Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

Best Vacuum For Laminate Floors

Laminate floors contribute to the overall design of your home. But you need to clean it delicately. Fortunately, vacuum cleaners exists to help you clean laminate floors regularly. It is essential to quickly clean your laminate floors away from unwanted dirt and debris while retaining quality and appearance.

5 Best Vacuums For Laminate Floors

Choosing the best vacuum for laminate floors is not easy. With the market filled with options, you may find it hard to choose the best vacuum. We are here to help you by reviewing 5 vacuums promising an efficient cleanup for laminate floors. It’s time to clear your dilemma and expand your knowledge on this matter.

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1. Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Vacuum HV382

Shark Vacuum HV382 performs well on laminate floors. It can also clean other common types of floors, carpets, window ledges, curtains, and vents. If you are looking for a versatile vacuum, this one is surely for you.

This vacuum seems to be too compact to perform well. But its cleaning power is proven and tested by current users. Its strong suction enables you to pull up all dust and debris no matter how small it is. The strong suction power of Shark Vacuum HV382 is highly noticeable when we compared this one to a standard-sized vacuum.

If you need to deal with messy pet hairs when cleaning your laminate floor, this vacuum can help you pull it as well. Thanks to its DuoClean technology. The hair remover tool is incorporated on this vacuum in case you will encounter a common occurrence of tangled hairs. You can find it under the brush roll panel of the vacuum.

Because of its simple design, this vacuum has low maintenance. For quick maintenance, this vacuum is designed with an easy access to the filters and the rollers.

This vacuum is designed to clean your laminate floor easier. With just a twist of your wrist on the swivel, the direction of the nozzle changes accordingly. And in case you want to clean underneath your furniture, you can flexibly lay the vacuum close to the ground.


  • Strong suction power
  • Dual-brushed designed for laminate floors
  • Pulls up pet hairs efficiently
  • Convenient swivel steering
  • 30-foot cord


  • No HEPA filter
  • Won’t stand on its own
  • Small canister

2. BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L Cordless Hand Vacuum

Corded vacuum cleaners may be too hard to use in some situations especially when the cord is not too long. Hence, BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L Vacuum offers a cordless solution to help you clean the floor with fewer hassles.

This vacuum is equipped with good battery life. Its 14.4-volt lithium-ion battery can hold the charge up to 18 months. When fully charged, you can use this vacuum up to 10 minutes. Recharging the battery is also quick, requiring you only 4 hours for a full charge. This prolonged battery life is made possible with Smart Charge Technology.

This vacuum is equipped with two washable filters – pre-filter and quick clean filter. The front part is equipped with a rotating nozzle to help you pull up dirt and debris on small areas efficiently.

This vacuum has a removable dust canister which can hold up to 20.6 ounces of dirt and debris. Though it is not equipped with any indicators, the dust canister’s translucent material is enough to notify you about removing the contents of the dust canister.

The suction of this vacuum runs on a cyclonic action. Cyclonic action helps on minimizing dust accumulation on the filters by spinning the air at a high speed. The dust and debris are removed from the air path but thrown directly to the dust canister. As a result, you’ll experience an efficient vacuum suction.


  • Charger automatically shuts off when fully charged
  • Quick recharge
  • Appreciable battery life
  • Removable dust canister
  • Cyclonic action


  • Must be charged in upright position only
  • No wall mount
  • Charger light might be too bright

3. Dyson DC44 Digital Slim MK2 Vacuum

Dyson DC44 Vacuum is praised for its strong suction power and versatility. Compared from Dyson’s previous DC35 Vacuum, battery life and pet hair suction is significantly enhanced. Its cordless operation makes it easy and convenient to use for cleaning your laminate floors. Overall, it’s a good upgrade from the previous Dyson vacuums.

Fine dust is efficiently sucked through the anti-static carbon filaments on the nozzle head. Ground-in dirt is likewise pulled through the stiff nylon bristles. The main floor tool has 180-degree motion capability which works seamlessly with the ball as it stirs through a twist of your wrist. The baseplate has a remarkable adaptability for optimizing cleaning distance from the surface. These design features make cleaning in tight areas easier as well.

This vacuum uses a 22.2-volt lithium-ion battery which allows the suction to be consistently strong until the battery is fully discharged. When fully charged, this vacuum can operate up to 20 minutes on standard power setting and 8 minutes on max power. A LED indicator will notify you if there’s a minute left on the battery life.

This vacuum weighs only 5.07 lbs, lighter compared to other stick vacuums at this price point. A wall mount is included for easier and clutter-free storage. You may want to put the wall mount near a power outlet for more convenience in charging and storage.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy cleaning in tight areas
  • Pulls pet hairs efficiently


  • Small canister (requires frequent emptying)
  • Removing hair from canister might be a bit difficult
  • Vacuum will only operate when the power button is held down

4. Dirt Devil Power Air Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum SD20505

Dirt Devil SD20505 Vacuum is designed for simplicity and convenience, delivering good performance on laminate floors. With its easy and powerful operation, you won’t be noticing any mess left behind. Its portability is noticeable since it only weighs 7 lbs.

This vacuum is equipped with a 10-amp motor. It is enough to make this vacuum powerful among the market. It is also the reason why you won’t notice any mess left behind. Aside from pulling up small debris, you can easily pull up large and heavy items along the way which other vacuums cannot do. Every dirt and debris are efficiently pulled with just a single sweep.

The suction is powerful enough to pull up dirt and debris on tight spaces and under your furniture. Its 11-inch cleaning surface and 1.5-inch vacuum head further improve its cleaning efficiency. Since it is equipped with a 20-feet cord, you can freely move around a small to medium-sized room.

A large dirt collection cup is a significant feature for this vacuum. You can continuously clean your floor without being disturbed with collection cup maintenance, including emptying the canister.

You can easily store this vacuum by hanging it since its handle is designed with a large ring on top.


  • Powerful 10-amp motor
  • Easy cleaning on tight and narrow spaces
  • Easy cleaning under a low-level furniture
  • Store by hanging
  • Large dust canister


  • Plastic components of the vacuum seems to be a bit flimsy
  • 20-feet cord is not enough for large areas

5. Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Hoover Linx BH50010 Vacuum is one of the premium choices in the market. With its price, you can expect quality features integrated on the vacuum. It performs well on laminate, tile, linoleum, and wooden floors.

This vacuum can easily pull up fine and medium dirt from the floor. Cleaning pet hair can be done with this vacuum as well. Its 11-inch wide cleaning path allows this vacuum to cover a lot of area in just one sweep. The sides have brushes to agitate and pull up dirt and debris on the edge part of the cleaning path.

This vacuum comes with a decent battery life. Its 18-volt lithium-ion allows a 15-minute runtime on a full charge. Recharging the battery is pretty quick, requiring you only 3 hours for a full charge. A LED light is available to notify you about the battery status with a quick glance.

The power switch is conveniently located on the vacuum’s handle. The vacuum also has a fold flat feature which allows you to easily clean under a furniture or a counter. In terms of cleaning efficiency, the suction runs on a cyclonic system which helps on keeping the dirt away from the filter. You’ll know when it’s time to empty the dirt cup by just peeking through the transparent dust canister.


  • Powerful suction
  • Efficiently pulls up small to medium-sized dirt and debris
  • Easy-to-clean dust canister
  • Side brushes
  • Significant quick charging


  • Not too convenient when cleaning stairs
  • Base cannot be swiveled (limited mobility)

Guide to Choosing The Best Vacuum For Laminate Floors

Your preference still matters when choosing the best vacuum for laminate floors. A certain type of vacuum might be convenient for other users but not for you. This list of factors will guide you on setting your preferences on a vacuum.

Corded Vs Cordless

When you use corded vacuums, a wall outlet must be available near your desired cleaning area. You must take big notice about cord lengths since it corresponds to how far you can go away from the outlet. Corded vacuums work best on small to medium-sized spaces. But if you wish to use corded vacuums on a large-sized area, consider using extension cords.

When you use cordless vacuums, there’s no need to care about the availability of wall outlets in a room. But you need to consider the battery performance as it affects the charging time and battery life throughout the operation.

Motor Power

The motor affects the vacuum’s power of pulling up dirt and debris. Higher motor power means a higher capability of pulling up bigger and heavier dirt, though you need to consider the tube size of the vacuum as well. You must evaluate the volume and size of dirt you encounter every time you clean your laminate floor.

Roller Brush With On/Off Switch

It is best when your vacuum has a roller brush toggle. On hard surfaces, roller brushes must be switched off to prevent dust, debris, and dirt from scattering. Keeping it off will also prevent tears on thick rugs and rough carpets.

Suction Control

It is best when your vacuum have suction control. This helps you control the airflow when cleaning since you don’t need a powerful suction all the time. For example, rough carpets may tangle when you use a powerful suction against it.

Bare Floor Setting

Your vacuum must have a bare floor setting, either manual or automatic adjustment. It is important for the power head to be lowered when using vacuums on laminate floors.

Side Brushes

Side brushes significantly improves your cleaning efficiency since it allows the vacuum to pull up dirt from the edges. You will further appreciate the side brushes on tight and narrow spaces, floor edges, around table legs, or under your furniture.

Vacuum’s Weight

Heavyweight vacuums might be frustrating to use when cleaning your entire home. Regardless, consider the vacuum’s weight if it somehow hinders your cleaning efficiency. If you need to use the vacuum on multiple areas of your home, it is best to use a lightweight vacuum.

Flexibility (For Stick Vacuums)

You may find it tiring when you need to move your furniture if your vacuum is fixed in an upright position. Hence, you must use a flexible stick vacuum with a low level setup. This will allow you to conveniently clean underneath the furniture, tables, and counters.

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Conclusion of best vacuum for laminate floors

Choosing the best vacuum for laminate floors depends on how you want to use your vacuum. You must set your preferences, especially about the setup of your home. Convenient and easy-to-use vacuums will surely help to efficiently clean your laminate floors.

Since you already reached this section, we hope you have come up with the best vacuum of your choice. Thank you for reading this review. We will truly appreciate hearing from you by writing down your comments below.

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