Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets

Carpets add a unique beauty to the visual style of your home. But spills and stains will entirely destroy such visual appeals. Fortunately, vacuum cleaners are available to clean up your carpet efficiently.

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for carpets is not an easy choice. The vacuum cleaner market is filled with feature packs, premium offers, and extras. As a consequence, you may find it hard to find the vacuum you need.

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Quick answer: The 3 Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner For Carpets

Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-away NV501

Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional NV356

Top 15 Best Vacuum Cleaner For Carpets

We are here to help you by reviewing 15 vacuums that excel on cleaning carpets. Just continue reading to expand your knowledge about vacuum cleaners.

1. Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Carpet Cleaner Machine

Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green is a vacuum specifically designed for cleaning carpets. It has a highly positive consumer feedback due to its excellence on cleaning carpets.

Its overall design makes it easy for you to use. The price may be a bit expensive, but your money is worth it for its features and performance.

Upon receiving the item, you’ll see the vacuum and a 24-oz cleaning formula bottle in the box. There’s no need to assemble this vacuum after you put it out of the box. It is equipped with a 12-amp motor and two water tanks – one for clean water and one for dirty water. 

The clean water tank has a capacity of 2 gallons while the other one has a capacity of 1.75 gallons. These tanks are removable which results to an easy emptying on your part. A water level monitor is available for you to easily know the condition of the tank.

This vacuum operates in a unique cleaning mechanism. It has a sprayer which applies a cleaning formula to the carpet. Meanwhile, a rotating brush loosens the dirt. A dirty solution is expected in the process which would then be suctioned by the vacuum. Bissell also integrates a DryAire function where the machine heats the floor which results in a lesser drying time.

When the tanks are empty, this vacuum has a weight of 42 lbs. It may seem to be a big weight to deal with, but this vacuum has a good mobility. It has 2 carry handles to enhance lifting and mobility. You will find it easy to move this vacuum over the carpet. Its 25-ft power cord and the 9-ft hose are long enough to keep going through your cleaning session without moving the vacuum a lot.

This vacuum has a cleaning path of 10.5 inches. Its handle can be adjusted vertically which makes it convenient to use for people with different statures. Storing can be easier and less bulky by folding down the handle.

Aside from an excellent job on cleaning carpets, we found out that this vacuum also excels on cleaning upholsteries and stairs. Knowing that its suction power is designed for carpet, we do not highly recommend this vacuum for cleaning your bare floors.

This vacuum comes with a 5-year warranty. It is also UL Listed (Underwriters Laboratories). When the product is UL Listed, the product meets UL’s Standards for Safety.

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  • Excellent cleaning job
  • High water tank capacity
  • Easy to use
  • No need for assembly
  • Quicker dry time through DryAire function


  • Large and heavy
  • Manual wrap for cord and hose

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2. Shark Rotator Professional Lift-away NV501

When a vacuum has a HEPA level of filtration, 99.9% of the particles are removed from the air. Luckily, Shark Rotator NV501 utilizes this type of filtration. Its filtration mechanism happens by letting the air pass through the HEPA filter before it enters the vacuum. Afterward, the air will leave through an exhaust. If you are suffering from allergies or asthma, vacuums with HEPA filters are highly recommended.

While it excels on cleaning carpet floors, it can function well on bare floors. This is made possible through an on/off switch for the brushbar. When cleaning carpets, you must turn on the brushbar. Alternatively, turn it off when cleaning bare floors. Aside from the on/off switch, different surfaces and stuff can be cleaned by this vacuum by using tools and attachments included in the package.

This vacuum can be used as a stick vacuum, a canister vacuum, and a handheld vacuum. The default setup of this vacuum is on a stick type. Its canister type happens by setting the main body on top of a wheeled base included in the package. A Lift-away mode pursues a handheld type by carrying the dirt canister along with the motor, hose and handle.

A 10-amp motor delivers an adequate suction power for this vacuum. Its nozzle is 11.5-inch wide which is also good enough to have a good balance of suction and maneuverability. Its swivel steering allows you to move this vacuum around a furniture easily.

This vacuum features a Variable Suction which allows adjustment of the motor speed. When you find it hard to move the nozzle on the carpet, reducing the speed helps a lot. When you also clean delicate items, it is recommended to reduce the motor speed. You can find a collar below the vacuum handle which needs to be rotated to adjust the speed.

The dust canister of this vacuum can be easily emptied. Its capacity is only 0.325 gallon when considering the line indicated when you need to empty the dust canister. But the full capacity of the dust canister can be extended up to 0.75 gallons. You might want to fully use its capacity, but there’s only one line indicator for the canister.

The power cord of this vacuum is 30-ft long. Also, the stretch hose has a length of 8.6 ft long. It is long enough to do your cleaning for a slightly large room. The nozzle motor automatically stops in case the brushbar is obstructed during the operation. This prevents overheating and any potential to damages.


  • Not too heavy
  • Works on both carpet and bare floors
  • Easy to empty dust canister
  • Good length for the power cord
  • Quick and easy assembly


  • The headlight brightness may not be satisfying
  • Vacuum might be bit large for you

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3. Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional NV356

Shark Navigator NV356 Vacuum is highly praised for its strong suction power, large dirt canister, and maneuverability. This vacuum is can be considered lightweight regardless of its professional cleaning features. While it excels on cleaning carpets, it has a special bare floor tool.

A 10-amp motor is being used with this vacuum which provides a strong suction power. Other vacuum cleaners may use a 12-amp motor, but a 10-amp motor is enough for this vacuum to perform excellently. The bagless upright nature of this vacuum results to a cyclonic suction mechanism. With cyclonic suction, the dirt will not accumulate on the filters. This will help maintain the suction power while the filters remain clean for a longer time. Cyclonic suction spins the air at high speeds and the dirt will be removed from the airflow through a centrifugal force.

Euro-Pro has this Complete Seal technology integrated on the vacuum. With Complete Seal, the air filtration becomes more efficient by preventing the unfiltered air from leaking out.

Filtration is further enhanced through the use of HEPA filters. With HEPA filters, 99.9% of particles are removed from the air. Its filtration mechanism happens by letting the air pass through the HEPA filter before it enters the vacuum. Afterward, the air will leave through an exhaust. If you are suffering from allergies or asthma, vacuums with HEPA filters are highly recommended.

Portability is offered by this vacuum through a detachable dirt canister. The motor, hose, and wand come with the dirt canister. Euro-Pro refers to this as a Lift-Away feature. With Lift-Away, vacuuming your stairs, corners, tight spaces, and other hard-to-reach areas will be easier. The dirt canister has a capacity of 0.55 gallons and can be emptied easily.

The brushbar has an on/off switch which is essential to make cleaning bare floors possible. If you will clean carpets, you need to turn on the brushbar switch. Otherwise, turn it off when cleaning bare floors.

This vacuum has a cleaning path of 9.25 inches which is fair enough to efficiently use the vacuum under the furniture and on the corners. It also has a 30-ft power cord which is great when cleaning medium to the large-sized room. You can manually wrap the power code on the sides of the vacuum.

This vacuum comes with a 5-year warranty. It is also ETL listed (Electrical Testing Laboratories). When ETL listed, a product passed a series of electrical and reliability tests based on the Standards of Safety.


  • Lightweight
  • Good maneuverability
  • Easy assembly
  • Lift-Away feature
  • Good combination of HEPA filters and Complete Seal


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4. Hoover FH50150 Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

Hoover FH50150 has a lot of compelling features despite its mid-range price. On a first look, it seems to be massive and heavy. But on a test, it only weighs 18 pounds. It is lightweight enough to ensure good maneuverability for the machine. Its size resembles the same dimensions as standard vacuum cleaners do. Overall, this vacuum cleaner features deluxe features to keep your carpet clean.

It is worth noting that this vacuum is only recommended to be used on carpets. You can also use this on upholsteries through an upholstery tool. Forcing to use this vacuum on bare floors and other delicate items may result in unwanted degradation of floor and item quality.

In terms of reachability, this vacuum is somehow generous. Its power cord has a length of 20 feet while the hose has a length of 8 feet. This is long enough to keep clean a wider room space without being disrupted by plugging this carpet cleaner to another wall outlet. The nozzle is 11.25-inch wide which is fair enough to clean your whole carpet in a lesser time.

This vacuum is equipped with two water tanks – one for dirty water and one for clean water. Both tanks have a capacity of 1 gallon. The capacity is big enough to let you clean for a longer time by not necessarily emptying and refilling the tank frequently. Each tank has handles which make emptying and refilling more convenient. With just a little lift, you can get the tank out of its compartment. The handles make it easier for you to empty the dirty water as well.

This vacuum has a wash and rinses selector. When you use the wash setting, your carpet will be cleaned with a solution. Otherwise, the rinse setting removes the soap residue. Aside from this selector, brushes are found underneath the vacuum. Hoover refers to this as SpinScrub technology. With SpinScrub technology, the dirt and debris which have sunken deep into the carpet can be dislodged easily. The brushes are removable for an easy maintenance.

Drying up your carpet will be quicker with the forced heated air mechanism used by this machine. Your carpet receives a hot air when the vacuum passes through it, resulting in a lesser drying time.

Included in the package is a Clean Plus 2X Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, stair cleaning tool, upholstery tool, crevice tool, and a hand brush. The attachments can be stored in a mesh bag which is also included in the package.


  • Lesser drying time
  • Multiple attachments included
  • SpinScrub technology for dislodging deep dirt
  • Wash and rinse selector
  • Large tank capacity


  • Possible leaking issues for the water tank
  • Cord length might not be too long for huge areas

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5. Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum

Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum excels in cleaning both carpets and hard floors. This is made possible by including two cleaner heads in the package. A direct-drive cleaner head ensures efficient carpet cleaning while a soft roller cleaner head ensures efficient hard floor cleaning.

Aside from the two cleaner heads, the package also includes a mini motorized tool, mini soft dusting brush, combination tool, crevice tool, removable wand, battery charger, and a docking station. These tools are much appreciated considering the price. Since the wand is removable, you have the choice on how you will use this vacuum. Either you’ll use it as a stick vacuum or as a handheld vacuum. This is a good feature since every area of your home can be thoroughly cleaned with a different vacuum type.

This vacuum uses a HEPA level of filtration. With HEPA filters, 99.9% of the particles in the air are absorbed by the vacuum. This is a good feature for removing microorganisms triggering allergies and asthma. Filtration will be more efficient through a sealed construction made on this vacuum. Sealed construction ensures that the unfiltered air does not escape. It rather goes to the filter before reaching the exhaust.

Dyson V6 Absolute uses 2 levels of radial cyclones. As a result, it further enhances the existing cyclonic technology of Dyson. Airflow is increased resulting in a higher reduction rate of microscopic particles. Cyclonic technology is known for preventing dust accumulation on the filters. The dust would rather go directly into the dust canister through a centrifugal force. This results to a consistent filtration.

The dust canister has a capacity of 0.11 gallons. It might be too small than other vacuum cleaners, but it ensures a lightweight feature. The weight of this vacuum is only 5.1 lbs which result in excellent portability and maneuverability.

Since it is cordless, this vacuum uses battery power. On a standard power mode, the vacuum will last for 20 minutes on a full charge if you do not use an attachment. You must expect for a lesser runtime when using attachments. On a boost power mode, the vacuum will last for 6 minutes. Charging this vacuum is well-organized through a docking station. Some of the attachments can be left on the dock as well. It only takes 3.5 hours for this vacuum to be full charged.


  • Lightweight
  • Good maneuverability
  • Easy cleaning on tight spaces
  • High performance when used as a handheld vacuum
  • Comes with docking station


  • Expensive
  • Small dust canister

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6. Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum

Dyson DC65 has been known as a powerful vacuum. Its suction performs well and its cleaning mechanism excellently cleans up both carpets and bare floors. Also, this vacuum does a good job on pulling up pet hairs without any disturbing tangles. You might need to prepare a lot of money for this one, but it surely delivers an excellent job through its plentiful features.

Included in the package are a tangle-free turbine tool, large dusting brush, combo brush and crevice tool, and a stair cleaning tool. These attachments are great for efficiently cleaning different parts of your house aside from your carpet.

As opposed to other vacuum’s switch function, this vacuum does not need any switch when cleaning from a carpet to a bare floor seamlessly. The base plate of this vacuum adjusts by itself automatically. As a result, you do not need to reach for any switches and you do not need to manually adjust the nozzle height.

An 11.7-amp motor is being utilized for this vacuum. When you are using it, the vacuum operates with cyclone technology. On a rapid air spin, the dust and debris will be forced out directly to the dust canister through a centrifugal force. Dyson enhances their previous cyclone technology by applying a radial model. With Radial cyclone technology, the flow will be more efficient while turbulence is further reduced. This results in a better suction power and dust removal.

This vacuum has a brushbar which helps on aggressively cleaning your carpet. The brushbar helps a lot when your carpet is filled with deep stubborn dirt. It has an on/off switch since the brushbar won’t be helpful in cleaning bare floors.

The positioning of the brushbar helps a lot on cleaning tight spaces, corners, baseboards, and around furniture. Cleaning the edges is a lot simpler by allowing the brushbar increase the 13.5-inch width of the nozzle. The width of the nozzle is remarkably wide which results to fewer passes needed to clean up the whole carpet.

The vacuum is designed with a 35-ft non-retractable power cord and a 15-ft hose. This is a remarkable length for extending reachability. This allows you to clean a large room without the need of plugging the vacuum to another outlet. Moreover, these lengths are way too generous compared to other vacuum cleaners.

At 17.4 lbs, this vacuum is not considerably lightweight. But its nozzle has a remarkable characteristic of pulling the machine forward. Maneuverability is still good for this vacuum cleaner.


  • Long power cord and hose
  • Powerful suction
  • Self-adjusting base plate for seamless cleaning on carpet and bare floors
  • Efficient cleaning of edges and tight spaces
  • No manual adjustment needed for nozzle height


  • Expensive
  • Hose might be stiff and unwieldy to use

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7. Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution 1986 Carpet Cleaner

Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution 1986 is at par to the previous Bissell vacuums due to its treatment on pet messes. Cleaning a carpet filled with stubborn pet stains might be a hard job for other vacuums, but not for this one. Even if you do not have a pet, this vacuum ensures an excellent carpet cleaning.

Assembly is one of the finest points with this vacuum. There are only four pieces you need to assemble by screwing them together. It only takes about 5 minutes to finish it.

Other carpet cleaners can only operate in wet cleaning mode. Such circumstance refrains the cleaner to be used on delicate items. But Bissell has a brilliant solution by designing this vacuum as both a carpet cleaner and a regular vacuum cleaner. You can vacuum the carpet, rug, upholsteries, and other delicate items by using the dry mode. Otherwise, use the wet cleaning mode if you need an extreme cleaning job for your carpet.

This vacuum has a good carpet cleaning mechanism. You can find a small sprayer at the cleaning head of this vacuum which primarily attacks the stubborn stains. Though it results in a wet cleaning method, drying time is not too long. Just wait for 1 hour and your carpet is completely dried. This quick dry feature is made possible through the HeatWave technology. With heatwave, the water is kept warm when cleaning. A carpet with warm water dries up faster than cold water.

Bissell includes a lot of tools and cleaning formula in the package. When you buy this vacuum, you’ll also receive a tough stain tool, a 2-in-1 pet upholstery dry and wet cleaning tool, and a professional pet urine eliminator with oxy & pet stain odor plus antibacterial formula. These extras help a lot to ensure an efficient carpet cleaning.

At 20 lbs, this vacuum is not considerably lightweight. But it is still a good number as opposed to the heavier previous Bissell ProHeat vacuums.

Overall, Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution 1986 has a good response rate. It has good machine design packed with high performance and user-friendliness. You’ll find this vacuum easy to assemble and easy to use. This vacuum managed to enhance versatility and power while preventing a loud noise on the operation.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Dry and wet cleaning mode
  • Quick drying time for carpet
  • Removable brushroll for easier maintenance
  • Comes with a lot of tools and cleaning formula


  • Not highly recommended for cleaning bare floors

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8. iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 880 is the only robotic vacuum in this list. It has managed to cope up with today’s upright and handheld vacuums despite the struggles of previous Roomba Robotic Vacuums. Adaptive navigation with multiple sensors is embedded in the system of this vacuum. Dirt is efficiently pulled up through its high-efficiency vacuum and dual contra-rotating brush system.

By merely looking to this vacuum, you’ll see a round shape and low-slung design. It is a good design for navigating obstacles, corners, and furniture efficiently. The rotating side brushes get close to the edge for an efficient cleaning. You may somehow doubt its random cleaning path, but it still provides a complete floor coverage with its efficient dirt sensors.

The top of this vacuum has a big power button, a LED for displaying time and day, and four buttons for setting the clock, setting a cleaning schedule, returning the vacuum to the dock, and concentrating on a single spot.

As long as the clock is set correctly, it is easy for you to input a cleaning schedule for the robot. Just select the day, input the time, and press OK. When fully charge, this vacuum is capable of cleaning more than one room. It needs about 20 minutes to clean up a room.

The package includes 2 virtual wall lighthouses. When used properly, it prevents the vacuum from entering another room without fully cleaning up the first room. It also helps the vacuum go back to its dock. The vacuum automatically returns to its dock when the cleaning job is done, when the dust bin is full, or when the battery is low.

This vacuum efficiently cleans the edges, corners, and around a furniture through its spinning brushes and central suction band. A remote control is available in case you want to steer the vacuum towards a stubborn dirt or steer the vacuum when it gets stuck.

Maintenance is fairly easy for this robot. Though it is designed for cleaning your room once a day, it only needs a weekly maintenance especially on the drop sensors, bin, air filters, and front wheel. After you emptied up the bin, you must tap the side of the vacuum to thoroughly clean up the air filters.


  • Effortless cleaning
  • Good performance on carpet and bare floors
  • Cleans well underneath a furniture
  • Cleans corners and edges excellently
  • Picks up pet hair


  • Inefficient cleaning on rugs
  • Noisy operation

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9. Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Hoover Linx BH50010 can be tagged as a premium choice in the vacuum market. Its price delivers quality features which make it worthy to buy. It does an excellent job when cleaning both carpets and bare floors.

This vacuum has a good cleaning mechanism where it can easily pull up both fine and medium debris and pet hairs as well. It has an 11-inch cleaning path which is wide enough to lessen your time cleaning the entire carpet or floor. The sides of the cleaning path are equipped with brushes which would dislodge deep dirt and debris. Pulling the dirt up will be easier afterward.

Since this vacuum is cordless, it operates on through a battery power. You can find an 18-volt Lithium-ion battery on the unit. When fully charged, the battery would let you clean continuously for 15 minutes. Charging the battery is not too lengthy. In just 3 hours, you will be able to use this vacuum again. A LED light is included which will serve as a battery status notification.

This vacuum has a switch with 3 options: an off switch, a suction only switch, and a suction with brush roll switch. The 2nd option is good for cleaning bare floors, while the 3rd option is good for cleaning carpets. A label beside the LED light will let you notify if you are using suction only or you are also using the brush roll.

The power switch is located on the handle. It is a smart location for you to conveniently turn the vacuum on/off. Cleaning under a furniture or appliances is also convenient through the vacuum’s fold flat feature. The vacuum can be set in an almost horizontal position for an easy cleaning underneath.

Aside from the power switch, this vacuum has 2 modes: a regular mode and a max power mode. With max power mode, you can efficiently clean up stubborn debris left in your carpet.

Hoover integrates a cyclonic system throughout the operation of the vacuum. It improves the cleaning efficiency by keeping the dirt away from the filter. A centrifugal force is responsible for letting the dirt go to the dust canister immediately without further accumulation on the filters. This will let the suction and the filters operate consistently throughout your use.

The weight of this vacuum is just 7.3 lbs which result to a good portability and easy maneuverability.


  • Powerful suction
  • Efficient cleaning on small to medium-sized dirt
  • Easy-to-clean dust canister
  • Side brushes
  • Quick charging


  • Limited mobility (base cannot be maneuvered)
  • Not efficient for pulling up pet hairs

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10. Eureka Easy Clean Lightweight Vacuum 169B

Eureka 169B Vacuum appeals much for user-friendliness. You’ll find it easy to use and maintain this vacuum. While it works efficiently for carpets, it will also work for smooth floors, upholsteries, and rugs. Considering its cheap price point, such versatility is well-appreciated.

This vacuum has a 2-in-1 nature which is another appreciable feature for its price. You may choose between a stick type and a handheld type depending on the dirt and area you are dealing with.

This vacuum has a brushroll feature with on/off switch. When cleaning your carpet, you need to turn it on. Otherwise, turn it off when cleaning other surfaces and delicate items. The brushroll allows further agitation of dust especially when it is deeply sunken on your carpet. Since the base is designed with translucent materials, you can easily notice if the brushroll is working.

The dust cup and the filter of this vacuum can be maintained conveniently since is removable and washable. It is advisable to do a regular maintenance to further expand its efficiency and lifespan.

Eureka 169B is the lightest in this list. With only 4 lbs, you can expect a convenient portability and maneuverability for this vacuum. It also leaves a small footprint, making it easy to store in a cabinet or in any compact spaces. You may even want to leave it in an upright position without any issues.

You must not expect a strong motor for this vacuum. However, it still excels on cleaning pet hairs. Other vacuums within the price range cannot efficiently pull up pet hairs.

Considering the price, the features are reasonable enough to clean up a small room efficiently or do a quick cleanup when you need it. This vacuum is well-recommended for small spaces and for homes with low-pile carpets.

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  • Lightweight
  • Cleans both carpets and bare floors
  • Pulls up pet hairs
  • 2-in-1 vacuum (stick type and handheld type)
  • Reasonable features for its price


  • Not recommended for high-pile carpets
  • Short power cord

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11. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vac (SV66)

It’s not everyday that home makers or working people take the time to do a thorough cleaning of every corner in their houses. Large powerful vacuum cleaners are not convenient for quick pick ups around the house. In such cases, handheld vacuum cleaners, with a easy to hold handle and light in weight come into the picture. They are easy to carry around and stored away, they have enough power to pick up dust, dirt, crumbs, sand, etc.


Rechargeable Battery

The shark cordless vacuum cleaners come with a rechargeable battery. With a charging base, it can be stationed above it in an upright position to charge itself. There is an LED light which is handy to know the stage of charge on the batteries. The highly efficient batteries keep the vacuum cleaner running a long time without fading in power. The batteries are able to power the suctioning without a break.

Cyclonic Suction

A good vacuum cleaner needs to be designed with the latest technological advances. Twister cyclonic action in vacuum cleaners has been the rage as it is highly useful to keep the vacuum cleaner unclogged during use. Without the cyclonic suction, the vacuum can get overwhelmed with the constant suctioning of dust and other particles. This type of interference in cleaning can be avoided through the cyclonic technology, which pushes the dust and debris away from the nozzle, for a continuous vacuuming.

Portable In Size And Weight

The shark vacuum cleaner, stands up to its reputation as a portable vacuum cleaner by weighing a little over 3 pounds. 3 pounds is a breeze to carry around while cleaning and vacuuming the house or cars. It can also be easily transported without adding any bulk as it has no cords or plugs. It can charged once and used outdoors for a long time. It is small in size too and can be stored in the vehicle for those who buy it exclusively to vacuum their car.

Bagless Dust Cup

It is highly recommended to buy cordless vacuum cleaners without the fuss of replaceable bags and dust cups. It is always easy to manage without the bags. The dust cup conveniently collects all the dust and particles, and with a single click, the user is able to empty it into a trash bin or bag and reuse it immediately. There is no need also to invest in expensive replacement bags.

Reusable And Washable Filters

The filter in the shark handheld vacuum cleaners, are both detachable as well as washable. This means that they need to switched out less often. The filter can be easily pushed out and cleaned under a tap in the sink and fit back in without any fuss.


  • It has a single click detachable dust cup, which when open empties dust.
  • It has a mounting stand, on which it can be charged as well as stored away.
  • Long lasting battery capacity
  • Easy to clean and replace filters.
  • Affordable in price and light in weight for increased portability.


The little brush that comes as an attachment with the vacuum cleaner is reportedly not useful to pick up large particles. Once attached, the suctioning capability of the vacuum cleaner does not work as efficiently. Without the brush attachment, the vacuum cleaner works just as good as new. With increasing consumer complaints, the company should be able to remedy this minor flaw quickly.


Having easy access to handheld vacuum cleaners with a powerful motor such as the shark cordless vacuum cleaner, helps to save one from leaving the house dirty due to busy schedules. Pulling out the vacuum cleaner and quickly suctioning any kind of spills or dust is easier than trying to do the same job with the generic vacuum cleaners. It is advisable to those who own homes and cars to invest in such convenient vacuum cleaners to make cleaning that much more simple.

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12. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Vacuum, UH70210

No Suction Loss. Powerful. Light Weight. These are just few of the words to describe the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70210. The brand promises to deliver everything you could ask for from a vacuum. This Hoover T-SeriesWindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70210 review will be your guide in discovering the wonders of such model along with the pros and cons associated with it.

Quick Peek

  • Easy-to-clean pet attachments
  • Fold down handle
  • Lightweight, only 17.8 lbs.
  • Superior Filtration
  • Intuitive Power Controls
  • No Scuff Bumper
  • Headlight
  • Brushroll Access and Easy Belt Change System
  • System Check Indicator
  • On-board tools
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty


Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool

Having pets in your home?Pets are adorable creatures that we treat as part of the household but we can never love their mess. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, the Hoover UH70210 can help manage all those unruly pet hair with this tool.

Fortunately, there are vacuums like this Hoover which can assist in eliminating pet dander and other pet-dirt elements on different surfaces.

Hoover boasts their air-powered pet hand tool that makes pet cleaning more convenient for you. The rubber blades are responsible for gathering hairs from upholstery and other surfaces. Then astonishing suction power gets rid of them completely.

Additionally, cleaning the blades doesn’t have to be extensive anymore. Thanks to the same tool that prevents hair from gathering in the blades.

5-Position Carpet Height Adjustment.

The need to clean different floor types is inevitable. From wooden floors to carpets. Or from stairs to upholstery, you will need a vacuum versatile enough to accommodate them all.

Thanks to the 5-position carpet height adjustment, you just have to adjust the vacuum as needed to suit the floor type that you want to clean. With this feature, cleaning all floor types will become more efficient than ever!

Folding Handle

The beauty of the Hoover UH70210 doesn’t end in being upright and its ability to greatly assist your cleaning needs. With the folding handle, Hoover makes it possible that convenience can still be achieved even when storing the machine.

The folding handle enables this model to be ideally stored in small storage spaces. The next time you finish cleaning, storage is just a snap!

Suction Only Mode Pedal

Carpets are usually placed on or next to hard floors. So when cleaning your carpet first, you obviously have to deal with the hard floor next. The Suction Only Mode Pedal makes the transition much easier for you. Just press the pedal and you can easily transfer from carpet to hard floors.

8-Inch Stretch Hose

Need an instant extended reach? The 8-inch Stretch hose has got your back. Whenever you need an immediate assistance because you can’t reach a corner or any nook and cranny, the 8-inch Stretch hose is there to save the day.

27-Foot Cord with Cord Rewind

The biggest highlight of the Hoover UH70210 is the 27-foot cord. Just tap the pedal and the cord activates. What makes this feature very attractive is the fact that it doesn’t need any winding. How is that possible? Just rewind and the cord automatically retracts INSIDE in a very neat way that will really amaze you.


Automatic cord rewind – All vacuums must have this. But in reality, it is only available on this Hoover. This is the neatest way to store the cord. It’s automatic and simply incredible!

  • Good suction – The most fundamental factor of every vacuum is its power to suck in dirt from different surfaces. The Hoover UH70210 is an exceptional unit that delivers optimum results with a performance that will satisfy you. Note that stuff like threads that usually got tangled on rugs can’t be removed by the brush. However, use the hose attachment and they can be easily removed.
  • Bagless – You can save a lot of your money in the long run. Being bagless makes disposal easier with much less mess compared to using bags with old model vacuums.
  • Easy to clean – Filters can be easily accessed. They can also be rinsed easily.
  • Light – This model is light weight. What else could you want?
  • Fold down handle – Handle can be totally folded reducing height into half so that you can store it wherever you want.
  • Quiet – Finally, a model that can make cleaning peaceful because it doesn’t emit much noise.


Only One Extension Pipe

Having only one extension makes it kind of not long enough. Thus, you will need an additional extension depending on your situation. However, scavenging extensions like from Ol’Beastie for instance is a wise move because they are the same fit. If you don’t have any then you have to look for other alternatives.

Again, this con will not be a con if you don’t need any additional extension at the first place.

Plastic. Plastic Everywhere

You can greatly notice the plastic parts and components of this Hoover. Some users find this a threat in durability in the long run. But looking at the price, having a lot of plastic parts that could last for a few years is already totally worth the investment. Not to mention that the plastic parts play the greatest role in making the model light weight.


The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70210 is probably the most prudent choice that you can make when it comes to vacuums. With the WindTunnel technology and other awesome features you can get, this model is truly practical.

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13. Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Introducing the MOST powerful upright vacuum on a ball – the Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner, also known as the Dyson Ball Allergy. The redesigned brush bar and the famous Radial Root Cyclone technology removes more dust and dirt making this vac’s suction to be the strongest than any other vacuum in the series. The reconfigured brush bar provides 25% more power with stiffer and shorter bristles that enables superior hard floor performance and a more immersive carpet penetration;effectively getting rid of more dirt in the process. The Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner is yet another remarkable vacuum suitable for any household.

Pros And Highlights

Redesigned Brush Bar

The reconfigured brush bar features a new design – the ridge where the bristles sit on is raised creating a shorter bristle length and at the same time stiffer in build, making it impossible to scratch hard floors and enabling a more immersive contact on carpets, accordingly removes more dirt elements.

You can also say good bye to dirty, annoying strips at the base of your cabinets and skirting boards as Dyson engineers managed to strip back the cleaner head’s design, creating a brush that has a coverage from end to end.

Patented Dyson Technology

One of the perks of having this Dyson DC65 Animal is the name itself. Dyson engineers are consistently innovating and discovering technological advancements with the aim to discern new approaches to make things work better than before.

Part of this innovation includes improving existing technologies to formulate new ones, deriving a more advanced technology from its predecessor. The DC65 Animal, for instance, is the birth of a new invention inspired by previous generation vacuums.

Another advantage of having a Dyson are the patented technologies that protect your investment by making sure no other manufacturer can copy the technology Dyson owns. Simply put, others can only imitatebut they can’t duplicate the entirety of Dyson.

When you have a Dyson, like this DC65 Animal, you have yourself a machine crafted with revolutionary novelty that you can never find in other brands. If it’s not a Dyson, it’s not a Dyson.


Now this term is something you can rarely find in my reviews. I personally consider a Dyson, particularly the DC65, as amazingly high-tech.It utilizes Radial Root Cyclone technology for optimum suction power plus it preserves air pressure and reduces turbulence with its improved air flow efficiency, meaning more miniscule particles are removed by the inner cyclones.

Dyson engineers also designed this machine to perform with a more powerful suction by refining the machine’s vortex fingers and cyclone inlets that eradicates more dust and dirt in your household. Furthermore, the DC65 features the latest Ball technology which is totally impressive – the vacuum’s key components are actually fitted INSIDE the ball itself. As a result, the vacuum becomes significantly lighter because of a lowered center of gravity, allowing you to gain access to tighter spaces thanks to the machine’s streamlined profile.

Self-adjusting Cleaner Head

Just when you think that the latest Ball technology is the end of all advancements compressed in this vacuum, wait till you are introduced to the self-adjusting cleaner head. Who could refuse to an automatic feature that does all the work for you?

It is a fundamental knowledge that most upright vacuums have cleaner heads that are not automatic – meaning you have to manually adjust it to suit various and different types of floor. If not done in the right manner, you’ll create a gap between the floor and the cleaner head, thus suction power is dramatically decreased creating unsatisfactory clean-up.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an automatic cleaner head with an active baseplate that adjusts all by itself, intelligently adapting to the current floor type where the vacuum is.

The self-adjusting cleaner head raises and lowers itself to keep a close contact to the surface, consequently sealing suction. Furthermore, it has 25% more power than the previous-generation drive bristles, capturing more ground-in dirt.


Here are some downsides of this model that most users would agree to; however, take note that user experience may vary depending on some factors which means that you may or may not encounter one or more of these listed cons.

High-end price

Everybody loves an affordable price, and the price of this Dyson is truly something that disappoints consumers, probably including you. After being presented all the features and possibilities the vacuum could offer, all you would want to do is to have one but knowing the price makes you instantly hesitant – and you are not alone with this conundrum. Not to mention that shipping is not free unlike most vacuums in other brands. But if you have tons of budget, then it would definitely be NOT a waste to have something that your money could buy.

Incompatible Attachments

The package includes attachments and some of which are “incompatible” ones. Why? Because the vacuum can’t hold those attachments, a user claimed. It’s not known whether this is a packaging mishap or a design glitch that two large attachments, which came along with the box, do not fit anywhere or can’t be stored in the vacuum itself, the same user claimed.

Buttons Are Slightly Hard To Reach

I have nothing against the functionality of the vacuum as a whole, as well as its buttons particularly the power / hardwood floor button. The only downside is their location which is somewhat hard to reach. Well this con mainly depends on the user, but many consumers will surely agree when I say I wish these buttons were placed higher up on the handle so it can be easily accessed when you need it.


Currently known as the Dyson Ball Allergy, the Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner, is definitely better than the DC41 with its more powerful brushroll and improved airflow, also making it better than most vacuums in the market. This is a highly recommended vacuum but only for people with a higher budget range.

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14. Black & Decker CHV1410L Lithium Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vacuum

For more than a hundred years, Black & Decker has been a solid name in the industry with their line-up of different products aiming to make people’s lives better. Evolving from a simple machine shop, Black & Decker is now a worldwide manufacturer and marketing powerhouse. The Black & Decker CHV1410L Lithium Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vacuum for instance is one of their pride. Take a look at this review and know more about this vacuum.


Smart Charge Technology

Introducing the innovative Smart Charge Technology that defends your hand vacuum, allowing to keep long running time even after years of using it. Thanks to the Lithium Ion chargers that operates with high efficiency. Once the battery is charged, the Lithium Ion chargers automatically shuts off, prohibiting electricity from entering the battery, which would otherwise degrade its quality.

In other chargers, you still have to occasionally check whether the vacuum is already fully charged or not. And when they do, you still have to manually unplug the charger to prevent overloading. But how about those times when you tend to forget about your charged vacuum due to being busy on other productive tasks?

Thanks to Smart Charge Technology, you no longer need to check your CHV1410L whether it’s already charged or not because the said technology does the job for you. You can now conveniently store your Black & Decker without having to worry anything even if it’s plugged!

Perfect For Quick Pick Up

This sleek Black & Decker prides itself by having fade-free power and lithium technology. Fade-free power means that the vacuum retains its power from the moment it still has full battery power up to the last juice that the battery can give.

Other vacuums slowly lose its power as the battery also loses its charge. But this Black & Decker makes an exception. The ground-breaking Lithium Technology delivers sufficient power to drive the motors in full-suction speed from 100% battery up to 1%.

Dust Buster Madness

Long battery life. Fade-Free Power. One might think there’s no more to ask for. But there’s more and this model has got it for you. Fade-free power would be nothing if the suction power is not strong at the first place. Thanks to the innovative 16-volt MAX Lithium Ion Dust Buster, robust suction will really put your clean-up into action.

You can be confident that you are dominating with great suction and power in everything from bare floor to carpet to furniture, upholstery and more!

Multi-Surface Dominance

This new hand vac features a light weight shape with innovative internal mechanism which the user can greatly take advantage of.

For instance, tight spots and hard-to-reach areas are now accessible, thanks to the built-in crevice extension with the advanced rotating slim nozzle design that provides significantly lengthier stretch compared to previous-generation Black & Decker vacuums. Just extend the crevice to operate in narrow spaces.

Large debris can be easily scooped up with the wide mouth design. And for cleaning upholstery, just flip up the brush and you’re good to go. Furthermore, you can conveniently organize accessories and a fast charging base keeps your vacuum energized.

Cyclonic Action

The word speaks for itself – just imagine a cyclone packed inside your unit. However, this particular cyclonic action is not designed to cause devastation but rather to promote cleaner surfaces. It works by spinning debris and dust away from your filter resulting to a maintained resilient suction.

Convenient Dirt Storage

The dirt bowl of this vacuum is easy to clean and also easy to empty. Additionally, the filter is also washable, further defining the luxury of convenience.

Lithium Advantage

This Black & Decker comes with Lithium advantage as it’s packed with a battery that is unlike others. Typical batteries fadein suction intensity as a result of power loss making it difficult for some users to operate since the battery is finished before they could actually finish their task. With Lithium Ion Batteries, you can be sure that power will never fade and suction will never weaken throughout your cleaning task.


  • Affordable, low price for only about $50 ( Read more: Top Rated Vacuum Cleaner Under $100 )
  • Smart Charge Technology protects your battery and the unit itself to promote long run times from the first use and to the years to come.
  • Fade Free Power ensures no suction loss from the first room up to the last one.
  • Strong suction allows you to remove unruly ground-in dirt and stubborn dirt elements away from carpets, floors, and other types of surfaces.
  • Slim nozzle is perfectly sized plus it can rotate, allowing you to reach more dirt in corners and narrow spaces.
  • Accessories (e.g. brush, crevice tool, etc.) are conveniently located right on-board the unit so you take it anywhere you clean and ready to serve right when you need it. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about loose items because you’ll know where to find them.
  • Better accessibility is brought by the extended reach of the CHV1410L that is amazingly 50 percent more lengthy than the previous Black & Decker designs. This means no more bending and hard efforts when cleaning.


Here are some of the complaints gathered from consumer’s feedbacks.

Bad Replacement

A review claimed that the original dust buster lasted for about two years. After only four months of usage, the replacement dust buster unexpectedly stopped working without any known reason. However, it is undeniable that the dust buster really worked well when it’s still functional. The only downside is this sudden mishap.

Relatively Short Lifespan

A review claimed that their Black & Decker CHV1410L died after four months of use. However, this doesn’t mean that you will have the same fate when you purchase such. This also doesn’t mean that the vacuum quality itself is to blame.

There are actually a lot of factors to be considered as to how their vacuum died in just a few months. This may include careless use, intensive charging, extensive use, abuse of vacuum, improper storage and more.

So make sure to read your manual’s instruction and make yourself knowledgeable on how to take care of your unit to make it last.


Finally, a cordless vacuum that costs less than a hundred dollars! Considering the highlights and pros that greatly outweigh the cons, the Black & Decker CHV1410L Lithium Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vacuum is truly a bang for the buck!

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15. Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106)

Cordless convenience meets performance. The Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) promises to deliver every user the satisfaction that they are looking for. The manufacturer claims that the Shark Navigator Freestyle comes with extended run times to clean more rooms in a single charge, strong suction power to remove stubborn ground dirt, and excellent cleaning on both carpet and bare floor. Will this product live up with what is expected from it? Know the answer in this Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) review.


2 Speed Power Settings

The most pioneering highlight of the Shark Navigator Freestyle is its 2 Speed Power Settings created to optimize your cleaning competence in both carpet and bare floor. The unit is designed to handle different floor types with different approach suitable for a particular surface. This means that the vacuum doesn’t treat your carpet the way it treats your bare floor.

The principle is simple – carpets have a different texture, component, and build, compared to bare floors that are also different on their own. Also, a motor brush may be helpful in cleaning carpets but it could become a curse when applied on bare floors. This only means that they can’t be cleaned in exactly the same way.

Thanks to the 2 Speed Power Settings, the Shark Navigator Freestyle comes with a powerful motorized brush that easily removes ground-in dirt and embedded pet hair from carpet floors. It also takes care of your bare floor by augmenting your vacuum to make it able to govern such surface.

Swivel Steering

Swivel Steering can be described in a simple line – easily steer with the unit. In older model vacuums, they are often designed to travel in a straight path because the maneuverability often points in a straight line. And whenever the user wants to go left or right, the unit still has to travel a significant curve just to turn a mere 90 degrees. Furthermore, there would a great gap on the floor whenever the user wants to make a U-turn.

With the swivel steering design of the Shark Navigator Freestyle, the dilemmas that you would have faced should you use a conventional vacuum become non-existing.

Say good bye to difficult maneuvers and hard U-turns. Thanks to this feature designed with pivot-like transporting, you can turn the vacuum with just a little twist of your hand. Furthermore, making U-turns can also be done considerably easier.

With the swivel steering, cleaning has become cooler be it around or under your furniture, carpets, floor, or any other surface for that matter.

Precision Charger

The Shark Navigator Freestyle is also proud of their precision charger that does a really great job in charging the unit. The charger can feed-up the battery to 100% in just four (4) hours. Other cordless vacuum chargers have a hard time charging their units or require long hours to fully charge them, but not with this model.


  • You can steer around very easily. Maneuverability is brought by the Swivel steering.
  • You can take advantage of the cordless feature because you can transport the machine wherever you like or wherever it is needed.
  • No bags needed! This means huge savings in the long run.
  • Dust cup is easy to empty and wash. The best part is its extra-large capacity. This means that regular cleaning is not required because it takes time to full the cup.
  • You’ll love the 2-speed settings intended for bare floor and carpet cleaning.
  • The unit can full charge in just 4 hours.
  • Excellent customer service as many users would agree.
  • Middle-range price for a cordless vacuum – not too cheap and not too expensive either.


Misleading Packaging

Some reviews claim of the mismatched packaging label. For instance, one user claims that the unit he got is equipped with only 10 volts, contradicting to the package that states 14 volts.

Broken Accessories

Another user claimed that the internal small hose broke in less than a year of usage. Good thing that Shark replaced the whole unit itself with another one but another model. However, the small plastic hose inside broke after only three months of use. If this is true, the hundred dollar investment becomes a waste.

Other than that, no bigger complaints are found in the users’ feedbacks. Additionally, this two cons becomes small when compared to the tons of positive feedbacks that the model has received in Amazon.


As stated above, the Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) truly showcases a satisfactory performance in a mid-range price. In conclusion, this is truly a manifestation of performance meets cordless convenience

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Guide To Choosing The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Carpets

Different carpet types need different types of vacuum. If you will not choose a vacuum cleaner wisely, it may leave more harm than good for your carpet. Thus, here is a list of carpet type with prescribed vacuum to use.

High-pile And Shag Carpets

If you can find a good canister vacuum or a stick vacuum with a beater bar, then it must be a perfect choice for high-pile and shag carpets. But a regular vacuum cleaner can still efficiently clean up these types of carpets.

When cleaning high-pile and shag carpets, you must prevent using vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes turned on. You can still buy a vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes, but be sure it comes with an on/off switch. Rotating brushes can damage these types of carpets and may entangle the loose parts of the carpets.

Jute Carpets

A little spill and stain do not necessarily mean an immediate vacuum cleanup. Jute carpets only need a periodical vacuum cleaning. When your carpet has liquid spills, just clean it with a white cloth from the edges of the spill towards the center of the carpet. In case you encounter carpet stains, just saturate it with a mild detergent solution or white vinegar, then clean it with a white cloth.

While a periodical vacuum cleaning ensures a general cleanliness for your jute carpet, you do not need to exert too much effort on cleaning. With just a little workaround, you can attain a clean and visually appealing carpet.

Sisal, Coir And Rush Carpets

These types of carpets are the ones who needs a regular vacuum cleaning. Dirt and debris are often gets stuck between the fiber and the backing of these carpets.

You may want to inquire from your manufacturer on how to maintain these types of carpets. Aside from a regular vacuum cleaning, your carpet’s manufacturer may include some details on doing a little workaround before using your vacuum.

Aside from carpet types, you also need to set your preferences on the design nature of the vacuum. A single type of vacuum might be convenient for other users but not for you. Here is a list of factors which will help you set your preferences.

Corded Vs Cordless

If you prefer corded vacuums, you must ensure that your carpet is near the power outlet. Depending on the size of your carpet or your entire room, the hose and the power cord must be long enough to let you reach the full size of your carpet or your room.

If you prefer cordless vacuums, you must be careful about the battery life. Depending on the size of your carpet or your entire room, you might want to invest to a cordless vacuum with a higher runtime.

Motor Power And Roller Brush

High motor power and roller brush feature are expected for a vacuum designed for carpet cleaning. It is an add-on feature if the vacuum has suction controls and roller brush switch which allows cleaning on bare floors and delicate items.


While the market is filled with varied offerings, choosing the best vacuum cleaner for carpets will be easier if you will set your preferences right. You must consider the dimensions of your carpets and the convenience you want to get from the vacuum.

We hope you have come up with the best vacuum of your choice. Thank you for your time reading this review. We will be glad to hear from you by dropping your comments below.

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