Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair, Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum Review


If you’re a fan of the Dyson DC series and looks for something averagely more affordable than Dyson, then this Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light might be your best bet. This one can easily become the best Shark Vacuum for pet hair with all its pet-cleaning capabilities.

Advantages of using shark rocket truepet ultra-light

Superior bare floor cleaning

This one is dubbed as a “hard floor hero” as it can impressively pick up stuck-on debris and surface litter. The unit can easily convert into a handheld vacuum for an effective floor-to-ceiling clean-up.

Super lightweight

You may probably be surprised to know that this unit does not exceed the nine-pound mark – and that includes the attachment.

Good for pet hairs

We’re serious when we say this one’s the best shark vacuum for pet hair. There are a lot of pet-hair vacuums today but only a few can live up to the user’s expectations.

This vac comes with the TruePet motorized brush designed to effectively remove pet hair – even the stubborn ones you can usually find stuck on your upholstery, bed sheets, and curtains.

The attachment is crafted to eliminate pet hair away from your floors. If you’re living with a furry pet, it’s ideal to have a vac that can handle their mess.

Comes with LED lights

Seriously, how many vacuums having LED lights can you name? This one has got some powerful ones on the hand vac mode and nozzle. The lights can help in spotting dirt on tight spaces and other nooks and crannies.

Swivel steering

You’ll also get impressed with the Advanced Swivel Steering that offers superior control and maneuverability around floors and furniture.

The best shark vacuum for pet hair pros and cons


  • Long cord: 32 feet long
  • Strong suction
  • Lightweight
  • Bright LED lights
  • Specially designed to clean pet hair
  • With Swivel steering
  • Versatile; can clean floors and ceiling
  • Easy disposal


  • Can’t stand on its own

FAQs about shark rocket truepet ultra-light

Is there anyone who uses this as their main vacuum at home? I live in a 1-bedroom apartment and wonder if this unit can replace full-size vacuums.

There are users who claim they use this as their primary vacuum in large houses – some even have ten (10) rooms. You may have to empty a couple of times but this one can do well.

What is the weight of the vacuum?

The vacuum alone weighs approximately 7.99 pounds. Install the snap-on attachment holder (and its attachments), then the vacuum would become heavier at 8.49 pounds.

What users like about shark rocket truepet ultra-light

One user is impressed by how he can tackle a full run of stairs despite the unit being corded. He reported –

The cord is very long. This has great suction for a lightweight vac and many attachments to clean all over your house. If I plug in a central room I can do the first floor and not have to move the plug. I can even clean up the stairs without re-plugging.

Another user reported how this Shark has been the best vacuum she has ever owned –

This is the best vacuum! I have a professional cleaning business and this vac has been a loyal partner since. It converts pretty quickly from hard floors to carpets – I don’t even have to change the head. I just have to press my foot to use the wand for cobwebs. Overall, this one is great on edges, hard floors, and carpets.

What users didn’t like about shark rocket truepet ultra-light

There are also a few unhappy users but most of them seem to report minor issues only. This one for instance –

I got this vacuum two (2) years ago and I give this one only 3-stars because it is loud.


This vac indeed offers a competitive alternative to the pricier Dyson vacuums with fundamentally the same power and features to boast.

Overall, this 2-in-1 vac can really be the best Shark vacuum for pet hair with all its pet-removal features, and lightweight attribute in a full-size upright unit, this Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light makes itself one of the best choices to date.

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