and highly flexible cleaning hose. The hose is 4 foot in length and can easily reach anywhere, all the while suctioning dust and dirt. It is highly useful for spots that hands cannot reach. The various attachments also add extra length when fit into the hose nozzle.

Powerful Motor Performance

The motor on the flex vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to pick up all kinds of dirt and large particles that have spilled over in the house or in the vehicle. It can be used to clean, upholstery of all kinds, carpets and stair cases, counter tops and shelves. The power motor enables the vacuuming all of the dust from any corner. Being cordless it can be taken anywhere and be used without the fuss of long cords.

Bagless Dust Canister/ Cyclonic Action

The 3 stage filtration system, finally sends all the dust and allergens into the dust canister, there is no bag required for this vacuum cleaner. There is a a holding area which can be emptied once full. The cyclonic action also spins all of the dust and particles away from the filter to keep it from clogging often. This increases the capacity of the filter to last long and not interfere in vacuuming for long periods of time.

Multi-tasking Accessories

The very compact flex vacuum cleaner comes with many accessories that are highly adaptable to all types of uses. Firstly, the nozzle is not only for suctioning, but it also comes with an attached brush, which helps to pick up particles easily. Secondly, the pet hair cleaning tool is specifically designed to quickly pick up hair and fuzz quickly. Thirdly, the crevice tool is long enough to reach in between tight spots and corners. Fourthly, there is a special caddy to store all of these above accessories. It also comes with a filter that is dishwasher safe and a compatible charger.


  • Battery lasts long enough to finish clean ups without interference.
  • It has a powerful suctioning capacity.
  • Especially useful for those with pets.
  • The hose can be coiled around the vacuum itself, looking tidy.
  • The accessory caddy neatly stores everything when not in use.


Reviews by long time users show that they wished that the black+decker flex came with a floor attachment, or an option to purchase one separately. The price is also higher than other portable vacuums, but with all the special features and attachments, it is definitely worth the money.


This compact vacuum cleaner along with all its accessories is a must buy for those looking to invest in a versatile vacuum cleaner, that is both cordless and portable. It is easy to pull out to use and as easy to store when not in use. It can be recharged for multiple uses over a long period of time.

9. Eureka Quick UP 2-in-1 Cordless 96JZ Vacuum

The Eureka Quick UP 2-in-1 Cordless With Bonus Battery Pack, 96JZ is an affordable cordless vacuum for only about fifty dollars! Don’t underestimate the abilities of this unit as it’s packed with features that can be at par with some expensive cordless vacuums. Read more about this product in this Eureka Quick UP 2-in-1 Cordless With Bonus Battery Pack, 96JZ Review.


Multi-Surface Cleaning

Eureka boasts the 96JZ as it can clean multiple floor types with its versatile design. The Brush Roll for instance is as innovative as it goes. Leave it off when cleaning bare floors so that debris and dirt won’t scatter around. Turn it on, and you’ll have the ability to clean area rugs and carpeted floors. Furthermore, cleaning areas become faster and more convenient with the wide cleaning path that extends up to 10 inches in width!


The Eureka 96JZ is a new cordless vacuum with versatile features. The stick vacuum alone makes conventional floor cleaning more convenient and less effort in your part. Should you need to clean surfaces above the floor level, you can simply convert the vacuum into a handheld unit by removing the handle.


Users and verified buyers would agree that the 6-volt Eureka 96JZ is indeed powerful. And with no cord to unwind or detangle, this Quick-Up Cordless vacuum removes unruly dirt elements and other messes in a much shorter time.

Easy Storage

Storage is also relatively easy as this model comes with wall-mountable charging stand. So whenever you’re done cleaning or when your vac needs it juice, just place it in its charging stand and allow it to fill until done. Put simply, you can now charge while actually storing it. Furthermore, you don’t need a large area of storing the unit as a compact area will suffice.


A feature that is probably present in all latest-generation cordless vacuums, the Eureka Quick-Up 96JZ joins the party by giving you a hassle-free household chore with no bags to buy.

In the previous generation cleaners, bags are being utilized to store the collected debris and dirt. As you dispose the dirt, you also dispose the bags requiring you to get a new one every time.

The cost of your bag purchases will pile up in the long run. But not today. This Eureka features a dust cup filter which you can reuse over and over again. With the bagless design, you can save a lot of money and at the same time reduce waste volume.


  • Very affordable Costs less than $50. View more: Best budget vacuum cleaners
  • Bonus Battery Pack Additional battery for an extended usage!
  • 6 Volt The manufacturer claims the 96JZ is capable of cleaning large areas on a single charge. This is a lofty claim but is actually backed up by some reviews. However, I also read some reviews that say otherwise. This could probably be explained by how users actually use the vacuum and partly the unit itself.
  • 2-in-1 Hard to reach areas and above-floor surfaces can be done with handheld mode, while cleaning bare floors and related surfaces are efficiently done with the stick vacuum mode.
  • On/Off Brushroll Switch Turn on the brush roll to clean area rugs and low pile carpets. Turn it off and dominate bare floors.
  • Light weight Even a child could carry this vacuum as lightweight as 4 pounds of mass.
  • Wall mountable charger Mount and charge in a stylish way.
  • Free Standing Design It can stand on its own which is pretty cool.


Low Battery

There are a lot of positive reviews but the negative ones are also noticeable. One of the downsides of this Eureka (can be read on the user reviews) is its battery that tends to drain easily which produced a lot of disappointments among users.

Battery is one of the main factors to consider when it comes to cordless vacuums and Eureka didn’t satisfy some consumers. However, there are also some reviews that say otherwise.

Short Lifespan

It is undeniable that this vacuum works well in quick clean ups of both crumbs and dust. But another thing that disappointed some users is its relatively short lifespan. One review claimed that the vacuum performed quite well but died only after nine months of use. The batteries just stopped working with no apparent reason.

Other users have it worse when their battery power starts to fade in less than six months and officially died after a year or so. Bottom line – the vacuum operates well but only for as long as the batteries are in good shape.

This could mean that buying a corded one is still a wiser move than purchasing this product. However, with all the possibilities this vac could present, it still worth a shot considering that a lot of reviews are positives.


For only about fifty bucks, the Eureka Quick UP 2-in-1 Cordless With Bonus Battery Pack, 96JZ is yet another “bang for the buck” product that can redefine the way you clean your home for a reasonable price. The 2-in-1 ability of this vacuum alone says a lot, added with the light weight feature and the bonus battery pack (non-existing in other brands) makes it a more practical unit to buy.

10. Black & Decker 20-volt Lithium MAX Pivot Vacuum, BDH2000PL

Vacuum cleaners make cleaning chores that much more easier, while saving precious time. They also deliver cleanliness which one is not able to achieve manually. The black+decker with the special pivot nozzle along with the compact design, is able to reach all kinds of spaces and provide a complete dust free zone. The body of the vacuum cleaner is made of good quality material, avoiding any leaks or spills.


Extended Battery Life

Earlier, vacuum cleaners that are battery operated came with NiCad batteries which faded very quickly. The new age lithium batteries on the other hand, have extended battery life, and do not fade providing the same energy throughout the entire use. This technology also helps to amp up the suctioning power of the vacuum cleaner, sucking up more dust in less time.

3 Stage Filtration

The 3 stage filtration system, keeps cleaning less messy, it is especially useful to those with allergies and breathing problems. It keeps dust from flying around with the cyclonic action, sucking up any particles quickly and away from the surface. With the filtration, even emptying the cup is less fussy and safer for those suffering from any breathing ailments.

Pivoting Nozzle

The pivoting nozzle on this particular vacuum is so innovative, that it is patented to this specific company and model exclusively. It is able to pivot up and down in many angles, making it convenient to use in any area of the house or vehicle. Its ergonomic design also ensures that the hand held device does not hurt the arm muscles even with extended use.

Powerful Motor

The motor with a powerful suction results in an extensive clean up of the entire area the user intends to make dust free. A powerful motor is the basis of any vacuum cleaner, in the absence of which a weak motor will not be able to pick up all the dust and particles with ease. The motor adds to the cyclonic feature of the gadget, with the highly efficient motor, the cyclonic technology is able to keep the dust away from the filters providing break-less vacuuming.

Transparent And Large Dust Bowl

There is a bagless dust bowl in-built into the vacuum cleaner. This allows for easy emptying of the dust bowl. And added bonus, is that the dust bowl can be opened and cleaned under a tap or running water. When it becomes necessary to wash it, it can be detached completely, making it easier to clean it. Its capacity to hold dust is much more than the previous models of vacuum cleaners, meaning it needs to cleaned out less often.


  • The crevice tool and dust brush come attached to the device.
  • Has the convenient charging base, that allows for both recharging and storage.
  • The filters can be removed, washed and replaced.
  • Cyclonic action technology keeps dust from clogging the machine.
  • This particular model has replaceable batteries, unlike the older use and throw vacuums.


Consumers complain about the noise the black+decker pivoting nozzle vacuum cleaner is capable of producing. It is known to be quite loud, enough to wake and disturb people. Otherwise, it is not an issue when everyone is busy with their own schedules. It is definitely not a major drawback, especially because of its high performance vacuuming.


The vacuum cleaner, along with the lithium ion batteries and charging base, consumes less energy when recharging, uses less energy while performing and barely any time to charge back up. Its small and compact size, also easy storage and high performance make it an ideal portable handheld vacuum cleaner in the market right now.

11. iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

When Roomba 650 was realized, pet owners has been one of the considerations. This robotic vacuum is designed to efficiently pick up dog hairs, dirt, and debris all over the surface. Since it is a robot, you can program it for a cleanup schedule. Even when you are away from home, you can expect the robot to clean your house.

This robotic vacuum has a powerful cleaning mechanism. It can efficiently pick up stubborn dirt and embedded pet hairs as opposed to other robotic vacuums. Once it detects a heavy dirt, it spends more time on the heavy spot.

There’s a good power in automation. However, this robotic vacuum can only clean up a single floor. When you own a two-story house, you need two Roomba 650 as well.

iRobot Roomba 650 can do the cleaning job for you even when you are away from home, when you are doing some other stuff, or when you are sleeping. It is equipped with powerful brushes and suction to clean up the entire floor surface. While this robot has a lot of advantage over a normal vacuum cleaner, it still has a limit that only a human can do otherwise.

Pros And Highlights

Simple Buttons And Display

You can see a screen and buttons on top of the robotic vacuum. With just a glance, you’ll know that it is easy to use and configure. The screen displays the current day and time. The buttons are used for setting the date and time and other important functionalities. On the center, you can see a large clean button.

You can configure the robotic vacuum up to 7 cleaning schedules. As long as the date and time are correct, expect the robot to do the cleanup on the specified schedule even when you are not around.

In terms of color indications, the robotic vacuum is ready when you see a green light. When the battery is low, you will see a yellow light. And when the battery is empty, you will see a red light.

When you want the robotic vacuum to return to its charging dock, you can press the dock button. The dock is the best place for the robot vacuum to stay when not in use.

When you want the robotic vacuum to clean up its current area only, you can press the spot button. It will not move to the next area unless you press the button again. This is the best option for quick cleanups.

Advanced Sensor System

This robotic vacuum is equipped with an advanced sensor system to detect and target dirty areas of the floor. When a section with stubborn dirt is detected, it spends more time on the section. It ensures that every area of the color is clean.

3-Stage Cleaning System

This robotic vacuum follows a 3-stage cleaning system to efficiently pick up dirt, debris, and pet hairs. First, it loosens the mess. Next, it uses a high-power suction to pick up the mess. Lastly, it will only move to the next are when the current area is totally clean.

Powerful Cleaning Mechanism

The counter-rotating brushes and the suction of the vacuum work in tandem to efficiently pick up dirt, debris, and pet hair. Other robotic vacuums won’t successfully pick up all messes.

The counter-rotating brushes are responsible for loosening the mess especially the stubborn ones. Meanwhile, the suction picks the mess up.

It is also worth to note that this vacuum can efficiently clean up tight spaces and edges due to its counter-rotating brushes. Other robotic vacuums can hardly clean up such areas.

Brush Cleaning Kit

Time will come when the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum is reduced. One of the culprits is the accumulation of dirt and debris in the brushes. Thus, a brush cleaning kit included in the package is a good accessory for removing the dirt and debris accumulation. Depending on the volume of dirt this robotic vacuum cleans up, you must do a regular brush maintenance to keep the cleaning efficiency at the optimum level.

Virtual Wall

Included in the package is a virtual wall which emits an infrared signal. It creates an invisible barrier which the robotic vacuum identifies. The robotic vacuum won’t cross the virtual wall. The virtual wall is good if you want the robotic vacuum to stay in a single room or if you want to protect important objects on the floor.

Dirt Bin

The dirt bin of this robotic vacuum has a capacity of 21-grams. If you ask me if it is enough, it totally depends on the size of your house, on the volume of dirt your house have, and on the schedule, you programmed in the robot. On an average, a daily cleanup job of this robotic vacuum needs a bi-weekly emptying of the dirt bin.

Seamless Floor Transition

As observed, this robotic vacuum can clean up the whole room even if it has uneven surfaces. It easily transitions from a carpeted surface to a bare surface without encountering any problem at all.

Quick Charging Time

When fully discharged, it will take about 3 hours to fully charge the robotic vacuum. Since it goes back to the charging dock when not in use, you must not expect to see the robotic vacuum on low battery level unless it does a long cleanup job.


Single Floor Only

This robotic vacuum can only operate on a single floor. It cannot magically clean the furniture, climb up the stairs, or clean up the ceiling. In case you own a two-story house, you need two robotic vacuums. Also, you need to manually clean the stairs and other areas the robotic vacuum cannot reach.

Little Navigation Failure

Though the robotic vacuum has an advanced sensor system, it sometimes hits the furniture legs. It might also ram through obstacles on the floor. Issues like this can be reduced by using the virtual wall.


Roomba 650 robotic vacuum is a great choice for you if you don’t have time for a regular cleaning. You can program this robotic vacuum up to 7 cleaning schedules. It may have a little navigation failure, but the cleaning efficiency is worth the money.

Thank you for reading this review. I hope that you will come up with a perfect vacuum for your needs.

12. Dyson V6 Top Dog Handheld Vacuum

Dyson V6 Top Dog has a specific duty on cleaning up mud spots on your carpets left by the dog. Since it has the power to remove stubborn dirt on the carpet, it also has the power to remove dog hairs even if it is embedded or piled up on the carpet, upholstery, or mattress.

The weight of this vacuum is only 3.5 lbs which are perfect for its handheld nature. It also has an ergonomic design for a perfect fit for your hand. Overall, the vacuum is great for its efficiency, power, ease of use, light weight, maneuverability, and portability.

When fully charged, the vacuum can run up to 20 minutes on standard mode and 6 minutes on boost mode. Some users find this as an advantage while others find this as a disadvantage. It totally depends upon your battery life standards and needs.

Dyson V6 Top Dog has an ergonomic design for an easy handling and portability considering that it is handheld in nature. As implied by its name, it has a specific goal on cleaning up the mess left by your dog. Meanwhile, it has the power to efficiently clean up your carpets, upholsteries, and mattresses.

Pros And Highlights

2-Tier Radial Cyclone Technology

Dyson V6 uses 2 levels of radial cyclones which are a significant upgrade to the previous Radial cyclone technology of Dyson. With this technology, the airflow is increased. Higher airflow results to a higher reduction rate of microscopic particles.

The 2-Tier Radial Cyclone Technology is known for preventing dust accumulation on the vacuum filters. The dust would rather go directly into the dust canister through a centrifugal force. As a result, the filtration efficiency is consistent throughout the use of this vacuum. You won’t be bothered with frequent filter maintenance as well.

More Powerful

In case you have used a Dyson V2 vacuum, you’ll be amazed at the more powerful motor in Dyson V6 Top Dog. Its 4-pole magnet supplies twice the power of the previous V2 motor. When you use the standard mode, it generates 28 air watts. Alternatively, it generates 100 air watts on max mode.

Ergonomic Design

This vacuum has a weight of about 3.5 lbs. It is a perfect weight considering that this vacuum is a handheld type. In terms of measurement, this vacuum has a dimension of 225mm x 414mm x155mm. Dyson managed to have an ergonomic design for this vacuum where it perfectly fits your hand. Overall, you’ll have the advantage of portability, efficient handling, and light weight.

Top Dog’s Specific Goal

The name of the vacuum implies a specific goal. Dyson V6 Top Dog comes with a mini motorized tool and the stubborn dirt brush. Your dog might leave mud spots on your carpet. With these tools, you can efficiently clean up those mud spots. And since it has the power to pick up mud spots, it can efficiently pick up dog hairs as well.

Extra Tools

The package includes a lot of extra tools for doing a specific cleanup job. First, a mini motorized tool is good for removing hairs and dirt from upholsteries and narrow spaces. Second, a stubborn dirt brush removes the stubborn dirt from carpets, upholsteries, and mattresses as somewhat implied by the tool’s name. Lastly, a crevice and combination tool helps you on cleaning up corners and narrow spaces.


The dust bin is made with clear polycarbonate material. When the dust bin is full, you can easily notice it due to the clear material. The material is also durable enough to withstand the forces involved in vacuum operation.

Emptying the dust bin is easy a well. With just a touch of a button, the dust and dirt accumulated in the bin will fall out. The dust bin can accommodate up to 0.4L of dirt which is enough for a regular cleaning of carpets and upholsteries.


Lithium-ion batteries have an advantage over nickel-cadmium batteries especially when the battery charge is too low. Vacuums with nickel-cadmium batteries experience power fades where the motor power goes down when the battery charge is low. But this issue never happens with lithium-ion batteries which are fortunately used by Dyson V6 Top Dog Vacuum.

When fully charged, this vacuum operates up to 20 minutes on standard mode and 6 minutes on max mode. It is noteworthy that the power trigger has an advantage for battery life. The power trigger mechanism results to a battery power used only for vacuuming. The battery power will not be wasted when you are moving from one place to another. Still, the trigger depends on your preference since some users find it tiresome to pull the trigger all the time.

The recharging time is pretty quick for this vacuum. For about three and a half hours, you can expect a fully charged battery.

2-Year Warranty

Dyson V6 Top Dog comes with a 2-year warranty. For the price group where this vacuum belongs, the length of the warranty is somewhat expected.


Battery Life

While the battery is enough for quick cleanups, 20 or 6 minutes is so small when you need to clean up your whole house. It is also not enough when you are using a vacuum for the first time. It is the first vacuum cleaning where you can accumulate a lot of stubborn dirt and a max mode is needed to effectively clean it up.

Quite Expensive

Dyson V6 Top Dog is the cheapest among the Dyson V6 line. However, it is still quite expensive compared to other vacuums with the same features and functionality. If you have a big amount of money spared for buying a handheld vacuum, this vacuum is still a good choice for its quality, ergonomic design, portability, power, and ease of use.


Dyson has definitely nailed it on picking up messes left by dogs with Dyson V6 Top Dog Vacuum. Since you already reached this section, you now have a good knowledge about the pros, cons, and highlights of this vacuum. This vacuum is a great choice if you need to deep clean your carpets, upholsteries, and mattresses.

13. VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Corded Vacuum Cleaner

VonHaus 600W Vacuum has a good suction power and can efficiently pick up dirt, debris, and pet hairs on your home. Regardless of the surfaces, this vacuum cleaner can adjust to your needs. If you want to use it as a handheld, you have the power to do it. Using it as an upright vacuum is possible also.

Its telescopic wand is a welcome addition for vacuum cleaners on this price range. The HEPA filters are also appreciated well since it has the power to suck up allergens and dirt on the air.

In case the dog hairs are deeply embedded in your carpet, the vacuum can still pick it up. However, this vacuum only works best on low-pile carpets, bare floors, stairs, and upholsteries. It cannot deeply clean your high-pile carpets.

VonHaus 600W vacuum will let you experience the best of both handheld and upright vacuum. Along with attachments and tools, it efficiently picks up dirt, debris, and pet hairs. Its HEPA filtration further sucks allergens and dust. It has a low price yet features are not compromised. You can still experience the best of vacuum cleaning with VonHaus 600W.

Pros And Highlights

2-In-1 Vacuum

Some areas of your home can be efficiently cleaned with a handheld vacuum. Other areas need an upright vacuum. You might think of buying one vacuum of each type. But with VonHaus 600W Vacuum, you can experience the best of both worlds. Since it is designed as a 2-in-1 vacuum, you can easily configure this vacuum to your preferred type of choice. You may want to go for upright when cleaning bare floors and carpets. The handheld works best on upholsteries, and tight spaces otherwise.

The 2-in-1 nature of this vacuum is even more empowered through a variety of attachments. Included in the package are an upholstery tool, combination crevice, and a brush tool.

Telescopic Wand

This vacuum is designed with a telescopic wand in which you can adjust the height to suit your needs. Whether you clean a bare floor or an upholstery, you have the freedom to modify the height of this vacuum.

Height adjustment feature is commonly available for canister vacuums. But having it on a stick vacuum is a welcome addition.

HEPA Filters

Filtration is further enhanced when HEPA filters are used. Fortunately, VonHaus 600W is equipped with HEPA filters. This type of filter can remove up to 99.9% of particles from the air which include dust and allergens. If you are suffering from allergies or asthma, this type of filter is recommended for you.

The cleaning mechanism happens by letting the air pass through the HEPA filter before it enters the vacuum. Afterward, the air will leave through an exhaust. Once the particles are sucked in, the filter prevents the particles from coming back to the surroundings.

Best For Bare Floors

This vacuum performs best when used on bare floors because it does not have a motorized brush roll. Brush rolls are not good for bare floors because it creates scratches on your floor.

One Year Warranty

While a 1-year warranty might seem too short, VonHaus is already generous enough when you consider the price group of this vacuum. If you are expecting a 5-year warranty, you must lower down your expectation and at least appreciate the generosity of VonHaus in terms of the warranty. On the price group where this vacuum belongs, 30-day warranties are expected.


Not Too Good For Carpets

Brush rolls are designed to deeply clean your carpets. Since the vacuum does not have a brush roll, the performance is limited on the carpets. It can only pick up surface dirt. But it is not totally reliable for a deep cleanup of your carpet.

As an exception, a low pile carpet can totally tolerate the absence of brush rolls. If you have a low pile carpet, this vacuum is still great for you. Otherwise, you need to think twice.

Short Cord Length

The cord in this vacuum is only 16-ft long. Other vacuums offer a longer length though. A short cord length limits your cleaning area considering the location of your wall outlets.

Considering the length, the vacuum is still good for you if your home has a lot of wall outlets. When you have the patience to plug the vacuum from one outlet to another, then it will still be good for you.

The vacuum does not have an automatic cord rewind feature. This feature is not totally expected for the price though.

Might Be Too Noisy For You

When the noise level is analyzed, it is somewhat similar to the noise level of a hairdryer. But some consumers are disturbed with this level of noise. It totally depends on your noise tolerance and on your standards as to when a sound becomes noisy for you. Nevertheless, the noise level is not a total drawback at all.


VonHaus 600W vacuum is a great choice for you if you want to experience the advantage of upright vacuums and handheld vacuums. With only a little configuration and some attachments, you can efficiently clean up your bare floors, low-pile carpets, stairs, and upholsteries.

Thank you for reading this review. Your time spent is truly appreciated. I hope that you will come up with a perfect vacuum for your needs.

14. Hoover UH70605 Multi-Cyclonic Corded Vacuum

Hoover UH70605 efficiently picks up dog hairs with its 3 debris channel. If you experienced a tiresome cleaning job due to scattered messes, the 3 debris channel is definitely the solution. Furthermore, its multi-cyclone filtering breaks down the dirt, debris, and dog hairs to prevent clogging up of filters. Thus, this vacuum remains efficient even if you will use it for a long cleaning session.

This vacuum is versatile enough to pick up pet hairs both on the bare floors and on the carpets. Even if the pet hairs are deeply embedded in the carpet, a pet turbo tool will definitely help you. The only drawback for this vacuum is its weight. You may find it hard to push the vacuum on thicker carpets. Also, its indicator has a lot of possible meanings – full dirt cup, clogged brush roll, clogged hose, or dirty filters.

Picking up pet hairs, dirt, and debris is a lot easier and hassle-free with Hoover UH70605 Multi-Cyclonic Corded Vacuum. Its cleaning mechanism effectively picks up messes regardless of the surface you are cleaning on. Considering its price group, it has a lot of generous features that you can find on high-end vacuum cleaners.

Pros And Highlights

Useful On Any Floor Type

This vacuum is designed to clean several types of floors through it 7-floor settings. You can quickly change the setting through the adjustable nozzle when you need to clean hardwoods, tiles, carpets, and other floor types.

The 7-floor settings refer to the seven different height settings. Each height setting efficiently cleans up a specific floor type. If you find it hard to push the vacuum, you must go to the next floor setting.

Brush Roll With On/off Switch

This vacuum is equipped with brush roll which is efficient for cleaning up carpets and other non-bare surfaces. Brush roll also helps to improve the efficiency of the vacuum on picking up pet hairs. A pedal is also included if you want to turn the brush roll on or off.

Easy To Use

Performance is sometimes irrelevant if a vacuum is not user-friendly. Fortunately, Hoover managed to bring a good mix of performance and ease of use. A 12-ft extension hose is included in the package to make it easy on cleaning up ceilings. Two pet hair attachments are also included for an easy cleanup of embedded pet hairs especially on the carpet, upholsteries, and mattresses. Lastly, a crevice tool is included for you to easily clean up corners and narrow spaces. These tools and attachments together with the brush roll from number 2 and the adjustable nozzle from number 1 justify the power of this vacuum on cleaning up various surfaces.

Hoover UH70605 has a weight of 17.5 pounds. Even though it is not really lightweight, maneuvering this vacuum is still easy even when you are around a furniture or any obstacles. The handle of the vacuum is foldable which results in a convenient storage.

3 Debris Channels

Some vacuums scatter more mess than pulling it up. Situations like this result to a tiresome cleaning job especially when you are cleaning carpets. But this issue is solved on Hoover UH70605 through the use of 3 debris channels. The 3 debris channels follow a unique mechanism of pulling up dirt, debris, and pet hairs. It prevents scattering of the mess while maintaining an efficient pulling up of the mess.

Multi-Cyclone Filtering

This vacuum is designed with 12 different cyclones which work together with the 3 debris channels. Before the dirt, debris, and pet hairs reach the filter, it will pass through the cyclones first. It is in the cyclones where the mess will break up. As a result, the mess will have a lesser chance of accumulating in the filter. This increases the usability of the filter and the general efficiency of the vacuum.

It’s also worth noting that a multi-cyclone filter will clean up the air while you are cleaning the floor. Dust and allergens circulating in your surroundings will also be suctioned by this vacuum.

Wide Cleaning Path

Many users have been astonished by the vacuum’s unique cleaning head. On a real application, it is even more astonishing. Its 15” cleaning width is wide enough to lessen the time you need to sweep the whole floor or the whole carpet. Its design also makes it easy to clean baseboards and edges.

Automatic Cord Retraction

After a long cleaning job, you may find it somewhat tiresome to manually wrap the cord around the handle or around any parts of the vacuum. Automatic cord retraction is the most-looked feature by vacuum owners. Fortunately, Hoover UH70605 has this feature. With just a few seconds, the 28-ft cord of this vacuum will snap back into the machine.

Built-in Performance Check

The vacuum has a built-in performance check to make sure that every part of the vacuum is in good condition. Not all vacuums in this price range have this capability. So the performance check is definitely a powerful feature.

Two-Year Warranty

Hoover UH70605 comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Considering the price group of this vacuum, this is a generous move. Other vacuums within the price group commonly offer a 1-year warranty only.


One Indicator Has A Lot Of Possible Meanings

While an indicator conveniently notifies you for a maintenance task needed by this vacuum, but the indicator in this vacuum has a lot of possible meanings. First, the dirt cup might be full. Second, the brush roll or the hose might be clogged. Lastly, the filters might need to be washed. Once you see the indicator lighting up, you have to think of these 3 possibilities.

Not Too Heavy But Not Lightweight

The weight of this vacuum is 18.4 pounds. It might not be too heavy, but it isn’t lightweight either. You might find it hard to push the vacuum cleaner on thick carpets.


Reaching this section means you have a good knowledge about the highlights, pros, and cons of Hoover UH70605. This will be your great choice if you want to ensure a totally clean home. The vacuum is versatile enough to clean the bare floors and carpets of your home.

15. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum 1782

From the name itself, Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1782 is a vacuum designed for picking up pet hairs. It performs well on picking up your dog hairs on carpets, upholsteries, and mattresses without being too disturbed with accumulation on filters. This is made possible with dual-filtration filters. Bissell 1782 is longer and has a bigger dust cup than the previous Bissell Pet Hair Vacuums which.

Since it is handheld in nature, it is definitely easier to pick up embedded dog hairs on dog hair prone areas. It is also easier to clean your stairs even if it is carpeted. Its brush roll has its own motor which boosts picking up dirt, debris, and pet hairs.

While it performs well on carpeted stairs, upholsteries, and mattresses, you will find it hard to use it for cleaning a large flat area. Its motor might not be too efficient for cleaning your medium and thick-pile carpets.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuums has been renowned for efficiently pulling up pet hairs. The name of the vacuum itself is already obvious for doing a great performance. But with Bissell’s Pet Hair Eraser 1782, there are a lot of noticeable improvements as opposed to the previous versions.

Pros And Highlights

Motor For The Brush Roll

Other vacuum manufacturers might feature a brush roll. But when analyzed carefully, their brush rolls may somewhat be a gimmick. Their brush rolls are only powered by air which significantly reduces the agitation. With Bissell’s 1782 hand vacuum, they managed to include a motor operating solely for the brush roll. Having a brush roll with own motor results to a better cleaning job and better agitation for upholsteries and beds. Dogs like to stay on upholsteries and beds. Dog hairs are expected a lot for these areas.

Dual-layered Filtration System

In case you have used a previous version of Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, you will be amazed at the new filtration system of this vacuum. The old version only has a single stage which results in faster accumulation of dirt on the filter. With Bissell 1782, a fine mesh filter is added which has the capability to block the dirt, debris, and pet hairs on clogging the filters.

Removable And Washable Filters

While a dual-layered filtration system prevents fast accumulation of dirt, time will still come where the efficiency of your vacuum is reduced due. Since the filters are washable, it is always good to do a regular maintenance for your filters. If you do have a plenty of time to do regular maintenance, you may want to clean it only when you notice a reduced filtration efficiency.

Good For Stairs

Since it is handheld in nature, this vacuum is easy to use on stairs. It even performs well when used on carpeted stairs. You can remove surface debris and prevent piling up of dirt on your stairs.

Longer Than The Previous Version

In case you have used a previous version of Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, you will be amazed at the longer length of the vacuum. You will also enjoy a larger dirt bin. It is somewhat tiring to be interrupted on your cleaning job due to a frequent emptying of the dirt bin.

Silent Operation

You may be bothered with noisy vacuum cleaners. But with this vacuum, you’ll be delighted with its silent operation.


Since this vacuum is handheld in nature, a light weight is well-appreciated. Your wrist will not feel tired after you do your cleanup session.

Good Run Time

While Bissell did not specify the run time of the vacuum when fully charged, you can expect at least 15 minutes of the runtime as we observed. This is long enough to clean all areas prone to pet hairs, such as upholsteries, carpets, and mattresses.

Good Charging Time

While Bissell did not specify the time needed for recharging the batteries, a 5-hour initial is enough. You can expect a lower charging time for the succeeding recharges. Remember to prevent turning on the vacuum when it is charging.

One Year Warranty

While a 1-year warranty might seem too short, Bissell is already generous enough when you consider the price group of this vacuum. On the price group, 30-day warranties are expected. If you are expecting a 5-year warranty, you must lower down your expectation and at least appreciate the generosity of Bissell in terms of the warranty.


For Spot Cleaning Only

This vacuum performs well when used as a spot cleaner. Picking up pet litters, pet hairs, and small messes are achievable through this vacuum. However, it is not convenient to use on cleaning a large flat area. It is strictly a handheld vacuum and not designed as a 2-in-1 vacuum. No extensions or hard floor tools are included in the vacuum.

Low Carpet Performance

While it performs well on carpeted stairs, the motorized brush of the vacuum is not too powerful for cleaning medium and thick-pile carpets.

Lack Of Suction

If it is your first time to vacuum your carpets and upholsteries filled with pet hairs, you must think twice about the vacuum’s power. While it performs well on picking up small messes, the vacuum may struggle when the fabric has a lot of embedded pet hairs. This vacuum only performs well as a quick cleanup tool and at least prevent piling up of pet hairs.

Ni-Cad Battery

Li-ion has been a standard battery for its efficiency compared to Ni-Cad batteries. Unfortunately, this vacuum still uses Ni-Cad batteries. Though it is good to know that this vacuum has a 14.4-volt battery, you will experience power fades and added weight for the vacuum. Power fade is a condition where the vacuum won’t operate at its full capacity when the battery charge is too low.


Bissell has definitely nailed it on picking up pet hairs with Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1782. Since you already reached this section, you now have a good knowledge about the pros, cons, and highlights of this vacuum. This vacuum is a great choice if you need vacuums for picking up pet hairs and small messes.

16. Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, BH50030

The New Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, BH50030 brings the freedom of cordless convenience right into your home. It boasts a lithium-Ion swappable battery, fortified with fade free power, that delivers a hundred percent more power meaning the vacuum’s life will last twice. It conveniently removes unruly pet dirt with its specialized pet hair cleaning tools, get rids of stubborn pet hair stuck on upholstery with its triple blade design, offers easy transportability with its 25 degree pivot design, and ensures easy maintenance with its ejecting brushroll.

Moreover, clean delicate surfaces using its Deluxe dusting brush with soft bristles arranged in dual rows. The Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, BH50030, as featured in our Best Vacuum Cleaner For Dog Hair, is truly a powerful vacuum that comes with no cord.

Pros And Highlights

Great For People Having Furry Pets, Especially Dogs

The Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, BH50030 dominates floors and invades spots where dog hairs (and other pet hairs) reside. Armed with pet tool kit consisting of tools that assists your task, this model has got everything you need to eliminate stubborn dirt elements around your home.

Fade Free Lithium-Ion Power For Maintained Suction Ability

The answered prayer to all power-concerned individuals around the globe, the fade free lithium-Ion batteries retain the level of suction prowess all throughout the cleaning operation. Some vacuum cleaners eventually lose suction power as a result of inevitable battery power loss which unfortunately promotes inefficient cleaning that usually starts when it’s halfway the battery life.

But with the BH50030, battery loss is not a problem thanks to the lithium-Ion design that makes sure the power showcased by the unit the moment it’s turned on is still the same power level even though what’s left is as little as 1%.

On-board Tools Makes Cleaning Much Easier

The once easy way of cleaning home becomes even more convenient with the on-board tools available right at your reach and always ready right when you need it. Because they are on-board, this set of tools go wherever the vacuum unit goes. When you need further assistance when tackling a specific floor type, on-board tools are just simple reach away. They are exclusively designed to deal with furniture and upholstery mess.

Promotes Detailed Cleaning

With the Crevice Tool and Dust Brush, detailed cleaning is something that you will surely get even if you’re cleaning small and tight spaces. The crevice tool and Dust Brush are excellent means for meticulous users aiming for an in-depth cleaning.

Ergonomic Design

Just when you’re too busy looking at internal specifications, it’s time for external factors to make a noise. The Hoover BH50030 is engineered with an ergonomic design as a symbol that craftsmanship doesn’t just go beyond what’s inside but is also rather reflected outside. This particular design makes sure the user has a comfortable grip with the unit, consequently allowing you to maneuver freely and collaborate with the unit with as little effort as possible. Furthermore, ergonomic design makes it possible for you to have the easiest way of transporting the unit to wherever part of your home.

Deluxe Dusting Brush

Lastly, this feature needs to be emphasized in connection with being one of the best vacuum cleaner for dog hair – the deluxe dusting brush makes this unit perfect for homes accommodating dogs, and any other pet with hair for that matter, as part of the family. They may be adorable and fun to be with but their fur or dander can inevitably get stuck on surfaces where they usually stay (e.g. upholstery, carpet, etc.). Considering this, the deluxe dusting brush makes a great companion whenever you want to eliminate pet mess that infests your house.


Here are some downsides of this model that most users would agree to; however, take note that user experience may vary depending on some factors which means that you may or may not encounter one or more of these listed cons.

Unstable Brush

It’s still not confirmed whether this is a factory defect or a design mishap but the brush on the crevice tool neither stays firm nor locked on its place, a user claimed. Every time you push the brush with a considerable force, it unlocks and slides down the plastic tube which is actually quite depressing for some. But this claim came from one of the users who gave only few stars for the unit which doesn’t put much solid validation due to the said undervalued feedback.

Lack Of Cup Capacity

Some users complain the cup fills too fast to the extent that a large part of their time is dedicated to detaching and emptying the cup, along with doing some filter check-up that may occasionally be associated with pulling out attached hair that failed to load into the cup.

Well at least, it managed to suck a large volume of dirt, right?

Vent Not Strategically Located

There is a vent located on the side part of the machine that comes with a rather depressing disadvantage: it blows debris on the side part, consequently scattering dirt around the surface especially when you are operating on tile, wooden, and other non-carpeted floors.

You may end up chasing a certain dirt at the moment and at the same time scatter surrounding debris which makes it quite a nuisance for some users. But to brighten your day, this complain is actually common in most handheld vacuums.


With easy maneuverability, fade free power, Deluxe Dusting brush, pet upholstery tool, and more features, the Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, BH50030 is yet another remarkable product and a highly recommended one (with a mid-range cost)that promises to remove unruly pet hair even on surfaces you thought impossible, all with the convenience of having no cord!

17. Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

The Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum strongly picks up stubborn pet hair and unruly dust away from surfaces with a full range of tools specially designed for meticulous upholstery and stair clean-up and powerful brush rolls that dominate carpets. Furthermore, cleaning your cars is now possible thanks to the sleek design that reaches under your car seats, sucking up dirt and small particles on tight spaces. The Eureka 3670 Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum is an all new compact canister ideal for vacuuming tiles, wood floors, bare floors, rugs, and carpets.

Weighing only 9 pounds, this model gives you maneuverability convenience with ease of handle with further convenience brought by the quick release 20 foot power cord. And thanks to its compact size, storage is never a hassle.

Pros And Highlights

Quick And Efficient Clean-up

The Eureka 3670 is one of the few vacuums in the market that truly lives up to your expectations especially when the product promises a quick and efficient clean-up, and indeed, this model provides a powerful suction that dominates surfaces, credits to the 12 amp motor equipped in this canister vacuum.

On-board Tools

A must have in every vacuum, on-board tools are also available in the Eureka 3670G. Carpet or bare floor nozzle, dusting brush or upholstery nozzle, and the crevice tool, all make big reasons why you should try this vac. They allow you to gain easy access on hard to reach places and even those nooks and crannies that you never thought you could reach.

Conventional vacuums only allow you to operate on ground, but this model is an exemption – 2 extension wands enable you reach high, above ground areas, even your ceiling! Pull out cob webs and clean drapes away from your ceiling with the help of the extension wants. Additionally, this model features a triple filtration bag system.

Simply Mighty

There is a reason why Eureka named this model as Mighty – it is basically, well, mighty! Powerful brush rolls enables immersive carpet clean up, leaving it in pristine condition. Pet hair and other dirt elements won’t be able to escape from the power suction that this product could deliver.

A full range of tools gives you the prowess of specialty cleaning – operate on upholstery and stairs with utmost ease.

Car Clean-up

The Eureka 3670 comes in a compact and sleek design suitable for cleaning the interior of your car. Suck up dirt under your seats and leave your car upholstery in tip-top shape with the cleaning abilities of this unit.

Tips On How To Get The Best Results When Using This Vac.
  • Close the slip ring located on the hose handle to adjust to optimum suction. Attach the turbo nozzle, crevice tool, and combination to the hose’s end. But place the wand on the hose first should you require additional reach.
  • Connect wands to the hose handle after attaching the hose to the canister’s front. Pull on the wand and push the lock button to extend telescopic wand until desired height is reached.
  • Change the dust bag frequently to maintain the vac’s maximum efficiency. Remember that no air can pass if the motor filter or bag is clogged.


Here are some downsides of this model that most users would agree to; however, take note that user experience may vary depending on some factors which means that you may or may not encounter one or more of these listed cons.

Bending Hose

Whether it’s in the model’s nature or just an average mistake in the design, the hose is vulnerable to bending which results to the blockage of air flow since the hose is, well, easy to bend as a user claimed. This may look like a minor problem but it becomes extremely annoying in the long run. Imagine having to straighten the hose every once in a while because the air can’t get through. Moreover, the tube bends significantly when you put pressure towards the ground.


Some users would agree that this model is relatively loud when turned on; however, this attribute is actually common to most cordless vacuums and it depends on the user whether or not he is sensitive to noise. Some users would claim that the noise, even though a bit loud, is not distracting at all and is actually a signifier of the power inside the vacuum. The louder the more powerful just like in cars. There are also some users who are quite profound with their definition of zen and peace that they are easily distracted by the noise of this vacuum.

Tube Lacks Height Regulation

A noticeable con that, just like noise, depends on the user whether or not he will be distracted. The tube you hold has no height regulation while you are cleaning.

No Automatic Rolling

The power cable has no automatic rolling; however, this doesn’t really qualify as a “big deal” con considering the fact that no vacuum actually has it all. What dissimilarity would it make should the unit features an automatic power cable rolling? It doesn’t really make much of a difference at all. But to some users, this factor counts as one.

Thin Cable

The power cable gets hot when operating the unit due to its relatively thin attribute.

Plastic Components

For metallic lovers, the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum is quite disappointing considering the joints are made up of plastic components that are theoretically cheap ones. Plastic components imply a shorter lifespan since this type of materials are not made to last a lifetime. Additionally, plastic parts make it a little difficult to attach and detach certain parts like the nozzle for instance, which you will need when cleaning hard to reach spots.


Equipped with a full set of tools, powerful brush rolls, packed in a compact sleek design, the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum is a good choice for consumers looking for a powerful machine in a quite affordable price.

18. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright, UH30310

The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright, UH30310 integrates a loftier, grander, yet simple-to-use cleaning power in a sleek design further elaborated by a reasonable price. This vacuum is defined by its intuitive features that include a cord clip just below the handle that maintains the cord out while operating, and fingertip controls strategically placed just within your reach. Additionally, innovation is brought by the superior WindTunnel technology that has got everything you need to remove dirt away from your premises. The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright, UH30310 is a machine of power and ground-breaking performance.

Pros And Highlights

Activated Carbon HEPA Media Bag

This feature makes this vacuum quite friendly for people with an allergic condition by trapping and filtering up to 99.97% of pollens and fine dust. This vac can capture pollens as fine as 0.3 microns and not just the ordinary, visible ones. The carbon, on the other hand, is responsible of putting an end to the foul odor surrounding the interior of your home.

Have pets in your home? This vac has got everything you need. The same feature makes sure that no fur or pet hair will disturb occupants and at the same time reduce pet odor that may infiltrate your home.

The possibility of anearly perfect dust-free home is brought by this remarkable feature that promises to provide you and your family a healthier, more conducive space for living.

Clean-Drop Bag System

Thanks to this humble yet very useful innovation, disposing dirt has never been this easy. The clean-drop bag system consists of a simple single touch that directly releases the bag itself along with all the dirt inside straight into the trash bin. This means that disposing dirt only requires little effort and you don’t have to touch the dirty bag anymore.

One Touch Bag Door

One touch bag door is another useful attribute of this vacuum – this release gives you a quick and easy access to the bag.

On/Off Brushroll

The invention of brush rolls gives countless individuals the ability to efficiently clean carpets; however, this particular invention comes as both a blessing and a curse. But proper usage and transition is the key to cleaning the household perfectly.

Brushrolls may greatly assist in carpets but is also quite unfriendly on bare floors. Thanks to the push button of this vacuum, carpet to hard floor transition becomes significantly easier.

Turn the brushroll on and dominate rugs and carpeted floors. Turn the brush roll off when cleaning hard floors to prevent the brush from scattering debris around the surface.

This vacuum also features an easy belt change system – just flip two levers to access the brushrolls or change the belt.

12-Foot Deluxe Stretch Hose

Just when you need an additional reach to clean more space, the 12-foot deluxe stretch hose comes to save the day. This feature comes as a quite handy add-on that provides you an extended reach if you are having a difficult time reaching corners and nooks & crannies.

5-Position Carpet Height Adjustment

This vacuum is versatile enough to adjust to your own needs when cleaning different types of floors. Height adjustment gives you the freedom to clean efficiently without major adjustments in your part because the unit itself does the adjustment.

Pet Upholstery Tool

Pets are considered as a real part of the household and letting them live in your house may come with a certain downside which can be resolved with the right solution. The Hoover T-Series UH30310 comes with useful pet upholstery tool that helps remove unruly pet hair away from your upholstery, leaving your seats and sofas in their most spotless, hygienic, and dirt-free state.


Here are some downsides of this model that most users would agree to; however, take note that user experience may vary depending on some factors which means that you may or may not encounter one or more of these listed cons.

Short Hose And Extension

One discouraging attribute of the Hoover T-Series UH30310 is the short hose which makes it a little hard to reach distant areas or places where normal reach is not enough. The package also comes with only one short extension wand. If you have old Hoover vacs, you can utilize their old extension wands to pair up with your new one.

Made Of Plastic

Although this is probably the reason for the not-so-cheap but not-so-expensive price of the unit, the plastic components is yet another off-putting aspectof this vacuum. Being plastic invalidates the possibility of lasting life-expectancy unlike metals which are undeniably sturdy. Depending on the quality of the plastic material, the unit is expected to last for a few, countable years until such time that something cracks or breaks.

Despite this con, there is still something to thank for – the lightweight feature of the vacuum owes it to the plastic components which are significantly lighter than metallic materials.

Minor Unconfirmed Glitches

There is a singlecriticismclaiming some problems which are not backed up by most reviews. Whether true or not, this complaint include the following: brushes stop working sometimes, hose extension wand keeps falling out, and decreased suction power when the brush roll is off. This feedback came from a user who only gave 1-star which generally invalidates the degrading claim due to this undervalued rating. Besides, there are more reviews that say otherwise.


Aside from the WindTunnel Technology that conveniently gets rid of ground-in dirt and diminishes scatter and blowback on various surfaces including carpets and bare floors, the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright, UH30310 is also packed with a lot more features including activated carbon HEPA media bag, intuitive power controls, clean-drop bags, bag check indicator, headlight, no scup clear bumper, 30 foot power cord, and a 2 year limited warranty. All these features combine gives you a highly recommended vacuum cleaner perfect for your home needs and comes with a mid-range price.

19. Bissell Corded Cleanview Deluxe Handheld Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners help users cleanliness to an extent that manual cleaning cannot. Vacuuming any type of surface ensures that every last bit of dust is sucked up. This is especially true for those vacuum cleaners that have powerful motors such as the bissell cleanview handheld vacuum cleaner. Its portability makes it easier to use, consumers will find it convenient to reach out to it whenever necessary.


Rubber Contour Nozzle

Along with a high power motor and superior suctioning ability, the tip of the nozzle is contoured in a way that it is able to pick up even pet hair and other larger, irregular particles other than dust itself. Sometimes getting even a powerful vacuum cleaner to pick up both pet and human hair becomes a tedious task. However, the flexibility and design of the bissell cleanview nozzle makes it possible.

Utility Accessories

Tight fit corners and narrow spaces cannot be cleaned with the usual cleaning supplies. They need a special type of nozzle to reach these hard to reach areas either in the house or in the car. The bissell vacuum cleaner comes with these speciality nozzles and extensions. Some of which are the wide mouthed tool, crevice tool as well as the hose adaptor nozzle. A two foot hose also helps to achieve cleanliness below large furniture, where hands cannot reach.

Bagless Dust Cup

The transparent bagless dirt cup, which is situated for easy viewing helps to know when it is full. There is no need for any additional dirt bags. The cup can be opened and emptied out. There is a latch under the handle, which can be clicked open to detach the dust cup. The dust cup once dusted out into the trash can be fixed back with a single click, to start using again.

19 Foot Power Cord

With a lengthy 19 foot power cord and an additional 2 foot hose pipe with attachments, makes the entire length of the handheld vacuum convenient to get into any sort of narrow space. It is easy to reach under the bed or sofas with this easy maneuvering. The length also saves time by avoiding the need to keep changing the power outlets.

Light Weight

The cleanview vacuum cleaner weighs a mere 4.6 pounds on the whole. This includes the lengthy power cord and the accessories. It can be easily carried around while cleaning the entire house. It can be brought out to the car too when vacuuming vehicles. It is small enough to store easily, not taking up too much space as all the add ons are on board the machine.


  • It is highly affordable, a good investment.
  • Light in weight, portable to carry around with ease.
  • One click dust cup cleaning, avoiding unnecessary mess.
  • Special contour nozzle to pick up hard to suction particles.
  • Corded vacuum cleaners have the advantage of being able to give higher power.


The bissell vacuum cleaner has very little to criticize its design or performance. However, with increase in battery operated vacuum cleaners, it can be said that corded vacuum cleaners depend on electricity and cannot be used without a power outlet. The battery operated vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, do not perform as efficiently as the ones with a power cord.


The bissell corded vacuum cleaner known as the cleanview 47R51 can be used everyday for dusting chores. It is powerful enough to last a lot time. Reviews by users show that it is immediately impressive to both look at and in performance. It is provided with various tools to make it adaptable to any kind of cleaning.

20. Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

If dirt elements could feel, they will surely tremble when they hear the name of the Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum. This high-end device could be your next cleaning partner ready to devour any dirt that may come its way. The Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum is crafted with not one, but two cleaner heads specially designed by Dyson Engineers. Compared to Dyson V6 vacuum, the V6 Absolute is packed with a Direct-Drive cleaner that can deliver up to 75% more power! Read more about the beauty of this product in this Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Review.


2 Tier Radial Cyclones

How do the V6 Absolute astonishingly capture more dirt than any other product in the market? The 2 Tier Radial Cyclones is the secret behind this performance. Cyclone is the term used for the robust air flow inside the vacuum which is responsible for seizing fine dust along with some larger mess from your floors.

2 Tier Radial Cyclones is an astounding system that utilizes dual tiers with 15 cyclones arranged among them. These tiers work in parallel to dramatically increase airflow, consequently giving you the prowess of floor supremacy.

Powered By Dyson Digital Motor V6

Just when you think that the 2 Tier Radial Cyclones say it all, you are mistaken. The Dyson motor V6 is another big factor that plays the greatest role in the whole functionality of the vacuum. The motor can spin at jaw dropping speed of 110,000 revolutions per minute!

Just imagine how fast the spin can turn in just a mere minute. It is really a no surprise why Dyson has gained a reputation in the industry considering the line of products they release that truly surpasses the conventional criteria of a “great” vacuum.

Direct-Drive Cleaner Head

The Dyson DC59 Animal vacuum is a pioneering model from the said manufacturer and many thought it could be the best one from the brand. But they are wrong. With the come up of the V6 Absolute, standards for power and efficiency have officially risen up. As a further result, competitors from other brands are also stunned by the power of this model.

The Dyson V6 Absolute cordless can provide with up to 75 percent more power than the DC59, as mentioned above. Thanks to its Direct-dive cleaner head that fortifies the brush bar – allowing this model to perform better than any other vacuum

Specially Designed For Hard Floors

Most of the vacuums today focus on being great in terms of cleaning carpets. Too many brands have joined the competition and also many of them tend to forget that there are still other types of surfaces to consider such as hard floors.

Dyson engineers have created the V6 absolute with a soft roller cleaner head that’s specifically invented to dominate hard floors. Both of fine dust and large debris are simultaneously sucked in leaving your hard floors in their pristine condition.

HEPA Filtration

The main responsibility of any vacuum is to simply perform its tasks well. But it doesn’t end there. Vacuums must also promote a healthy environment for the occupants to live in harmony without worries.

With that knowledge in mind, Dyson engineers have designed the V6 Absolute with HEPA filtration technology that makes the vacuum friendly to all allergic people. If some members of your family is sensitive to dust and allergens, it is a wise move to purchase a vacuum that features HEPA filtration.

The V6 Absolute is proud of its ability to not just clean surfaces, but also promote a conducive living space for all the occupants that it serves.

Floor To Ceiling Cleaning

The V6 Absolute is versatile enough not just to accommodate the floors below but also the ceiling above. The meticulous design of this model doesn’t end in the motor and the main body, but also reaches up to the handle itself.

Dyson engineers gives you the luxury of being able to vacuum even your walls and ceiling by placing the center of gravity towards the grip. This implies a lightweight feeling allowing you to grip the unit easily for you to clean down below, up top, and in between.

Converts For Handheld Vacuum

Convenience is further elaborated with the handheld feature of the V6 Absolute, which is also available in all Dyson cordless vacuums.Need to clean your furniture or car upholstery? You can convert the unit to a handheld one. With this, you can initiate easier spot cleaning and quick clean ups. Moreover, cleaning difficult places becomes easier with the handheld feature of this vacuum.

Mini Soft Dusting Brush

Minor chores such as gentle dusting is made possible by the mini soft dusting brush. Now you can clean your keyboards and other items of the like.


  • Suction starts strong and stays that way.
  • Battery power isn’t wasted between tasks because the trigger releases instantly.
  • Easy cleaning for the dirt bin.
  • Ground in dirt and pet hair can be removed with stiff nylon bristles.



The biggest con of this model is its high end price which is actually common in all Dyson vacuums. And this one is costly indeed. There are other brands like Hoover that promises similar (but not guaranteed) features and performance for a lower price.

Good news – you can still get this vacuum for a lower price but you have to wait for a sale or until you can acquire a coupon, which, by far, is somewhat rare in other countries. However, don’t expect a dramatic decrease in the price tag even on sale.

Limited Warranty

A two-year limited warranty is frankly very short, making this fact disappointing for this model especially for its price. Other brands with lower prices can even offer up to five years warranty.

Rechargeable Battery

Replacing the batteries of this model is very costly – in connection to the fact that rechargeable batteries tend to lose power after a year or so. Others suspect this a reason why Dyson made their warranty coverage so short.


Despite the cons, the pros are much heavier making the Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum truly worth every buck spent!

21. Hoover Pro Pet UH70931PC Upright Vacuum

The Hoover UH70931PC has a strong cleaning mechanism. Cat hairs are efficiently sucked through its 3 suction channels.

As the name of the vacuum implies, it is designed to deal with all pet-related mess.

A Pet Tool Pack is thrown in to blitz any stray pet hair fuss-free.

The use of HEPA filters with activated carbon is a nice touch. While HEPA cleans up to 99.9% of particles, the activated carbon absorbs nasty odors.

The inclusion of a pedal-controlled brush roll means you can get rid of pet hair on both bare floors and carpet.

The Hoover is fairly heavy at 24 pounds so make sure you’re comfy dealing with that weight.

The Hoover Pro Pet Upright Vacuum UH70931PC is designed to pick up pet hair from every corner of your home. It deals well with all other dirt and debris.

Considering its price tag, it has a surprising range of features you’d normally associate with pricier vacuums.

Pros And Highlights

3 Suction Channels

It’s tiresome when your vacuum scatters the mess across the floor rather than sucking it up. Fortunately, Hoover found a way to solve this issue by using 3 suction channels. These 3 channels also make deep cleaning of carpets a breeze.

HEPA Filter With Activated Carbon

The Hoover UH70931PC is equipped with HEPA filters which remove 99.9% of particles. It can also remove allergens and dust from the air which is great if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

HEPA filters are the gold standard of modern vacuums. Hoover has upped the ante by incorporating activated carbon in the filter. As the odor passes through the filter, the activated carbon absorbs it. This neutralizes the smell of pet litter.

The HEPA cleaning mechanism allows the air to pass through the HEPA filter first. The particles will be sucked in and prevented by the filter from going back into the air through an exhaust.

Brush Roll With Pedal Control

This vacuum has a brush roll which you can turn on or off with a pedal control. When you are on a carpeted floor, turn it on. Flick it off when you are approaching a bare floor.

Pet Tool Pack

A pack of 4 pet tools is thrown in. There’s a turbo attachment for cleaning stairs and furniture. The pet upholstery tool is superb for collecting pet hair. The telescopic extension wand and crevice tool are both used for cleaning tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas.

Retractable Cord

The Hoover has a retractable cord. This saves you from manually winding it.

A recoil pedal is included to help you feed the cord back to the vacuum. The cord won’t retract automatically when extended beyond two-thirds of the cord length.


Heavy Weight

The Hoover UH70931PC is pretty bulky at 24 pounds. You need a fair degree of force to maneuver it. Bear this in mind before rushing in to buy.


Some users of the Hoover UH70931PC describe the vacuum as noisy. Think about the importance of a quiet vacuum to you and buy accordingly.


The Hoover UH70931PC is a smart choice due to its versatility on both bare and carpeted floors. The Pet Tool Pack is a sweet bonus.

Pop the Hoover on your shortlist. You won’t be disappointed.

22. Eureka AirSpeed AS3030A Upright Vacuum

The Eureka AirSpeed AS3030A has strong suction and a unique cleaning mechanism for cleaning up bare floors and carpets. Even when your carpets have a lot of embedded cat hair, this vacuum can efficiently clean it thanks to the brush roll and five height settings.

Eureka knows that not all carpets have the same thickness yet cat hairs get embedded on any type of carpets. The five height settings solve this problem.

Included in the package are tools to help you clean almost every area of your home where cat hairs may penetrate.

The Eureka AirSpeed AS3030A is designed to efficiently pick up pet hairs, dust, and debris through its AirSpeed Technology and Cyclonic suction.

If your home has carpets of varied thickness, the Eureka AirSpeed AS3030A is a great choice for you.

Pros And Highlights

AirSpeed Technology

AirSpeed technology enhances suction and dirt removal ability. When a Eureka vacuum has an AirSpeed technology, you can find a short pipe with large diameter underneath the dust canister. The large diameter increases airflow, pulling up more dirt and debris than standard exhaust pipes.

Cyclonic Suction

Most bagless vacuums have a cyclonic suction mechanism. Cyclonic suction happens by spinning the air rapidly into the vacuum. The dust and debris go through the dust canister by centrifugal force instead of flowing through the air path with a risk of accumulating in the filters. The efficiency of the suction and the filters remains consistent.

Brush Roll With On/off Pedal

Eureka AS3030A is known for its versatility on both bare floors and carpets. When turned on, the brush roll helps on deep cleaning the carpet. You must turn it off when approaching a non-carpeted floor as it can scratch them.

Five Height Settings

Since carpets do not have the same thickness, the five height settings provided in this vacuum solves the problem. A manual dial on the vacuum nozzle raises or lowers the nozzle as required.

Extra Tools

You’ll get a stair and upholstery turbo nozzle, dusting brush and crevice tool. On the vacuum, there’s an airflow control switch with “Tools” and “Floors” settings. When you are not using a tool, you must use the “Floors” switch. Otherwise, use the “Tools” switch which results in an airflow transfer from the nozzle to the extension hose.

Automatic Rewind Power Cord

At 27 feet long, the power cord’s automatic rewind features means that with the push of a button above the cord storage area, the vacuum automatically retracts the power cord. This is a very welcome feature for an upright vacuum since this feature is usually only found on canister vacuums.


Build Quality Is Lacking

The build quality of the Eureka AS3030A is the most common concern. There are rather a lot of plastic parts. Build issues include broken belts, poor suction, and disruptive loss of power even though the cord is still plugged in.

Might Be Too Noisy For You

When analyzed, the vacuum kicks out 89 dB (decibels) when in use. Just for comparison, your smartphone at full volume is a little bit louder than this vacuum. Only you know how much noise you can tolerate.


The Eureka AS3030A is a good choice thanks to its versatile cleaning power. Aside from the brush roll, the five height settings further optimize your cleaning experience on various carpet thicknesses. It is also equipped with a good cleaning mechanism to clean up dirt, debris, and pet hairs efficiently. This vacuum is feature-packed despite the price though you need to consider the drawbacks carefully.

23. Bissell PowerEdge Corded Vacuum 81L2A 

The Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A is one of the cheapest vacuums on the market. Although cheap, it excels in picking up cat hair, dirt and debris on both bare floors and low-pile carpets. Its cyclonic suction and HEPA-like filters are much appreciated because such features are commonly found on higher price models.

The V-shaped nozzle has the ability to pick up larger debris and finer particles at the same time. Though the vacuum is not equipped with HEPA filters, the basic pleated circular filter is good enough to suck allergens and dust from the air.

This vacuum is highly portable and maneuverable at just 7.5 lbs.

While it can clean low-pile carpets, it cannot deeply clean thicker carpets since brush rolls aren’t included in this vacuum. Bissell designed this vacuum for an easy transition between bare floors and low-pile carpets without thinking of attachments and brush roll pedals.

With the Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A, you can effortlessly clean from a bare floor to a low-pile carpet. The only thing you need to think of is the need to switch power outlets in larger room. If you have a small to medium-sized room with only low-pile carpets, this vacuum is a great choice for you.

Pros And Highlights

Cyclonic Suction

Thanks to its cyclonic suction, the dust and dirt are transferred directly to the canister without any risk of accumulating in the filters. As a result, the filter stays clean and the suction remains efficient for a longer time.

HEPA-like Filters

Considering the price, you can’t expect HEPA filtration. However, its basic pleated circular filter can match the power of HEPA filters. The filters also have the power to remove particles from the air, including dust and allergens. These types of filters are recommended if you suffer from asthma or allergies.

V-shaped Nozzle

The nozzle found on this vacuum is unique. This design helps with picking up larger debris. Meanwhile, the arms of the nozzle pick up finer dust and particles. Overall, the V-shaped nozzle is made to expand the particle range coverage. With a cleaning path of 11.35 inches, you’ll get a lot done quickly.

Maneuverable And Portable

Since the vacuum weighs only 7.5 lbs, it’s a breeze to move around. The vacuum head can swivel which makes it easier to move around furniture, edges and corners.

The 20-ft cord is generous enough for stick vacuums at this price point.


One Height Setting

While it has the versatility to clean up both bare floors and carpets, it has a limited ability with carpet. Only low-pile carpets can be deeply cleaned.

No Attachments Included In The Package

The vacuum can handle the job of transitioning between bare floors and low-pile carpets without any attachments. It can also clean up corners, edges and tight spaces without additional tools. However, the lack of attachments limits you. You can only clean floors with this vacuum. If you want to clean upholstery, mattresses or ceilings, this vacuum is not for you.

Cord Length Lacking

The vacuum’s cord is 20 feet. If you are using it in a small to medium sized room, the cord length might be adequate. With larger rooms, you might need to unplug and re-plug it several times.


While this vacuum is feature-packed and affordable, you need to consider its limitations as well.

It can pick up pet hairs, dirt, and debris efficiently on varied surfaces. It’s awkward to use on thicker carpets, upholstery and mattresses due to the lack of attachments or height settings.

Nevertheless, this vacuum is a good choice if you are looking for a competitively priced vacuum with generous features.

24. Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover,3684F

The Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover, 3684F is a compact and lightweight canister vacuum suitable for cleaning pet hair, particularly cats’ mess as well as dogs’ and other types of animals, and has a superior 12AMP motor embedded with on-board cleaning tools fit for various types of surfaces including stairs, bare floors, area rugs, and upholstery. Furthermore, the Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover, 3684F has HEPA filtration technology capable of capturing nearly a hundred percent of allergens and dust including the microscopic ones down to 0.3 microns.

Quick Details (As Of Writing)

If there’s only one thing this Eureka is good at, it’s pet hair removal. Almost every attribute of this model is dedicated to pet hair eradication. Firstly, it’s equipped with the Pet Power Pawthat comes with a motorized brush adeptly capable of picking up pet hair on both upholstery and stairs; however, cleaning on carpet is a little bit dull due to the absence of a beater bar.

Maneuverability of this unit is quite easy – credits to the lightweight feature of this vac, it will only cost a force of not more than 9lbs to lift the unit. Transporting it from room to room or carrying it up and down the stairs is fairly effortless because it is lightweight.

For people looking for a hundred percent convenience in operation, you may find it a little disappointing considering the unit has no shoulder straps. This simple add-on may offer a huge help because it keeps your other hand free, because the unit could be simply strapped on your shoulders, thus your other hand may control attachments in confined and cramped areas. But then again, a shoulder strap is not available so your other hand may not be dedicated to other things after all.


  • HEPA filtration prohibits allergens from getting out into the atmosphere
  • Easy to carry – as lightweight as 8.6lbs
  • Pet odor is eliminated by especially designed bag.
  • You can reach the ceiling thanks to the telescopic wand.
  • Compared to the Eureka 3670G, it has a wider cleaning path (11 inches).
  • Eradicate pet hair on stairs and upholstery with the “pet power paw” attachment.


  • Operating costs add up due to the HEPA bags
  • Motorized brush is unavailable in the floor tool
  • No cord rewind available for this unit (but the vacuum becomes heavier when it is available, consequently invalidating its lightweight feature)
  • Build quality of the hose is somewhat questionable
  • Wand has no available storage


  • Pet Power Paw tool
  • Other attachments include combination brush/upholstery tool and crevice tool
  • Cord storage available below the canister
  • Telescopic wand with astonishing reach of up to 55 inches
  • Arm and Hammer odor eliminating technology equipped in the dust bags that gets rid of foul odor
  • Powerful 12 amp motor delivers great suction power
  • HEPA filtration technology makes this model friendly for people with allergies as it prohibits up to 99.97 % of pollen and allergens from escaping into the atmosphere.
  • Power cord reaches up to 20 feet and can be easily stored
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
Carpet Verdict

As mentioned above, this unit doesn’t come with a beater bar, which every consumer wishes the brand could have one, making it somewhat tedious to work on carpets. Matter of fact, many users would agree when I say carpet performance really suffers; however, cleaning thin pile carpets is still possible with the help of the floor tool which ability reaches to cleaning dirt on the said surface but is only limited to that.

Bare Floor Verdict

The Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover, 3684F may, to some degree, suck in cleaning carpeted areas, but it is rather BEST on bare floor surfaces. The powerful 12 amp motor releases the beast in this unit, producing suction that really dominates the said surface.

Note again that the model features NO motorized brush on the floor tool, making you rely fully and only on the suction to be responsible of the clean-up process. Good news – it truly does a satisfactory job in removing all types of debris, given the size could fit in the opening.

Downside: The bag will clog quite fast when sucking sawdust so avoid using the vacuum on this particular type of debris, that is, of course, when you’re household has a lot of sawdust – a rare possibility by the way but still probable so this reminder is worth noting. Cleaning sawdust is better with a shop vacuum.

When it comes to cleaning your stairs, the adjustable telescopic wand will truly serve you well. Added with the attachments and the floor tool, what more could you ask for?

Pet Hair Removal

With the Power Paw Tool, pet hair removal is a blast! This attachment is like an answered prayer to pet hair issues as it conveniently does a great job removing pet hair away from your upholstery and related surfaces, leaving them in tip-top shape.

The only downside is the path isn’t wide enough, just a mere 3-4 inch in width; however, it’s main card is the motorized brush tool that makes pet hair removal so effective. A little hope emerges in cleaning carpets as the same tool can be utilized in cleaning carpeted floors or stairs.

At the end of the day, the narrow cleaning path makes it the biggest reason this vac is best used as a spot cleaner specializing in pet hair removal.


With a price of less than a hundred dollars, this vacuum is truly attractive to most consumers considering the features and wonder that this model could offer. Buying this from Walmart and Amazon is more practical as it will only cost you less than $100 or $90 compared to buying it on their website which costs almost $100.


This canister vacuum will serve great on households dominated with bare floor surfaces with little to no carpeted areas. Additionally, the Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover, 3684F is one of the best deals if you’re looking for a vac proficient in removing pet hair that comes with an affordable price.

25. BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass, 9595A

The Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass, 9595A is a lightweight cleaning machine that offers a simple yet effective cleaning with its exclusiveOnePass technology featuring an innovative brush design and a powerful, lasting suction resulting in an incredible, thorough clean-up as the vac can clean more in just one pass, hence the technology name. The Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass, 9595A is an Amazon best seller with premium attachments that makes cleaning more efficient and a lot faster – giving you more productive days. Furthermore, maintenance is relatively simple and not intensive thanks to its washable foam filter and the easy-to-empty dirt tank.

Quick Details (As Of Writing)

Bissell is proud of their TurboBrush Tool that promises to make every soft surface (e.g. upholstery, furniture, stairs, etc.) return back to their pristine condition. Bissell also boasts their OnePass technology that features ground-breaking brush design that significantly picks a lot more dirt on the initial pass – such a lofty claim but is actually backed up by a lot of consumers and feedback.

In a single row, you get more dirt than most conventional vacuums could ever get, thus saving you a lot of your precious time. It’s a no surprise why this vacuum is a best seller in Amazon garnering already thousands of reviews from happy consumers confirming the validity of the OnePass technology.

This vac also does a great job on carpets, removing pet hair more efficiently than any other device, which is probably the reason why it gained so much popularity.

You can also be confident with the lasting suction that showcases the exact, same principle to the No Suction Loss Technology from other brands with a relatively simple concept – Cyclonic action makes sure that suction power stays the same from full battery life down to the last percentage, unlike other vacuum brands that loses suction power as the battery level also decreases.

This means that the unit provides the same level of power from the first room up to the last. Moreover, the easy-to-empty dirt tank also plays a vital role in the whole operation as it can store a large volume of dirt (2.2 liters) and features the bottom-open system plus it’s quite easy to remove and empty.

Great For Carpets

This vac really shines in the field of carpet cleaning as the new brush design makes carpet cleaning undeniably effective. You will only need less passes as the OnePass technology does intensive job on the initial pass alone. This doesn’t mean that you only need a single pass to clean a row but at least you’ll need less pass, consequently letting you save more time as well as preserve the battery of the unit.

Great For Removing Pet Hair

This vac is also quite exceptional in removing pet hair. Combining the motorized brush, one attachment, and the unit itself gives you a killer machine that eradicates pet hair leaving your upholstery, floors, and stairs totally hair-free.

Long Cord

The 25-foot cord is really an attractive feature because it provides you more time to clean and at the same time more space to operate thanks to the length of the power cord that gives you opportunity of having less scenarios of having to look for nearby outlets.


  • Cord reaches up to 25 feet (longer than other competitors)
  • Weighs only 15 lbs – considered as lightweight in the upright vacuum category
  • Stairs and upholstery are easily cleaned up with the help of attachments and a hose
  • Superior in carpet cleaning
  • Dust storage is easy to empty
  • The unit itself is easy to assemble
  • Good investment as the price is quite affordable
  • Washable filter is available implying huge savings in the long run
  • Operates with less noise


  • Works well only on low pile carpets
  • Shut down button for motorized brush is not available, thus it continuously operates even on hard floors, opening the possibility of scattered debris all around the surface.
  • There are some concerns on how robust the unit is.
  • The vac doesn’t swivel, thus maneuvering the unit isn’t as easy as those equipped with swivel steering. Left and right turns, as well as U-turns may take some effort to initiate.
  • Just when the cord is long, the hose, well, is disappointedly shorter implying a limit in reach.
  • Unit has a low clearance, thus it tends to push dirt with larger sizes but the high pile carpet setting can rectify this.
  • No headlight which could be helpful in dark areas.
No Swivel Steering

One of the biggest downside is probably the absence of swivel steering technology which could have a real big plus in attracting more consumers. This greatly affects ease of transportation and maneuverability of the unit. But a considerable amount of consumers would claim that the lightweight feature of the vacuum makes it easy to push and relatively manageable thanks to the swivel action technology.

Not That Good In Bare Floor Cleaning

Since you can’t turn off the motorized brush, cleaning bare floors with this vacuum is not that great given the possibility of scattered debris around; however, fine dust won’t be much of a problem as the said issue only covers larger debris that can be easily caught up by the ever-working motorized brush.


  • Cord Length – 25 feet
  • Attachments – TurboBrush Tool, Crevice Tool, Brush Tool
  • Brush on/off switch – No
  • Auto Cord Rewind – No
  • Headlight – No
  • Swivel Steering – No
  • Bagless – YES
  • Bin indicator – No
  • Multi-surface cleaning – YES
  • Shipping weight – 19.3 lbs
  • Net weight (including battery) – 15 lbs
  • Overall length – 31.5 inches
  • Cleaning path – 13.5 inches
  • Filter type – Washable
  • Dirt storage capacity – 2.2 liters
  • Voltage – 110 volts
  • Power – 12 amps
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Manufactured in – China


This vac will serve well on low to medium pile carpet in medium to large homes. Strong suction and motorized brush work together seamlessly to deliver the clean result you’ve always looked for. Build and material quality isn’t at par with high-end brands like Dysonbut with a price of a mere $80, the Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass, 9595A could give more than what you could ask for.

26. Kenmore Canister 21614 Vacuum Cleaner

The Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner 21614 redefines your way of cleaning as features such as retractable cord storage, 2-motor system, variable speed settings, and Stair Grip technology converts the hassle of cleaning surfaces into a breeze – be it on bare floors, carpets, and furniture. It also features genuine HEPA filtration technology that makes your household a true conducive space for living as it locks dust and pet dander away from your local atmosphere, leaving you a fresh air to breath. Also, reaching high surfaces is also a snap with the 7 foot hose. Furthermore, with the 360 degree swivel capability, and Horsehair dusting brush, the Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner 21614 has got the right tools to get the job done.

Pros And Highlights

Adjustable Speed

The problem with other conventional vacuum is the stable speed that you can’t control, either manually or automatically, thus suction power is still the same no matter what floor you are in. This comes as a disadvantage whenever you are cleaning minimal dirt and the motor runs at full speed implying a waste in energy and even larger in the long run. But Kenmore is an exemption.

Suitable for all types of cleaning, the Kenmore Progressive Canister comes with an adjustable speed that lets you control the amount of swiftness the vacuum delivers so that you can make it ideal to the current type of floor you are cleaning. When you don’t need much power, you can adjust the speed to the right amount, and when you need to clean larger debris, you can turn the speed into its optimum state – just the right speed you need!

Great For Pets

The Kenmore Progressive Canister vacuum is equipped with Pet PowerMate technology in the form of an attachment that effectively picks up pet dander, hair, and other form of dirt away from carpeted areas, rugs, and furniture. In just a few seconds of operation, you can transform any surface into its cleanest, hair-free state.

Long Hose

Factors like a long hose is really a great plus in selecting vacuum cleaners. This Kenmore has a 7 foot hose that allows you to reach more length from low, conventional floors, to high, hard-to-reach ceilings. You can also reach far corners and anywhere that goes beyond your typical reach. With this lengthy reach, dirt can’t escape this time.


This vac features Stair Grip technology – an exclusive feature that secures the vac in place and keeps the body upright while you are operating in the stairs. Simply put, this Kenmore fuses increased safety and solid performance in one.

Using other vacuums may require you to hold or support the unit on one hand while the other operates, but this Kenmore is an exemption. Just place the unit on one place and you’re free to operate without the hassle of looking out for the vac.

Allergy Friendly

In most cases, the primary reason why people purchase vacuum cleaners is the need to avoid allergic reactions – which can be easily triggered when one uses an ordinary broom when cleaning out dusts. Good news to pollen and dust-sensitive folks, the Kenmore Progressive Canister vac features a True HEPA certified filter guaranteed to block all types of allergens from infiltrating your local atmosphere. As a result, you have a cleaner and healthier air to breathe in.

Attachments Array

This vac comes with an array of attachments that connect quickly, aiming to assist your specific needs. The crevice tool, for instance, offers a great help to pick up pet hair away from upholstery and related surfaces. This vac also features CrossOver Handle that provides instant transition from hard floor to carpet cleaning and vice versa.


Here are some downsides of this model that most users would agree to; however, take note that user experience may vary depending on some factors which means that you may or may not encounter one or more of these listed cons.

  • You may be a bit disappointed knowing that the vac isn’t made of pure solid metal construction – the price really makes you expect this vac to come with purely robust materials, but it isn’t.
  • The price is jaw dropping for some, considering that this is not a cordless vacuum – something that you will usually expect from a triple folded hundred buck investment.
  • The wand is too big making it clumsy to use, a user claimed; however, this is probably just a matter of getting used with the unit.

General Features

  • Power Cord Available – Yes
  • Convenience features:
  • Lightweight – YES
  • Headlight – NO
  • Assembly required – YES
  • Performance features:
  • Height adjustments – Four (4) Height Adjustments
  • Cord storage type – Retractable
  • Pile Height Adjustment – Manual
  • Cleaning path width – 14 inches
  • Suction type – Motorized
  • Power – 12 amps
  • Filter – Two (2) filters available
  • Filter type: – HEPA filtration technology
  • Telescopic Handle – YES
  • Motor Speed – Variable
  • Bag Type – True HEPA cloth Dust Bag
  • Other features – Designed for pets; Asthma & Allergy friendly


  • Wand type – Telescopic
  • Wand build – Aluminum
  • Reach – 11 feet
  • On-board attachments – Two (2)
  • Attachment Type(s) – Combo Dust Brush/Upholstery, Crevice Tool, Pet PowerMate
  • Total attachments included – Five (5)


This Kenmore costs a little above the average price line. Costing around $300 makes a lot of budget-conscious consumers have second thoughts on buying this vacuum. But to think many Dyson models costs almost double this price is a comforting fact considering that you will be getting comparable performance.


Kenmore is a name that is, frankly, not entirely popular in some countries and is not “loud” in the online market, particularly the vacuum industry (wherein you usually hear other brands like Dyson, Hoover, etc.). But it doesn’t mean the brand is not worth a shot. The Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner 21614 for instance is a vacuum great for all-around household cleaning from carpets to bare floors in a high price that is still worth the investment.

Conclusion And Recommendation

If you want a full size vacuum with a lot of power, then you could choose either the DC41 Animal Complete Vacuum or the simpler DC41. If you want a compact size, more lightweight, but with less power and accessories, then you can go with DC50 Animal.

The best vacuum for pet hair removal is the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum cleaner.

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