Best Bissell Vacuum for Pet Hair – Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum 47R51


Want a powerful yet portable vacuum?

How about something that can effectively pick up pet hair?

Resembling the Pet Hair Eraser, the Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum 47R51 is a fine vacuum for all-around cleanup particularly eradicating pet hair. It has all that it takes to be the best Bissell vacuum for pet hair.

Advantages of using bissell cleanview deluxe

Long power cord

This vac might be small in size but the length of its cord is more than competitive – stretching to a staggering 18 feet. That would suffice in cleaning a large area without transferring outlets. Further, the long cord makes the vac ideal for cleaning your car. The vac may not be cordless but it can easily reach your car in the garage.

Simple and functional design

The design is pretty neat and the brand focused more on making the unit functional than making it attractive. It’s the manifestation of functionality over appeal - and they did the right thing.

You can carry the unit with comfort thanks to the curved carrying handle. Even the power switch is strategically located at the edge of the handle so you simply have to reach one finger to turn the unit on and off - simple yet impressive.

Easy disposal

The Bissell Cleanview Deluxe is designed with an easy-empty dust-cup. The clear dustbin makes it easy for you to monitor the dirt volume in real time. Moreover, the design also makes changing the filter quite easy.

Powerful motor and features

It’s small but packs a big power inside. The 4 amp motor makes it ideal for spot cleaning and powerful enough to tackle multiple areas in your home.

It doesn’t just capture dirt; the vac is designed with a multi-level filtration system. You can expect a significant decrease in household allergens.

Pet hair champion

This one is a beast that devours pet hair. If you live with a furry companion, you might want a vac that can effectively look after their mess. The Bissell Cleanview Deluxe is just one plug away for a quick pet hair cleanup. It also makes a good partner for everyday cleanup not just on floors but also on other surfaces.

Comes with attachments

You will also love how the vacuum comes with the essential attachments that make the once easy chore even more convenient for you. The package includes a wide mouth tool, crevice tool, a hose, and a hose adapter. Now you can reach far areas easier.

FAQs about bissell cleanview deluxe

Is the plug two or three prong? I only have a two prong outlet so this aspect is an issue for me.

The vac is designed with a 2 prong plug; with one prong slightly wider than the other.

Just how wide is the wide-mouth tool?

None of the tools are wider than about 4-5 inches.

What users like about bissell cleanview deluxe

One user shared her experience on the importance of long cords –

“This handheld vacuum is my workhorse. It’s excellent in getting my dog’s fur off the furniture, stairs, and other surfaces. Also, I never have to worry about having enough cord when cleaning. If you want a long cord, this is the one.”

Another user reported how she purchased two units; one for her main house and the other for her beach house –

“I use this vacuum in my beach house that has MANY stairs. I also have TWO Golden Retrievers – need I say more? It has a long cord and strong motor. It works perfectly in removing my dog hair.”

What users didn’t like about bissell cleanview deluxe

One user expressed how the filter replacement is costly for her –

“The vac is very reliable and does its job. However, I have replaced the filter once so far but the manufacturer’s filter was very expensive.”


The Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum 47R51 is the ideal vac for people looking for a lightweight and portable unit without sacrificing power. It’s highly effective on spot cleaning and won’t easily run out of cord for you to work around.

Overall, this is indeed the best Bissell vacuum for pet hair with its fur-eliminating prowess and powerful motor.

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